Spiritual Development with Jan-Lee: Can you explain my psychic experience?

I went to a spiritual healer.  She told me all about a man called Peter who had come into say hello.  He had died in a motor cycle accident. I am a nurse and she said maybe I nursed him but then went on to say he died at the scene.  She went on to say that he had seen my energy was beautiful and had hung on to it.  He was happy in spirit but had left a lot of grief and upset. To prove he was with me he had turned my car radio volume up and down when I was trying to tune it and this had happened.

That night I went on a first date with the carpenter who had done some work in my kitchen. When he was driving me home the carpenter said, “I love the pub on this road but I hate this road because my brother died on a motorcycle here a few years ago.”  I went really cold.  I asked him his brother’s name and he said Peter.  Luckily when I explained what happened.  He understood and did not think I was mad but we don’t know why his brother was with me as I had never met him.  Can you help?

Jan-Lee says: 

What an amazing experience!  Sometimes when people pass over they do not always realise what has happened to them and become earthbound.  Vibrationally, this man was attracted to your energies and aura because of your kindness. 

I feel that Peter came into contact with you when his brother was working on your kitchen.  Peter was already connected to his brother’s energies and aura at that time. I feel he was drawn to you because of your caring nature.  Spirit people can often see further ahead on the paths of our lives and perhaps Peter saw that you and his brother were going to get closer.  Often spirits take any opportunity to send a message to their loved ones still on earth.  I feel that Peter knew that you would tell his brother about the incident with the spiritual healer and that this would confirm Peter’s survival after his passing and therefore bring comfort to his family on earth.

Love light and blessings


Jan-Lee Pin 2103 is an exceptional medium who started seeing spirits when she was a child and at a later age joined a spiritual development circle where she learned to meditate and develop her natural psychic gifts.  She’s been giving psychic readings for over 20 years now.

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