Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 21st Jan 2019

Aries – Five of Swords

Gorgeous Aries,

You’ve got the Five of Swords this week so you’re likely to be channelling those amazing skills you have to be clear thinking and wise. You could feel like you’re doing the best you can in a particular situation and perhaps you’re feeling a little frustrated that you can’t do as much as you’d like to do in some way.

The Five of Swords is associated with having to take a step back from something, even though you may want to do more and perhaps help someone out, the circumstances don’t seem to permit you to do so. This isn’t a time to be like a bull in a china shop and force a situation, it’s much more favourable to wait it out, back off and adopt patience.

Take this time to assess your motives and approach, this is a great time to do some introspection and to remind yourself that you’re doing the best you can. Things will improve beautiful Aries, any setbacks and worries you may be experiencing will pass, your outlook will be clearer and calmer if you can take some time out to nurture yourself.

Taurus – Nine of Wands

Beautiful Taurus,

You’ve got the Nine of Wands this week so you’re likely to have your focus on something that you haven’t quite reached or obtained yet. It could be wise to reserve your energy and take good care of your body so that you can marshal your inner reserves.

The Nine of Wands is an empowering card, it tells you that what you’re hoping for and working towards is coming to fruition, you just have to keep up what you’re doing, and you’ll soon see the results. Keep your focus on the present impasse and trust that you’ll make it to your chosen goal.

It may feel tiring to think of all the things that need to happen before your goal materialises, but the Nine of Wands is telling you that you can do it! You’ll be given a boost from the cosmos to help you and you’re likely to experience how much those inner reserves help you to reach your goal.

Gemini – Six of Cups

Gorgeous Gemini,

You’ve got the Six of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling quite gentle and reflective. The Six of Cups is the card most associated with nostalgia and recalling pleasant memories of the past. You could be feeling like you can’t keep up with the fast-paced way of living this week, you seem to be preferring to take it slow, go within and adopt nature pace.

There could be some urges to withdraw from busy daily activities so that you be more introspective and self-loving, follow those callings darling Gemini, those whispers are the voices of your soul and heart asking you to pause and reflect. The world will adjust, you’ll benefit from sharing your fond memories with loved ones, hearing old tales you’ve never heard about or forgotten about will likely bring you joy and comfort.

It’s okay to take some time to reflect on the past, sometimes in doing so, we help our future to be sweeter. We further our chances to crystallise our future dreams into something tangible and real when we recall happy memories. You’re likely to feel love and support from friends and loved ones this week and somehow the past makes this week all the sweeter.

Cancer – Ace of Swords

Beautiful Cancer,

You’ve got the Ace of Swords this week so you’re likely to be thinking clearly and being so much more decisive than usual. You’re starting a new chapter and you could find that you experience a new perception emerging and your viewpoint towards yourself and life-changing and transforming.

There could be some major things to tick off your to-do list this week and the Ace of Swords is showing you that you can complete what you put your attention and focus on. You’re likely to find that you can see the way forward with things, you could be establishing a new routine and finding it easy to maintain self-discipline.

You may experience or hear of some drama going on in others lives, but you’ll be able to detach from it and observe from a distance, perhaps offer some advice or a friendly ear. Others could find your changing and new perspective a little daunting but an inspiration, nevertheless. Use this week’s energy to tackle what you need to get done and you’ll find you have the commitment and rational focus to achieve your goals.

Leo – Six of Wands

Gorgeous Leo,

You’ve got the Six of Wands this week so it’s likely that you’ll feel a burst of positive energy and feel like things are finally starting to go your way. The Six of Wands is known as the victory card so it’s likely to feel like your life and goals are materialising and moving in the right direction.

You could experience some amazing turns of fate and feel incredibly lucky, it’s likely that your goals will come to fruition in some way. You could find that you have reason to celebrate your victories with your loved ones this week, whatever news comes to you, by having a mindset that filled with positive anticipation will surely help you manifest the outcomes you desire and hope for.

Take this time to remind yourself how far you’ve come to beautiful Leo, all the challenges you’ve faced and overcome have given you a unique identity and outlook on yourself and your life. Relax and celebrate your achievement if you can this week, we get this card when we’ve been doing the inner work required to be rewarded by life. Well done you.

Virgo – Strength

Beautiful Virgo,

You’ve got Strength this week so there’s likely to be some opportunities for you to witness your own strength and courage. What’s beautiful about this card is that it’s a reminder that true strength lies in our gentleness and authenticity.

It’s often to easier to be reactive and to lash out at our self and others, true grit and strength are gained within by being responsive towards our self and others. Responsiveness could be a theme word for you this week, by taking time to respond to others and to take your time with your to-do list you’ll find a flow within you and feelings of gentleness and strength emerge.

You’re emerging from a difficult time sweet Virgo, be gentle with yourself, if you’re not feeling particularly confident, capable, or emotionally and mentally strong at the moment, the Strength card is coming to you to remind you that you are. Trust that things will improve and be true to yourself, all will be well.

