Tarot Reading – Transforming Immediate Future

Tarot Reading – Transforming the Immediate Future

It’s really easy to get stuck in an energy loop and feel as life is stagnant or impossible to change. We can forget or lose sight of all of our choices and spend weeks in a groundhog day or repeat experiences. Even when life is fabulous we can still tweak our energy to fly further!

One of the many magical gifts of a good tarot reading is its ability to show us things that are right under our nose. To point out ways to shift our energy and transform our reality.

Focus on the four tarot cards and feel if there is an accurate psychic message for you. You have the psychic skills needed to release the problems around you and Tarot is one of the keys to help.

Tarot Card One – The 10 of Wands

You seem to be feeling overwhelmed with chores and burdens. Perhaps you feel that you are the one carry the load and others are slacking off or not supporting you?

There is a lot of responsibility around you but careful you are not falling into a pattern here. It seems that even small pressures are now adding to a massive energy drain.

Let’s face it you are powerful and strong and even if you feel worn out by it all, you have survived this far! When we change our perception of a situation, the circumstances have to change. Rather than bundling up all your problems, take them one at a time.

Soon you will find a way to turn those wands around to use as energy sticks and magic wands to create an abundant future.

Tarot Card Two – The 8 of Pentacles

You’ve been working hard not only externally but also internally. Finally, you are in a groove that is leading you towards success. You might feel that you haven’t got enough play time or perhaps you have a perfect balance?

Either way, if you keep focusing on what you want to create you are achieving your goal.

Yes, you might have to put a bit of extra effort in, especially in the immediate future, but, it should all be worth it! You are about to be rewarded for your hard graft.

Tarot Card Three – The Page of Wands

A rebirth and surge of energy is rising within your spirit. You are off on a new quest. Your heart longs for adventure and you have the fire in your belly to go for it.

Having said that, this Tarot card is a page. You are at the start of your journey so need to make sure that you don’t make any rookie mistakes! You’ve got to grow into your magic wand! So don’t get too big for your hiking boots!

You’re feeling or about to feel creative, passionate and bold. Your hunger for inspiration can only be quenched by exploring fresh possibilities.

It may be that you meet a character that embodies the Page of Wands. A young in age or spirit firebrand who is open and exciting.

Tarot Card Four – The High Priestess

Priestessssss! The key to transforming your immediate future lays within. You have a vast depth of intuitive knowledge. You can predict, sense and shape your future.

Are you aware of your expanse of psychic awareness? Or have you been ignoring your hunches and instincts? It’s time to fiercely trust yourself. What is your inner voice telling you? Look at the immediate future with fresh eyes and your third eye! :)





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