Spiritual Development and Meditation with Jan Lee: Can I speed up my development?

I’ve been sitting on a development circle for a few years and about two to three years ago was told on several occasions that I would be ‘working for spirit’.  My development seems to be very slow and nothing much is happening.  I would be grateful if you could throw some light on this, I would dearly love to pass messages on as proof of existence and I have expressed this to spirit.  Do you think this will happen at some point in this life, or perhaps this lifetime is just the ‘awakening’. Many thanks for your insight.

Jan-Lee says:  We live in the age of instant everything, however, spiritual development and the opening of psychic gifts takes time – just as a flower unfolds in the sunshine and needs both rain and sun to grow. 

Our spirit guides know when it is the right time for us to work for spirit and you will have no doubt about that when it comes for you.  In the early days for me, I was given some valuable advice by an eminent medium of the time. He said simply, “Practise, practise, practise.”  Ask your friends if you can practise by giving them a reading and see how it goes.  You may surprise yourself on what you receive for them in the form of pictures, words, feelings, etc. 

I sat in a development circle for two years and began giving readings to friends after the first year in the group.  Professionally, it took about 3-4 years before I felt confident enough in my abilities to charge.  The amount of time differs for every psychic medium.  It’s when it feels ‘right’ for you.   I do feel it will happen for you over the next two years and, as I said, the best advice is to practice with friends first of all. 

As you are sitting in a group already, I would say you are in the process of awakening. There are many layers and levels to awakening. I am still learning after 20 plus years and expect it will continue in this life and beyond!

Be thankful for your gifts and blessings and more will be given.


Jan-Lee Pin 2103 is an exceptional medium who started seeing spirits when she was a child and at a later age joined a spiritual development circle where she learned to meditate and develop her natural psychic gifts.  She’s been giving psychic readings for over 20 years now.

If you’d like your question about your own spiritual development or meditation answered, email it through to [email protected] and include the name ‘Jan Lee’ in the title of your email.

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