Tarot Reading – Choose two Tarot cards

free tarot card reading

Tarot Reading – Choose two Tarot cards

Hello, Wonderful One,

When you look at the picture of the Tarot Cards, do two jump out at you? Our intuition is a powerful part of who we are and Tarot helps us access it. Choose two cards, read the meaning but take the time to see if anything about the card has a deeper message for you. Look at the image and colours and allow your inner oracle to reach out to you.

Big love

Michele x

free tarot card reading


Card One – The Magician – The Art of Manifesting:


The Magician, with their tools laid out before them, teach us the power of intention and focused energy. Trust that this energy is not only within you but is emerging now. 

It reminds you that you have the ability to manifest your desires. It’s not about pulling rabbits out of hats, but about tapping into our inner resources and channeling them into creative action. The Magician prompts you to believe and embrace the magic within. 

A new cycle has begun and you are in charge. What are you going to manifest?

Card Two – The Empress – Nurturing Growth and Abundance:


The Empress reigns, symbolizing fertility and abundance. She teaches us the importance of nurturing our dreams and creations. As a garden requires care, attention, and time to flourish, so do our ambitions. 

The Empress invites us to cultivate our projects with patience and love, knowing that the seeds we plant will eventually blossom into a bountiful harvest. That time is now.

The Empress knows their worth and stands in their power, relaxed, abundant, secure, and sensual. What you’ve planet is blossoming soon.

Card Three – The Fool – Embracing the Journey with Childlike Wonder:

The Fool

With a carefree spirit and pure trust, The Fool represents the beginning of a new adventure. The fearless Fool encourages us to embrace life with curiosity and playfulness. 

Imagine you knew everything and nothing; that life was more magical than you could understand. The Fool asks you to take a leap of faith, be spontaneous, and trust the journey ahead. Dive into the unknown with excitement and confidence.

Card Four – The Lovers – Uniting Heart and Mind:

The Lovers

Passion is on the agenda. The Lovers card can symbolize the union of opposites in relationships and within ourselves. It encourages us to harmonize our emotions and intellect, making decisions that align with our most authentic selves while also trusting the fuel of desire!

  Are you ready to let go and embrace your passions? The love of a person or project is about to explode. The other message of the Lovers is that to surrender and experience the energy of the Lovers card fully, your spirit will be called upon to make a choice. My advice? Follow your heart.

Card Five – The Chariot – Triumph through Determination:


Riding a chariot pulled by opposing forces, The Chariot represents the triumph of willpower and determination. It’s a call to navigate through life’s challenges with focus and perseverance. Much like steering a chariot through a storm, this card urges us to harness our inner strength, stay the course, and emerge victorious in adversity.

Life is about to take off. Our thoughts and beliefs fuel the energy of the Chariot. What we believe, is the address we enter into the Chariots cosmic sat nav. Fill it wisely, and it will take you to your destination.

Card Six – The Hermit – Seeking Wisdom in Solitude:


The Hermit withdraws into reflection, holding a lantern to illuminate the path of self-discovery. Just as the Hermit finds enlightenment in solitude, we are reminded to take moments of space to connect with our inner selves and gain clarity before moving forward. Yes, life is fast and it can feel impossible to grab time, the Hermit reminds us it is essential.

It can sometimes feel lonely if we aren’t vibing with the Hermit especially if we fighting the call to trust our wisdom. The lamp the Hermit is holding is the inner truth that will guide us home. Take time out in nature, go within, and you will return filled with knowledge and self-confidence.

Card Seven – The Wheel of Fortune – Embracing Life’s Cycles:

Wheel Of Fortune

The one certainty in life is that everything changes and nothing can ever remain the same. Sometimes when we get stuck in a rut, we can forget this truth. 

There are deeper forces at work than you realise. Your soul has a plan that is about to be made manifest. Some things in this mysterious life are meant to be. You’re either in that ‘fated’ moment or about to bump into it. Your heart is going to receive a message from the Universe. A positive change is coming as the wheel turns in your favour. 

Card Eight – 2 of Cups – Equal friendships sooth our soul

2 of cups

Hooray, a connection with a soul connection is coming. When we are around a 2 of Cups Soul friend, we are on an equal footing and safe. 

They are the ones who continually call us to our higher selves. We are all divine works in progress, and we all face moments when we get stuck in , or can’t see a way through our problems. Our soul friends love us warts and all, but they are also like cheerleaders, reminding us that we can transform ourselves and our lives.

They hold faith in you even when you can’t. If you’re having an off day, a grumpy moment or even feeling the need to let rip or throw an all-singing, all-dancing pity party, they know it’s just a blip and that you’ll soon get back on track. When in doubt, they believe the best in you.

Soul friends love you even If you gallop wildly off track. They let you know and patiently wait for your return. Soul friends laugh with us, cry with us and help and support us along our way. Soul friends are the epitome of the Two of Cups. They are few and far between, but they tend to be long-lasting. Just like any relationship, don’t settle for less.  


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