Take care of your psychic well being

Take care of your psychic well being

Most of us are pretty clued in about what to do when it comes to taking care of our bodies. We know about how important it is to exercise and eat the right things. But what about taking care of our psychic well being? Again, there’s a wealth of information flying around about what’s good for us, but we all have to juggle loads of things these days so what are the absolute basics that will keep us in good psychic shape?

Here are a few tips for taking care of your psychic well being.


Meditation is proven to literally rewire our brain and that can help us with the ups and downs of daily life.  Along with that, setting aside time to go still and quiet every day keeps us in touch with our psychic intuition and helps us maintain our levels of psychic energy.


Very few of us get through life without getting hurt and even when we might not mean to, we can hurt others.  Forgiving ourselves and others helps us shed psychic pounds and cleanses the wounds of the past, leaving us free to deal with the present and create a fabulous future.

Take a bath

Good old Epsom salts are great for cleansing our psychic auras or chuck in a handful of sea salt or even humble table salt if you don’t have any in the house.  Or you can go Goddess or God and turn your bath into a fabulous ritual with candles and sumptuous oils.  Sink in, let your cares and worries float away and then watch them drain as the bath empties.  It’s simple and never fails to leave you feeling spiritually scrubbed.  Frankly, the bath is my personal go to place.

Get out in nature

Keeping in close contact with the turning of the seasons grounds us and connects us with the primal energies of the universe.  Historically we’ve spent a lot longer keeping pace with the wheel of the year than we have in offices or urban areas and when we can get outside and feast our eyes on the sky and other aspects of nature’s bounty, we feed our soul. Walking in nature has been scientifically proven to aid depression and also stimulates creativity and positivity.

Be authentic

You are a gorgeous and unique soul and your job is to be you.  No one can take your place and there’s no need to squish yourself through anyone else’s cookie-cutter idea of what you should be.  Be true to your heart and soul and do it with love, compassion and gentleness and you will be astounded at how life unfolds.

Protect yourself

We are all psychic sponges in many ways and pick up other people’s moods and thoughts. When you leave the house, visualise a golden light all around you sealing and protecting your aura. Also if you know you are going to be in a difficult environment, carry a piece of tigers eye crystal.

Technology detox

I love technology but I sometimes feel it can drain the soul and shrink our psychic powers if we over do it. Make at least one evening a week technology free. Do something you love. Go retro and play a board game. Make love, write the first page of that novel, read some spiritual books or dance naked in the front room! Whatever floats your spiritual boat! You will be amazed at how this can top up your psychic mojo.

There are all sorts of other things we can do. For example, using crystals, special grounding or cleansing rituals. Or practices that are believed to keep our chakras or energy centres turning nicely. But if all else fails any of the above done on a regular basis will keep you in tip top psychic shape.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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