Developing Psychic Reading Skills

Are exceptional psychic readers born or made?  When it comes to being a truly outstanding psychic reader, the answer is – both!

Hereditary psychic readers

If you’ve read my biography, Touched by Evil, you’ll know that my mother was a highly gifted psychic.  I inherited my abilities from her.  When she gave readings, she was so accurate that, when I was growing up, it seemed the house was always full of people who had come for a psychic reading with her.  I sat in healing circles when I was just three years old and became mesmerised by the intriguing and colourful images on Tarot cards before I could even read!

Developing psychic skills

My mother spotted that I had inherited her gifts as a psychic reader, but I did not stop there.  As soon as I had learned to read, I  read every book that I could get hold of on everything from psychic development, astrology, crystals, Tarot, magic, ancient religions, past lives – and more!  Interest in such things was growing, but it still wasn’t as openly talked about as it is today.

At school I was a bit of a rebel, and I think my teachers would have been amazed if they’d seen how hard I was working on the things that really interested me outside of their classrooms!

I knew that I had inherited my psychic gifts from my mother, but, whereas she just seemed to accept them and see them as a normal part of her, I wanted to know more.   I started giving professional psychic readings when I was just sixteen years old, but I never stopped studying.  Eventually I completed a BA Hons in Social Science, which included a three year thesis on women’s changing sexual and religious role, from polytheism to monotheism, covering anthropology and the evolution of religion and magic.  That might seem like a huge mouthful, but all of the academic work I did helped me develop the skills I had been born with as a psychic reader.

Many ways to develop psychic skills

If you look at the profiles of the psychic readers who work for my company, you will see that some have inherited their ability to give psychic readings and most have worked hard over the years to continue to develop their skills.  Some have gone through development circles and trained under famous mediums. Others have spent years in their development along particular spiritual paths, such as Shamanism, or are practicing Druids. They have dedicated their lives to following their particular spiritual path.

We all have psychic skills, and we can all develop our psychic abilities

I started Knights’ Temple, a free on line spiritual learning centre, so that everyone would have somewhere to go to develop their interests in all things psychic and spiritual and many of the readers who work with me host development groups on my free social networking site, Psychic Knight. I believe that we all have the ability to develop whatever level of psychic skills we are born with.  We are so fortunate in that, these days, we are free to pursue our own spiritual paths in any way that we choose.

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