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Your favourite books are part of who you are which is why they can also be used to shed light on any problem

The books you love console you when you are lonely, inspire you when you’re bored, teach you when you need to understand and have an enormous influence on who you are and what you believe. That’s why books you’ve loved are incredibly hard to throw away, even if you haven’t read them for years.
No two people reading the same book will have an identical experience because by reading you created an entirely personal relationship with those words in your own mind. Whether they’re fact or fiction, the ideas, stories, truths and magical worlds they created in your imagination are uniquely yours.
Loved books will have changed the way you think, made you examine your own depths and encourage you to think in new ways.  That’s what makes them such a useful part of your spiritual repertoire.


Bibliomancy was a popular method of divination used in the Middle Ages, where a book, usually the Bible, was opened at random to provide some spiritual insight. Hundreds of years ago there clearly wasn’t as much choice when it came to books, so the Bible was the obvious choice. But of course with books now freely available on any subject you have a much greater treasure trove to plunder. Any book can be used in divination, but you will probably feel a deeper connection with the ones that have had the greatest influence on you.

Books as transformative tools

To soak up the real mystical power of books, just take a walk through any old library. You can feel the heady weight of thousands of years’ worth of knowledge in the air; the thoughts, longings and musings of the dead and the living, all begging to be re-discovered.
To prime yourself for a spot of bibliomancy, run your fingers along any interesting bookshelf and see what calls to you. The titles of the books themselves often mirror how you are feeling, or describe a situation you have been dealing with. Art and picture books, or books filled with illustrations or cartoons can be just as revealing – and at times very amusing!

A new chapter
Before you look for the right book, think about what kind of question you want to ask. If you are seeking answers to resolve a relationship or love conundrum, choosing a book of poems, philosophy or a beautifully written novel may be a better fit than A Century of Welding.  But that’s not to say non-obvious choices won’t contain the wisdom you’re looking for. Use whichever book feels right. If a book falls at your feet, or appears in an unusual place, it is a coincidence that should not be overlooked. If a book calls to you – use it – you will be surprised. Words taken out of their larger context could trigger something deeper than you imagine is possible.

1. Select your book

If you want to use bibliomancy to find out more about someone you know, who has loaned you a book – or whose book you now own – use it! It has already been psychically imprinted with that person’s personality, so makes it the natural choice.
If the book you wish to use was obvious straight away it is also a good choice, because on a deeper level, you already know it will work well.
But if you have no idea which book to use, take a look at your bookshelf, or gather a few favourites together. If you are asking a love or relationship question, choose a book that feels more connected with your emotions that the rest. And if you really can’t choose, close your eyes and just pick one, that’s a sure-fire way to let your higher self guide your hand to the right place.

2. Calm your mind
Sit with your chosen book and close your eyes for a while. Try to keep your mind open and clear without dwelling too much on the emotions of the question you need help in answering. You’re aiming for a state of calm expectation.

3. Ask your question
When you feel that you’re in a good place, emotionally and spiritually, ask your question out loud, or in your mind, if you prefer. Take a few seconds, allowing your question to be heard and absorbed. Then pick up the book.

4. Find your spot
Close your eyes and let your fingers wander through the book’s pages, touching the paper anywhere you like. At some point you will feel the ‘right’ place to stop. Place your finger on the spot you are drawn to. If you feel there’s more than one area of the book you want to explore, you can repeat the exercise after looking at the passage you were first attracted to.

5. Read
Read from where you finger is resting, for a paragraph or a passage, or to the end of the page. If you land right at the bottom of the page look either side of the page where you finger is resting.

6. Apply the wisdom
At first the words may bear no relation to the question you have asked. But give it some time. Repeat the passage, or write it down – your higher mind has chosen these words to help you in some way and you will eventually understand why.
What do the words you are reading have to tell you about your situation? Do they offer any guidance or inspiration? If you read the words to someone else how would they react? Do you have any emotional connection with what you have just read? Did it make you happy, angry, confused? It might help to read it aloud or to read the entire passage of text to help shed light on your question.
If you need more clarity, try it again from the start by picking a book that seems to fit your question, then merge your answer with the last passage. Eventually you will be able to see what the words are trying to get through to you.

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