Medicine Card Psychic Reading – What message has spirit for you?

The Medicine Cards were first published in 1988 and are a fabulous tool for healing and transformation. I started using them in the 80’s and have always had a soft spot for them. I highly recommend them as a divination deck that speaks directly to your spirit

So, I thought I would showcase them for you with a little psychic reading. Look at the back of the four cards and pick the one you sense calls you. Do not intellectualise it, but allow your intuition and inner psychic ability to guide you.

When you have picked a card, scroll down and see which animal advises you today!



dolphin medicine card
1/ Dolphin

Dolphin knows when to breathe and experience a flow of energy, do you? When we breathe, we channel Manna/lifeforce. Have you felt overwhelmed and unable to express your joy and happiness? Are you sluggish and a bit Meh? Dolphin wants you to remember that your connection to spirit is always available, it is your birthright! If you take time out, an answer comes. Your inner voice has a message for you, one that encourages you to value how far you have come and to remember how to be playful.

Dolphin reminds you that you have a purpose and are the beloved of spirit. It’s time to wake up to who you are and reconnect to your child within.


swan medicine card
2/ Swan

Now is a time of opportunity and powerful transformation for you! Are you ready? Of course, all significant change involves leaping into the abyss and the mysterious unknown. One is bound to feel a bit discombobulated! What you may not realise is that you are probably already over your ugly duckling stage, and the upcoming shift is just the delivery of all you deserve. Dive in baby, and swim toward your destiny.

Swan is telling you that you are beautiful inside and out and in all the ways that matter. OK, you may have your tootsies flapping beneath the surface, but you got this!


eagle medicine card
3/ Eagle

The eagle has landed in your life to show you an opportunity. Eagle wants you to know that you can fly! It’s your turn to soar, but just like a chick’s first flight, you might be a bit nervous. Don’t let anything stop you, least of all yourself. A new chapter awaits. Eagle is the divine messenger, with a scroll of wisdom in her beak that has your name on it.

A time of potential freedom has arrived, what would it take for you to feel truly free? Freedom to be ourselves is a life essential, is anything stopping you? It’s time to attack fear and unleash your soul’s wings.


wolf medicine card

4/ Wolf

Wolf is howling at you today to remind you to take time for you. Like wolf you are probably extremely loyal. You are a pack animal who values your tribe. You’re also probably the one that is so busy running around helping the others in your pack; you forget to take care of you! Sometimes it’s important to be a lone wolf and listen in the silence to the wisdom of your heart.

Wolves also mate for life, love and union may be on the horizon, or a relationship enters a deeper level. Wolf is also the great teacher, is there something you wish to share with groups of people? You have the power!

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2 thoughts on “Medicine Card Psychic Reading – What message has spirit for you?

  1. I chose 4 the Wolf. and it so much about what i’m going through. I am spending time alone thinking about what I want but also I am waiting for someone whom I have a special place in my heart and I really want us to be together. I am praying this will come through.

  2. I chose 2 the swan and it could not be more true for me for me right now! I am feeling discombobulated! But I am doing new things and have an attitude of I am giving it my all no matter what anyone else thinks!
    Thank you for this.

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