Power Animal Wisdom Reading – What’s going on?

Power Animal Wisdom Reading

With this reading, I wanted to focus on Power Animals and how you can work with these animal spirits and draw on their individual insights and wisdom to bring guidance into your life. Each individual Power Animal comes with their own medicine, and you can draw on this knowledge to help move forward in life.

This reading is designed to help you to connect with your power animal. Focus on the four cards and allow your intuition to direct you to one of the cards. This is the animal that wants to connect to you today.

1. OWL

Owls can see in the dark. They are equipped with great night vision, allowing them to see things that are hidden in the darkness. When Owl appears in your life, they are here to show you the things that are hidden from you. When you work with Owl medicine, you can see through any illusions and false truths.

Owl helps you to see the deeper meaning and the reality of the situation and brings to it a sharp clarity. This clarity helps you to look at the true nature of things and see them as they are. With Owl working with you, you will be able to see beyond deceptive appearances and through hidden agendas. This brings the ability of discernment to you and allows you to make decisions from a place of strength.

Owl possesses a certain stillness and is an observer in life, so this card asks you to slow down and observe things around you. Now is a time to watch and gather information and take it all in. This is not limited to the external world, either; Owl invites you to look inward. You can look inside yourself and examine your fears and shadow side with Owl medicine. Owl will show you the things that are no longer working for you, the old thought patterns and fears that you need release. Work with Owl to see things as they are and to let go of the past and limitations that hold you back.


Bear has appeared to you now to remind you of the healing power of solitude and rest. Bear has a healing quality and is asking you to take some time away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle to listen to your own needs. This is a time when you require some quiet time to rest and focus on your own healing. Periods of solitude allow us time to reflect on our lives and where we are on our own personal life journeys. The stillness helps bring you into the now and allows you to direct your attention to your needs.

Bear is asking you to regroup and evaluate things. Perhaps you have lost your sense of self a little and feel bombarded by external things. Call on Bear to help you establish boundaries and reclaim personal space. This is a time when you will benefit greatly from rest and quiet time. Don’t be afraid to take a step back from socialising and doing too many things.

Bear encourages you to take this time away to meditate. Journey inward, and discover more about yourself and who you are. By doing this, you will find your inner truth and align with your own life path and inner wisdom. You have a wealth of knowledge inside you. Bear asks you to connect with this and discover your inner truths.

3. Armadillo

Armadillo is a Spanish word that translates as “little-armoured one.” This creature has a distinct, armoured shell that it uses for protection. Sometimes this power animal appears to us when we feel vulnerable and defenceless.

Armadillo encourages you to protect and look after yourself. This can be done physically, by nurturing ourselves and eating right and exercising to keep a strong body. You are probably more sensitive now and very aware of other people’s energies. When you are open like this, you can absorb other people’s emotions and take them on and feel them as if they are your own. Work with Armadillo medicine to visualise creating your own armour around you to shield you from any negative energies.

Armadillo asks you to check in with yourself and examine your current energy levels. Are you feeling more tired or burnt out than normal? An armadillo knows the power that sleep can have on the body and how it rejuvenates us. They tend to sleep a lot in burrows underground.

Symbolic of the nurturing quality of the womb, Armadillo has entered your life to ask you to take some time to rest and recuperate. Now is a good time to take some time out and retreat from the hustle and bustle of life. Take a little time away from socialising to be by yourself. Rest and relaxation will increase your energy and add a spring to your step.

4. Jaguar

Jaguar is a very powerful animal and brings a lot of wisdom to share. When Jaguar enters your life, you are being asked to connect with your intuition and psychic abilities. Jaguar medicine is very spiritual and has a deep connection with the subconscious. Now is a time to explore your spiritual side, to consider your soul journey and examine all aspects of yourself, including your shadow side. Jaguar facilitates spiritual development and brings greater understanding to your life path.

Jaguars are solitary animals, and this is a time to rejoice in taking time to walk your own path. You may feel naturally less social now and in need of time away from the hustle and bustle of life to focus on yourself. Take some time to sit and meditate on the image of Jaguar. Allow Jaguar to enter and guide you through your intuitive thoughts. Become aware of the voice of your soul, and listen to what your inner self-wants to tell you.

Jaguar will show you new things about yourself and help you connect with your inner being. With Jaguar at your side, you can journey into your shadow side and learn about your blocks and the things that hold you back. As well as unlocking things about yourself, Jaguar asks you to journey deeper and invites you to look at the universe and the mysteries it holds.

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