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Hello Gorgeous Soul

How are you feeling? Are you ready to step into magical insight? Focus on the three card backs and use your psychic senses to see if any of the Tarot cards have a psychic message for you. Remember, I am my guru, and you are your guru; we have infinite wisdom inside us. Yes, sometimes it can feel as if the world around us is so noisy that we forget to listen to our all-knowing soul. Tarot can spark our intuition and deliver important messages. Tune into the three card backs and see if you are drawn to one.

Big love Michele x

Online tarot reading

Tarot Card One – The Star

Prepare to immerse yourself in the celestial magnetism of The Star tarot card, where timeless wisdom and hope meet deep healing. Following the dramatic upheaval of The Tower, a loving metamorphosis unfolds, ushering in a vibrant tapestry of hope, inspiration, and boundless potential.

As the cosmic creator of your destiny, you stride forward with a restored faith in your innate power. The tedious humdrum of the mundane gives way to a kaleidoscope of possibilities, awakening your senses to a world of limitless connections and profound creativity.

Feel the electric surge of an awakening coursing through your veins, infusing your essence with newfound purpose. The storm of chaos has finally subsided, allowing the glittering stardust of magic to settle upon your path. Now revitalized and invigorated, your soul embraces this celestial moment of rebirth with open arms. It’s your time to shine, and shine you shall.

Embrace the enigmatic energy that swirls around you, a cosmic symphony that fuels your imagination and propels you towards greatness. Unleash your inner artist, for the universe eagerly awaits your signature creations. Let your spirit take flight, soaring high like a modern phoenix, unbound by limitations and fueled by a reservoir of unbridled potential.

Tarot Card Two – 3 of Pentacles

You’re on fire, my brilliant creator! The Three of Pentacles lights up your path, affirming that you’re heading in the right direction and that what you’re building or experiencing holds genuine worth.

Get ready to discover your dream team—the perfect collaborators who will help you take that exhilarating leap forward. Whether it’s a sizzling romance, a rock-solid friendship, a career endeavor, or a passion project, trust in your own abilities and treat it with the gravity it deserves. Your commitment and belief will pave the way for progress!

Each stroke of brilliance and attention to detail brings your creation to life, leaving no doubt that this is the real deal. The world recognizes your talent and dedication.You’re not alone on this journey. The Three of Pentacles reminds you to seek out like-minded souls who share your passion and can help you reach the next level. Together, you’ll form a powerhouse team, propelling each other forward with boundless inspiration and support.

It’s time to step into your role as a visionary, taking your aspirations seriously and honoring the immense value you bring to the table. Trust yourself, trust the process, and watch as the wheels of fate spin in your favor.

Keep that fire burning, you can be a trailblazing creator. The Three of Pentacles assures you that your work is real, impactful, and worth every ounce of effort.

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Swords

Get ready for a mind-blowing revelation, you will be a truth-seeking trailblazer! The Ace of Swords bursts onto the scene, cutting through the noise to unveil a powerful moment of truth. Brace yourself, for this truth holds the key to epically reclaiming your power. It’s time to slice through the BS and get to the heart of the matter!

Armed with the mighty Ace of Swords, you possess a mental prowess that knows no bounds. This week, trust in your intellectual firepower as you navigate the twists and turns of your path. This card empowers you to see through the fog, gaining crystal-clear insights into the world around you.

Embrace the strength and confidence bestowed upon you by the Ace of Swords. It’s your time to strategize, baby! Develop a game plan that aligns with your truth and fearlessly execute it.

And guess what? The Ace of Swords isn’t just about revelations and speaking your mind. It’s also a harbinger of financial abundance.

So, embrace the exhilarating energy of the Ace of Swords. Let it guide you to uncover the truth, assert your power, and carve a path that aligns with your deepest authenticity. Cut through the illusions, embrace clarity, and seize the opportunities that await you.

This week is all about unleashing your intellectual prowess and stepping into your truth. With the Ace of Swords by your side, you’re destined for greatness. Embrace this exhilarating moment, wield your sword of truth with unapologetic confidence, but don’t forget to be kind! Words are spells and have great power.

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