Pick A Tarot Card – Is One Of The 7 Tarot Cards Meant For You?

6 card tarot reading

Pick A Tarot Card – Is One Of The 7 Tarot Cards Meant For You?

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Fancy a little Tarot inspiration? Choose a Tarot Card.

Take a few deep breaths to relax and clear your mind. Once your mind is clear, focus on the tarot cards and try to sense which one is calling you. You can do this by slowly scanning the 7 cards and noting any that draw your attention. When you feel connected to a particular card, scroll down for your reveal.

Remember that you hold the magic within you, trust your interpretation of the card. Look out for colours, feelings or coincidences that spark your intuition and bring a more profound message to you.

Much love Michele

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6 card tarot reading

Tarot Card One – 4 of Wands 

4 of wands

Yeah, baby! A celebration is on the way.The 4 of Wands reveals festivity, harmony, and stability are coming. How are you feeling about your home right now? There might be a move or a positive energy shift in your residence.

It’s a card of success, of feeling safe and secure, of joy and contentment. This card encourages us to enjoy the fruits of our labor, to take a moment to appreciate the good things we have earned and achieved. 

The wisdom of the 4 of Wands reminds us of the importance of connection and community. It whispers to us that we can’t do it all alone, that we need to rely on the support of others. It’s an invitation to build a community of trust and understanding, to share our successes, and celebrate our collective accomplishments.  

You’re likely in a time of progress, of hard work that has paid off. It’s a reminder that the rewards of our efforts can be sweet and that we can achieve great things when we move forward with confidence and joy. Enjoy!

Tarot Card Two – 7 of Cups

7 of cups


Are you dreaming about the future? Good news! There’s a host of wild and wonderful options in front of you. The 7 of Cups is associated with imagination, daydreaming, and potential. It’s a crossroads of choices or a time of decision-making. 

Look at all those different things popping out of the cups. Each represents a different possibility for you.

Be careful though. There’s a need for self-reflection and discernment. It is a reminder that although life can be full of options and opportunities, careful consideration is necessary to make the right choice. 

Of course it’s essential to recognize that no single option is necessarily the right one and to be aware of the consequences of each choice. The 7 of Cups encourages you to make a decision that is true to your own heart.

Oh, and your creativity is on fire right now.

Tarot Card Three – The Chariot


A Major Arcana card always means a critical moment.

The Chariot represents victory and triumph but also suggests the need for control and discipline to achieve your desires. 

The black and white sphinx symbolizes the balancing of opposing forces and the need to remain in control of your intense emotions and desires. 

The Chariot is a journey or a change in circumstances, suggesting that you must be determined and driven to succeed. 

This fast and mystical ride brings movement and forwards momentum. Stay focused now, warrior soul, and don’t get distracted by external influences. The Chariot is a card of success, but it also reminds us that success requires balance and hard work.

Tarot Card Four – Strength


Beloved, you are far stronger than you could know. A surge of strength, resilience, and flow is entering. Strength reminds us to rely on our power to control our lives and make positive changes. While understanding, we need to nurture ourselves and be gentle with ourselves. Strength isn’t brute force or anger. It is a quiet, kind power.

When this card appears, we find the courage to face our fears and be true to ourselves. It is also a reminder to stay strong in our convictions and stand up for what we believe in. Strength gives us the grit to stay focused and be confident in our decisions and actions.

Tarot Card Five- Ace of Wands

ace of wands

Aces represent the essence and raw power of the element, in this case, fire. Passion is surging in all its many forms, and this is your moment to begin again. Desire, achievement, and creative brilliance are at the tip of your fingers.

It’s the beginning of a journey or a new venture. It symbolizes the potential to create something new and exciting in the world. Expect courage, passion, and ambition to feature.

Vibrant and sparky, the confident and unquenchable Ace of Wands is lighting your inner fire.

Your soul force is fierce, bold and intense. Your confidence is at full power, and you’re manifesting your goal. Should you choose it Lust, sensuality fills your being. What are you going to do with it?

Tarot Card Six – Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

The Ace of Cups symbolizes an outpouring of love, emotions, and relationships. You are awash with joy and happiness. This Ace links to the element of water. 

It can also represent a new start when you feel inspired and ready to explore new opportunities. Check it out. The cup overflowing with water is symbolic of abundance and emotional availability. 

This card can suggest that you are ready to open your heart and soul to the possibilities of love, whether with a romantic partner, friend, or even yourself. It is a reminder to stay open to life’s opportunities and to trust that the best is yet to come.

The Ace of Cups is the holy grail of emotions. Feel the unconditional love of the cosmos pouring into your being. Are you ready to receive it?

Tarot Card Seven – 9 of Cups

9 of cups

The 9 of Cups is a card that signifies that one of your wishes is about to come true. It may be a small, tiny weeny, wish. Or it could be an enormous one! Either way, the Cosmos is sending you what you desire.

The 9 of Cups also affirms that anything is possible and that life can deliver a present when we least expect it. How confident are you that your dreams can come true? What is it that you wish for and why? What active steps are you taking to create your reality? Proactively use this card to give you a boost to go for it

So why stop there? What wishes can you cast out to the universe next? And what reality would you like to conjure? What new magic can you create? When a desire is granted, it refuels our belief that anything is possible and reaffirms our power. Now you see the results, give thanks. And give another wish a fresh set of wings.

knight waite tarot

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