Developing Psychic Skills Part 2

In Part 1 we looked at some simple exercises you can do to ‘kick start’ your intuition that allowed you to measure the results of how you are doing – for example predicting outcomes and remote viewing objects. As you gain more confidence with your predictions the next stage in developing your intuition is ‘tuning in’ to people.

Think of it this way. Every person on the planet (including you), has a unique story to tell. No one person experiences life from the same perspective. The key to developing your intuition is to be able to form an accurate picture of someone’s life – who they are, what their experiences might have been, their goals, dreams, disappointments – from how they appear – all the while remembering of course that appearances can be deceiving! But that’s the great thing about our intuition – it sees past the surface to what lies beneath.

If you’ve been practicing the exercises of Part 1 with a friend then you can enlist their help again. Ask your friend to show you photographs of people they know well but who you have never met. Take some time to really look at them – past their outward appearance to pick up on who they really are.  Allow these impressions to form a picture of them in your mind which includes their emotions, experiences and relationships. Then, based on these, describe the following:

1) The kind of person they are – extrovert, shy, successful, sad, creative, quiet –

2) A major life event, experience or person from their past that has shaped who they are today

3) Something that is going on in their life right now

So how did you do? Putting together our impressions of someone into a comprehensive picture of who they are and what has or is happening in their life is essential to honing our abilities and applying our intuition to our own lives with confidence. For example it can help you judge whether or not someone is trustworthy or whether that potential boss or co-worker is someone you will really get along with.

If you don’t have anyone to work with then consider joining Psychic Knight where you’ll be able to connect with others on a similar path who will be only too happy to help you hone your skills and give you feedback.

If you know of several people keen to develop their intuitive skills then why not consider forming a psychic development group so you can practice on each other? A word of warning however – this exercise should be done early on before you get to know too much about one another!

Remember, intuition is a skill that needs to be honed so don’t be discouraged if you get more ‘misses’ than ‘hits’ to begin with. Having said that I have seen many people who don’t consider themselves psychic or intuitive in any way come up with profound insights into the people they were tuning into using this exercise. The key is giving your intuition free-rein and being open to what it tells you.


Next up – predicting the future and using the Tarot for accurate storytelling!

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