Weekend Tarot Reading – Pick A Card

pick a tarot card

Fancy some intuitive insight into the weekend? Take a moment to look at the backs of the Tarot cards and see if any of them shout pick me!

pick a tarot card


Tarot card one – 2 of Wands

Two of Wands

You’re contemplating what is important to you this weekend. There could be a super offer coming your way. At first, you might look at the opportunity and think it doesn’t amount to much!

The Two of Wands invites you to pause for a moment and consider what lights that inner fire of yours. This weekend is all about pinpointing your passions, setting goals, and getting ready to conquer your world.

Now, about that offer sneaking into your scene it might seem like just another blip on your radar, but hold on – take a second look. This opportunity could be the unexpected plot twist that turns your weekend into a sensation. The Two of Wands is cheering you on to seize the day and explore the uncharted territories of possibility. This seemingly small chance could be the beginning of a grand adventure.

Tarot Card Two -The Lovers

The Lovers

The Lovers card is multi-dimensional; it doesn’t just reflect romantic love. Take a wee look at the card. What do you see? What jumps out at you? It’s very revealing where we choose to put our focus, as where we put our passion creates our experience. With the Lovers card, there’s a promise of renewed passion. Passion can take many forms. You might find yourself falling in love, or perhaps you fall in love with your partner all over again. You could even fall in love with a project that makes your heart sing. Enjoy it, trust it, and share it!

Tarot Card Three-9 of Wands

Nine of Wands


Beloved, did you go through a painful time and lose your trust? Is there someone around you with whom you have built up a protective wall? Whilst defending ourselves is good falling into the trap of being defensive can disempower us. It is time to liberate yourself. To set firm boundaries and get back in charge of your life. You are the divine, unique soul that deserves to make free choices.

You may have been through the wars and suffered energetic blows. You’ve fought for yourself and probably for others. Perhaps you fell deep into the swamp of inner conflict and are now a Goddess of self-protection?

You’re a survivor and stronger than anyone could know. Right now is a time to reflect on your defenses and your wounds. Is the energy war long gone and yet you still anticipate danger? Are you blocking others out or overreacting because of the past?
10 is the number of completions, and so the 9 of wands reveals that the battle is nearly won, and now is the time to plan the future. A future where you feel safe to express your vulnerability, a future where you can frolic free. You have done well, and the rewards should be abundant.

Tarot Card Four – The World

the world

Congratulations, wonderful one. You are about to arrive at a peak experience. You are approaching a milestone, a reward, a moment of ‘all is well’. Celebrate the moment, breathe in your victory, and revel in your well-deserved arrival.

The World reminds us that it’s all just a dance, and we should step lightly. We dance with the entire cycle of existence to different rhythms at different times, flowing with all of the energies that swirl around us. The World tells us that you might be at the end of one chapter, but a whole new book is about to start.

Tarot Card Five – 7 of Cups

7 of cups

Are you dreaming about the future? Good news! There’s a host of wild and wonderful options in front of you. The 7 of Cups is associated with imagination, daydreaming, and potential. It’s a crossroads of choices or a time of decision-making. 

Look at all those different things popping out of the cups. Each represents a different possibility for you.

Be careful though. There’s a need for self-reflection and discernment. It is a reminder that although life can be full of options and opportunities, careful consideration is necessary to make the right choice. 

Of course it’s essential to recognize that no single option is necessarily the right one and to be aware of the consequences of each choice. The 7 of Cups encourages you to make a decision that is true to your own heart.

Oh, and your creativity is on fire right now.

knight waite tarot

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