Make The Most Of Psychic Reading: The Ancients

Making the most of your psychic reading like the ancients!

Back in ancient Greece, if you wanted a psychic reading, you might have been drawn to join those making their pilgrimage to consult with the Oracle of Delphi.

The Oracle of Delphi was the most important oracle of the time. She was Pythia. A priestess to Apollo; said to have been tested and found to be the most accurate in the world by King Croesus; who dispatched men to visit oracles across the globe and ask what the King was doing on a given day. Only Pythia reported correctly that he was making a lamb and tortoise stew. Even Socrates himself consulted her; and it was said that she actually pushed him towards totally immersing himself into his passion for philosophy; leaving us with the legacy of his work that we still study today.


Consulting the Oracle of Delphi wasn’t a simple or frivolous matter. To begin with, she only gave consultations on the seventh day, as the number seven is linked with Apollo. You would make your way to the temple and ask your question, but it wasn’t answered immediately. Following several days of rituals to Apollo, Pythia would take her place on a seat; one that was positioned over a deep fissure in the earth; clasping a spray of laurel, and fall into a deep trance. Special attendants would stand by, hastily recording what she said in her altered state, and you would have your prophecy. After that, you’d probably make the odd sacrifice or two; and if you were really pleased, make a vast donation to the temple.

These days, we’d probably find it astonishing to have to go through such a rigmarole. But I think that there is something in what might seem to us to be a whole load of pomp and ceremony around a visit to the Oracle of Delphi. I’ve always said that the whole point of any kind of ritual is that it focuses your intention and attention. And I think that’s something we can carry on today if we have any kind of psychic consultation.

What we really want to know

When we consult an oracle or psychic reader of any kind, it’s important to spend some time actually thinking about what we really want to know. Time spent delving inside to arrive at a point where we might go beyond the surface; to get to some very deep questions that actually touch more closely on what is driving us to enquire. This is for me part of the whole process.

We might start out wanting to ask if we’re going to get that job we’re going to interview for next Thursday, but allow that to lead us to deeper questions about how we actually go about working towards much bigger dreams and ambitions, about how we express our gifts in the world, or tune into a greater experience of abundance. That job next Thursday might only be a fragment of our bigger picture and a good psychic reading can tune us in to the totality of what we want.

It’s also important to still our minds and quieten our energy before we actually have a reading. Many people like to say a short invocation before they get or give a psychic reading, devoting it to the highest good of all.

If you are a psychic reader, you may want to arrive at your own rituals that you go through before you start giving psychic readings. Meditation, a prayer, setting out where you are going to work and surrounding yourself with objects that are sacred to you, all of these are ways that we can truly allow ourselves to tune in to the process. It’s all about focus and intention and making every reading count.

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