Three Card Free Tarot Reading – Pick A Card

free tarot reading. Pick a tarot card

Three Card Free Tarot Reading – Pick A Card

Do you fancy an instant snap of Tarot insight? Here’s a little three-card reading. Do you feel that one of the cards has a message for you? Use your psychic senses to choose.  Trust your fabulous intuition? Be aware of the boundless knowledge you possess.

If you feel drawn to one of the Tarot cards, scroll down for your answer. Remember to still your mind, and to look for any additional information from the wisdom of your soul!

Let me know what you think.

Love Michele x

free tarot reading. Pick a tarot card

Tarot Card One – 2 of Pentacles

2 of pentacles

You may feel you’ve been juggling and spinning all sorts of responsibilities. Please give yourself a big cheer because you have done it and are ready to journey to the next level. 

You now possess the skills to cross the ocean of doubt and land on the shore of success. Do you realise how far you’ve come? Look at all you’ve come through and learned. Your next adventure is about to begin. Where do you want to sail? You can do it! 

Tarot Card Two – The Sun

the sun

The Sun is warming, empowering, and recharging you. Feel unconditional love radiating in your heart. It’s your time for happiness and joy now. There’s a sense of playfulness coming in.

Do you allow yourself space to be silly? Time to put technology down and run about like a kid again! Make time to have fun. Fun is a miracle worker at clearing blocks and rebooting our heart chakra.

The Sun is the source of all life on our planet, so it’s appearance means that it’s a great time to launch into anything that you fancy doing – starting a business or heading out to travel the world!

The Sun is urging you to hang out with, be playful with, souls that make you laugh. Happiness is coming your way as the Cosmos switches the light on in your heart.

Tarot Card Three – 6 of Wands

6 of wands

The six of Wands confirms that victory is coming. 

We all have times when we’re reaching for a dream. Frankly, there are times when we are just reaching to feel ok. 

The 6 of Wands Is about recognition. You are overcoming a situation, achieving an ambition, and being seen for who you are. On top of that, you believe in yourself. When we think we can accomplish a goal and deserve it, we open a magical portal to success. Ok, we also have to do the hard graft. Feel the possibility sizzling in your fingertips. 

knight waite tarot

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  1. Hello Michele, I’ve been following you for years, awesome readings, everything you have done, tv, book etc . Reading and following you on fb is just is so empowering. You radiate so much warmth and beauty Blessings . I was wondering if you have done a blog on this year of the Rabbit, being a Scorpio aswell, I’m hoping after 4 yrs of heartbreak, that this the year for me . With Love and respect CARMEN MICHELE LORINCZ.

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