Do I Have To Be Doing a Spiritual Job To Be a Spiritual Person?

Do I Have To Be Doing a Spiritual Job To Be a Spiritual Person?

I often get asked by people who are on the path to increased awareness and growth whether they have to be doing a ‘spiritual’ job to really be considered a spiritual person.

As we open ourselves up to continued empowerment and realisations about ourselves the question of our soul purpose – the reason for us being here, is bound to come up and the answer to this question, is of course, a big part of who we are and what we are doing here! Increased spiritual awareness leads us to become more altruistic; and as a result we want to help others on their journey too. As part of this journey some of us will change our careers – often moving from corporate jobs into the healing or helping professions such as counseling, charity work or alternative therapies, or else by utilising our psychic and intuitive abilities to help others through readings.

The fact is, not everyone is cut out to be a therapist or a psychic reader. At birth, we are all given a set of abilities and gifts that are unique to each of us; and in these we can discover our purpose. Some of us are lucky in that our soul path or purpose is revealed early on; or we have families or carers who encourage us to explore our abilities. For others, part of our spiritual path actually involves discovering what our purpose is; and this may involve exploring a lot of different options before we truly align with it.

Spiritual purpose

But to answer the question of whether you need to be doing a spiritual or psychic job to be a spiritual person; what makes you think you are not already doing that? Let’s look at the job you have right now. No matter how simple or unaligned to a spiritual path you think your job is, you can discover a spiritual purpose behind the work you do. Let’s say at the present moment you are working as a cleaner. Try for one moment to imagine what the lives of the people whose homes or offices you clean would be like if you weren’t performing your job. The person whose house you clean might not be able to cope with their job without your support.

The office would become dirty leading to problems with people’s health or the company’s performance. It’s therefore not grandiose to say you are performing an important service; and one that helps people to earn their own livelihoods and makes their lives better. When you look at it that way isn’t what you are doing just as ‘spiritual’ as the counsellor or psychic?

Think for a moment about where we would be without people who do jobs we sometimes complain about. Police officer. Parking attendant. Banker. Maybe you do one of those jobs. Without the police we would have no order. And without parking attendants many people would just park selfishly, blocking the streets for everyone including emergency vehicles. Without bankers (perhaps presently the most reviled of professions!), we would have no investment; no growth and therefore no jobs for anyone. People who do these difficult jobs allow society to function and therefore all of us to continue to explore what our spiritual path is.

Doing what you enjoy

Finding our purpose in life is often linked to our Dharma or work. For some, the job we are already doing is the one most aligned to our soul purpose. You may really enjoy cleaning and derive immense pleasure from making people’s environments sparkle so they are a pleasure to spend time in. You may want to contribute to society’s structure by helping maintain law and order, or you may have a real interest in economics and figures or a gift for investing. If you are the proverbial ‘square peg in the square hole’ then congratulations. You have found your purpose.

If you still feel your purpose has yet to be revealed then know that the job you are doing right now is an important step on the way to uncovering it even if it doesn’t feel like it. But no matter what your job is – we’re all fabulous, vibrant, spiritual beings and one thing you can be certain of is your job is a spiritual one just as you, like everyone else on this planet, is a spiritual person. Finding your spiritual or psychic job can be as easy as looking at the one you are doing right now and by doing it, you make the world a better place in some way just by bringing to it your own uniqueness.



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