Spiritual Development with Jan-Lee: How should I use my gifts?

I hope you can help me understand the things that are happening at the moment for myself and my partner.  We are both spiritual people and have had interest and been involved in awareness classes over the years and have been drawn to spirit always. Recently we have returned, brought back we believe, to our spiritual understanding and a lot has happened in these last few weeks.

I am asking advice please, we seem to be being given lots of avenues in which to turn our attention to and I am getting confused don’t know what I am supposed to do. I am sure I will be shown, I think it is my own doubt of being able to do my best so that the message and understanding can go out to other people, I don’t feel I have enough knowledge to do this.

Can you offer advice please?

Jan-Lee says:  I agree with you and feel that spirit will show you what it is you are meant to be giving your attention to and help you with making your choices.  The way they do this is by making the path easier, in that it just flows when you are on the right track.  You will find that what you need in order to accomplish the task is given and feels right to you.  When in doubt do nowt, as they say, and when it is all flowing, you will get a feeling that it is right.

As regards your doubts that you are able to give your best, all you can do is have faith in spirit that they wouldn’t give you this work to do if they doubted you. Your responsibility is to do your best and trust that spirit will ensure that people receive the message and understand what is being given to them.  Often spirit use us as channels to plant seeds into people’s minds and hearts that will eventually grow into flowers of truth.  Spirit will channel the information and knowledge through you to help others.  Many times when I’m doing a reading I am learning too from the information that is given to the client as this knowledge does not come from me but is channelled through me.  As I like to say, I’m just the telephone here between the two worlds – the earth plane and the spirit world. 

I wish you joy and peace on your path of service.

Light, Love and Blessings, Jan-Lee

Jan-Lee Pin 2103 is an exceptional medium who started seeing spirits when she was a child and at a later age joined a spiritual development circle where she learned to meditate and develop her natural psychic gifts.  She’s been giving psychic readings for over 20 years now.

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