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six card tarot reading

Hello Beautiful Soul,

Full Moons awaken our psychic senses as well as bring us important messages. Looking at the 6 Tarot Cards do you feel that any of them have a message for you? Use your own psychic intuition to sense which card is calling you. Then scroll down to your chosen Tarot card for your answer. As well as reading the answer, allow yourself to look for a deeper meaning. Write down what you pick up in your Tarot Journal or make a note on your phone. Let me know what you think.

Much love

Michele x

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Tarot Card One – The Fool

The foolThe Fool is arguably the most powerful card in the Tarot as it’s similar to a magical dice, it leads you to the entire deck and a world of unlimited possibility. It’s pure magic on a stick! 

When we have the energy of the Fool, we dare to take a leap of faith and to move into new territory. It’s about to get exciting for you if you throw yourself in. Have you got butterflies and don’t know why? It’s time to do things differently and embrace the new.

The Fool is awakening you to your spontaneous side. Open your arms to doing things that you’ve never done before. Listen to the call of the wild. Change routines, sign up for new experiences. Sometimes in life, we can fearlessly throw ourselves into a new chapter, this is one of those times. What has been tugging at your soul? The Fool reminds us that we can’t go wrong so dive into adventure. Break at least one pattern today and do one thing you have never done.

Tarot Card Two – The Magician

the MagicianYour heart is very proud of you. You have processed powerful emotional changes and are heading toward creating your dreams. You have all the tools in front of you to transform your life. The key is KNOWING you deserve it and KNOWING you are capable of shifting your life towards happiness.

You are more powerful than you realise and are reclaiming your power. When you stand in your power almost anything is possible. Your heart suggests that a new cycle begins and that you can already feel it surging within. Think carefully about what it is that you desire and WHY! You can start afresh now.

Tarot Card Three – Eight of Cups

8 of cupsTime to find the missing piece. This card is not about walking away from something bad necessarily but rather it’s the story of a brave soul who seeks what is missing. You may have many things in your life which are fabulous but your heart knows there is another quest waiting for you. Having succeeded in some ways, your soul is craving the next challenge. You’re at a point of strength and confidence. If there is a situation in your life which is not quite right, you have reached a time where you’re ready to let go to hunt for what you truly desire. One word of caution – make sure you are not leaving behind what you love just to continue to achieve for achievements sake. Inner peace comes from within not from superficial success.

Tarot Card Four – The Ace of Wands

Ace of wandsThe Full Moon is filling you with energy, passion and inspiration. There’s a fresh start for you and a new beginning where you’re stepping into another layer of power and creativity. The immediate future empowers you to thrust your ideas, love and inventiveness forward.

Do you believe in your vision? Feel a surge of confidence rising. Oh, and passion could be on the agenda. Wild unbridled sensuality is another message of this Tarot card. What stirs your soul? Where will you point your Ace?

Tarot Card Five – The Five of Wands

5 of wandsAre you fighting a constant uphill battle? Or feel life has turned into a treadmill where you’re going nowhere fast? Have you lost your focus and allowed yourself to become distracted by 21st Century daily life noise? The Five of Wands shows what happens when our energy gets scattered or when too many small snarky problems are allowed to interrupt our flow. Or we distract ourselves with bickering for the sake of it.

The five figures in this card could achieve so much more if they aligned their energy or banded together to achieve a single goal. Together they could rule the world. Or at least triumph and reach their goal. Instead, none of them are on the same page. This card tells you to adopt a ‘First things first’ approach to getting things done. And to look very carefully at where your time and focus goes. 

It could be time to get more organized. To reclaim your purpose and channel your power back into that outcome. And to weed out those distractions that divert you from what you want to achieve.

Tarot Card Six – The Two of Wands

two of wandsYou’re currently reflecting on your own cosmic Universe and where you’re heading. There’s a surprise revelation coming and you’re urged to step out of the known and into a wider experience. It’s time to let your visionary side out and plot your move.

You’ve been cosmically sprouting ideas and now is the time to act, have faith in yourself beautiful soul. Oh, and an offer is coming your way which might be a heap more valuable than first thought.



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