Lunar Oracle reading – Pick a Moon – By Our Psychic Violet 2337

Lunar Oracle reading – Pick a Moon – By Our Psychic Violet 2337

Greetings and welcome to your free Lunar Oracle Reading.

I love working with the moon, and in my later years, realised it was not something to push against but work with. Life does seem to flow a lot better when I attune to and even have a little chat with the moon.

Astrologically the Moon impacts our emotions. Michele is the astrological guru I bow to here, for further knowledge.  But as a Wiccan and witch, I just connect on a very earthly, and heavenly nature combined to feel at peace. And most of the time, it works!

For this reading, you can keep it open and just say, ‘Tell me what I need to know about where I am at right now?”, or if, there is a burning situation you must have answers to you can ask for advice on that.  You can ask, ‘Yes’, or, ‘No’, questions with this deck.

Relax focus and pick a card!




The First Quarter Moon

Overcoming adversity, ‘Climbing a wall’

How serious are you about working towards your dreams? Have you hit a wall? This will feel like a testing time for you, leaving you feeling very frustrated.  Believe that your dreams are still possible but they require some effort on your part. If you have already decided they are over, you are being asked is that because it’s too hard? 

If you knew that you could do it if you believed in yourself would you try again? This card screams at you, ‘Go on give it another go!!!’

Why do we start things and give it up as a bad idea somewhere along the line?  Other influences! People, time restrictions, distractions.  Were you talked out if by someone else’s less than supportive comments? Those who support and love you unconditionally would be a voice of reason, and not be critical to put you off your plans. 

If there is such energy around you, or you seek the approval of another to the point of compromising your goals, think again, is it time to release yourself from that feeling.  Is it holding you back? You don’t have to leave people you love, just be firm in your self-belief and true to yourself.

If you were asking a question along the lines of, ‘Do I carry on with x or y?’  Yes carry on, but know there’s a bit of work you have to do. This can be applied to any situation in your life, love, work, or your life path.

The Dispersing Moon

Pause, relax, breathe

When a full moon has peaked it’s fit to bursting with all the energy, emotions, hard work and events of the last 29 or so days. Phew! Imagine it’s like a dandelion flower head full of seeds ready to go with one light touch of the breeze, ‘Pop’, and off those delicate seeds fly.  By the time a full moon has enjoyed a couple of days with us, this is what happens to your melting pot of drama for the month; It’s all released.  And not before time in some cases, tensions will reduce, feelings of confusion and pressure will lessen, and you will be able to let go.

If a negative situation has built up over the month, it will calm down! Distributing fairly and squarely where it should so that all those involved can review their part in it.   Sometimes not all of the dandelion’s head flower scatters, a little remains for us to blow away from it.  This is what you are left with.

With less anxiety or worry about a situation, you will be left with your current truth. You can’t go back and claw back those pieces of the moon like clumps of cheese, or recapture those seeds flying around in the air.  Trust that what remains, is what you need to go forwards. Even if time has been called finally in certain areas.  A relationship may have had one argument too many, or someone may have failed to prove their worth to you or respect for you.  Don’t repeat the monthly cycle, it’s time perhaps to make some changes or take strong action.

You are also being given a ‘Time-out’, take it, rethink things, do a mini stock take of your life.  What can you do over the next 29 days to make those changes to tweak, and develop what is left? It may be time for a holiday, a peaceful one.   

It’s alright to be where you are at the moment, it’s needed. Learn to work with moon cycles, go with the flow. Don’t be surprised if what you have learned attracts the genuine need for help from someone else who may be struggling. 

The Aries Full Moon

Incoming Fireworks!

You are a true force of nature or have been.  You know what you wanted, had your plan, had plotted your course.  Off you went, full steam ahead! I love this kind of energy and admit I get bouts of it, I have a touch of Aries in me.  But wait up.

What didn’t you count on?  Other people!  They didn’t feel listened to, included, and maybe a little upset about it. When you are power housing like this it’s like wearing blinkers, you can’t see, or even hear them saying, ‘Yes but…’  Regroup, be kind. Consider their feelings and ideas.

I love assertive people, can be one of them some of the time, but watch the thin line between ‘assertiveness’, and, ‘belligerence’.  And if something is very, very precious to you, and anyone dares to raise an alternative approach or dislike of it, don’t be, ‘Smaug’, the dragon and rear up at them.  Remain calm. They don’t realise how this energy makes you feel.  And it has to go somewhere.  Why not burn any excess up with a good walk or go to the gym?

It’s hard to admit we’ve been short with people, isn’t it? Don’t worry they know you are ambitious or impassioned about something, so there is time to resolve it with some gentle words, but if you don’t it could result in friction and fireworks.

By all means stay on your path and plans, but be open to receiving some support and a bit of input from others, and maybe have fun with them too.

Your ideas are great! Your goal is fantastic! You are a natural leader, and someone I’d get behind, never lose that fantastic drive. But remember to ground yourself, enjoy fun, and love. Balance!

New Moon – Fresh starts!

Yes! You have permission to feel the following emotions; Positivity, optimism, encouragement.  A fresh start is yours.

I think this card is a wonderful one to get because it marks a time of healing being complete, and you have a green light to go ahead with your new revised, and positive frame of mind, body and soul.

A 2nd yes, declares that there could be brilliant opportunities coming your way if you are ready to make the most of them.

Whatever you were doing, you will feel an urge to try something new, you could be spring cleaning your home, your life, your career your love life, it is all being refreshed.  Some things may remain, just as they are, some may be altered to suit your new outlook.  Some may not make the grade and be excluded from your new life path. Any sentiment you feel will be eased by the knowledge that you are doing the right and honest thing for yourself.

One emotion you may be feeling at this time is, fear or caution. Keep your plan of action simple, break it down.

Don’t measure each step you take with your new start too harshly.  It’s new, you may never have tried a certain approach before, you’re learning.  So, take it steady. You wouldn’t jump out of an aeroplane without a parachute when you’d finally decided to do something different, would you? You’d do your research, go the training, see the plane, get your emotions in check, put on your parachute, cling to the professional like crazy, and jump.  There is a process in trying out new approaches.  But with preparation and confidence, your future dream looks achievable.

So, enjoy this time of rebirth and embrace your new future.

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