Call Of The Wild: Listening To Nature For Answer

Listening to nature for answers to our internal questions and conflicts is a fabulous way to gain insight.  We are all a vital part of nature, so listening and communicating is… well, quite natural for humans.

Remember, at our most basic, we are not too far removed from the wild realm of nature.  And, all of us are made of the same compositions of hydrogen, oxygen, carbon…our composition and elements are common denominators.

That said, why are some of us more amenable to listening to nature than others?  Why have some of us tuned out the call of the wild?

Life takes a toll.  Socialization has a price too.  We are super-sensory beings; we soak up life like vast sponges.  Work, family, obligation, responsibility, partnerships, politics, economy, global welfare – we suck in all this stuff on conscious, unconscious and subconscious levels.

The trick is to be selective in our soaking.

If your goal is to live a calming life, a life unified with the broader rhythm of harmony – you’ve got to readjust your perceptions to take in the call of nature.

By readjusting what we take into our awareness, we can readjust the entire landscape of our lives.  Attuning to nature is the single-most effective catalyst for our most beneficial transformations.  I guarantee it.  There is nothing more generous, knowing, and wise than the nature surrounding us.

Shamans know this.  As do mystics, healers and psychics.  From the most amazing  soothsayers, to the most celebrated artists – they all plugged themselves into nature for clarity, guidance and inspiration.

You can too. How?

Here are some tips:

  • Turn off the television.  The call of the wild is infinitely powerful.  Nature is a symphony whose music can potentially absorb all static in its midst.  But there is a paradox to this power.  Nature will not reveal itself unless the observer makes the choice to embrace its presence.  Nature exists, it’s always here for us, always available.  However, we cannot move into nature’s ever-welcoming embrace until we make the choice.  Purposefully eliminating distractions like the television allows us to choose better options to feed our souls.  Nature will always greet us, but we must make the effort to meet nature too.  Distractions like the television are illusions.  Nature is truth.  Turn off the television and tune into the call of the wild – it will make all the difference in your life.
  • Meditate – take time for quiet contemplation.   Life has a way of rolling over us if we let it.  Because we are super-absorbent, we take in mass amounts of information from our surroundings.  Unfortunately, a lot of this information we’re taking in comes in the form of stress, obligation, worry, etc.  Meditation and/or quiet contemplation will allow us to still ourselves. It puts a stop-gap in the stream of stressful intake.  Moreover, when we pause to reflect upon nature, we will always experience a renewal.  It’s the infinitely generous way of nature to give refreshment and clarity to those of us who take time out to submerge our awareness into nature’s bounty.
  • Be open to the possibilities.  Nature works the same way our psyche works.  It is non-linear, intuitive, feeling, creative, expansive and light-infused.   That’s why psychics commonly require time with nature.  The psyche and nature are symbiotic.  When we are open to the gifts, possibilities and messages of nature, we will never be misguided.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on listening to nature as a way to experience a full and inspirational life.

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