Libra – Nine of Cups

Gorgeous Libra,

You’ve got the Nine of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling light and as sweet as the sunshine as this is known as the wish fulfilment card! The Nine of Cups is associated with our dearest and most heartfelt wishes coming true, there could be bountiful feelings of love, joy and celebration to be felt.

How is your love life going? If you’re coupled you could see this week bringing you news that makes your heart sing and takes your relationship to a happier and more uplifting place. If you’re currently searching for love, this week you could meet someone special that gives you butterflies and resonates with your soul. If you’re single, independent and happy that way, you could find that your relationships with friends and family feel amazing and wonderful.

Whatever your relationship status, the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one to nourish and grow. The Nine of Cups is giving you the gift of love, happiness and joy this week, however it manifests depends upon your emotional life and is affected by what you’re wishing and hoping for. This week is a beautiful week where you and your heart feel boosted by the universe, enjoy!

Scorpio – Justice

Beautiful Scorpio,

You’ve got Justice this week so could be weighing something up and deciding something important. Justice comes to us when we have clarity of mind and when our rational and intellectual faculties are on point.

It’s likely that you’ll want to be fair in all your dealings this week, you may also be feeling that truth, honesty and transparency are important to you. This card is associated with the goddess Athena and she is known to be remarkably powerful and confident to make choices and decisions with firmness and fairness.

If you do have a significant choice to make this week, remind yourself that you have a clear mind to think rationally and fairly. You could be called upon to offer someone some sound advice, you’re oozing power this week, and some are likely to be looking to you for guidance and support. You’ve got the power and confidence to make choices that benefit everyone.

Sagittarius – Ace of Cups

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

You’ve got the Ace of Cups this week so it’s likely that you’ll be feeling the love, sharing the love and basking in the love too! The love is likely to be overflowing and wholehearted feelings of joy and optimism are probable.

You’re embarking on a new adventure in love if you’re currently in a relationship you could find that your connection gets stronger and begins a new chapter of falling further in love. If you’re single and looking for a partner, this week you could meet someone new that fills you with excitement and evokes some fantasies. If your single and happy to be independent then you can expect to feel more love and appreciation for yourself, your family, friends and the world at large.

The Ace of Cups signifies a burst of positive energy into your emotional life, use this weeks energy to soak up all the love and positivity that’s coming your way, a new chapter beckons, open those arms and curtains wide to bask in the love and light beaming towards you.

Capricorn – King of Pentacles

Beautiful Capricorn,

You’ve got the King of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be hyper-focused on work, money, increasing your status and improving your financial life. You could find that you’re offered a promotion or an advancement of some kind.

The King of Pentacles is coming to you to show you that you have the ‘Midas Touch’ this week, you’re likely to feel more abundant as the week progresses. Make sure that you seek some balance this week too though as spending too much time at work, for instance, could have a negative impact on your home and family life.

The main message of this card and this week is to enjoy this period of increase and feeling like you have more than you had before. Remember that by seeking balance and spending time with friends and family will only increase your feelings of abundance.

Aquarius – The Devil

Gorgeous Aquarius,

You’ve got The Devil this week which means you’re likely to be breaking free from something that been holding you back, blocked or inhibited in some way. A lot of people panic when they see this card but there’s no need to!

The Devil is coming to you this week to help you uncover what you’re finding restrictive and most importantly it will help you to discover what could be holding you back from reaching and fulfilling your amazing potential.

A secret could be revealed, or it could be something about yourself that you discover, there’s magic to be felt with The Devil, power too! Its time to unleash your power and step into all of your power and confidence, it’s no coincidence that it’s fear that stops us from being the confident beings we are meant to be. Take time this week to hone in on what’s feeling restrictive, it could be a negative thought pattern, an addictive behaviour, a toxic person, however it manifest for you, when you discover what it is, you find your power and confidence to break free and create more happiness and freedom.

Pisces – Eight of Pentacles

Beautiful Pisces,

you’ve got the Eight of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be hard at it this week. The Eight of Pentacles is urging you to notice and acknowledge how good you are at what you do! Whether that’s in the home tending to chores, daily living routines and helping your home run smoothly for your family or whether you’re the king/queen of the office or workplace, you’ve got it going on this week and there’s likely to be some lovely satisfaction and feelings of fulfilment coming to you.

You can expect to feel good about all your hard work and effort, feel appreciated and most importantly you’re likely to feel worthy of good fortune and any appreciation that comes your way.

The self-satisfaction we feel when we know we are thriving at home and work helps us to further our potentials and reach for further goals and ambitions. This is was you can expect this week, an increase in confidence and self-value, resulting in you probably feeling good about the quantity of the effort you consistently putting in and feeling great about the quality of which you give not only to others but to yourself.

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