Nirvana Consciousness

It’s not a location. It’s not a rock band. It’s nothing that can be purchased or obtained by the will.

So what is nirvana consciousness?

Succinctly, nirvana is an opening. A vast gateway into a void of infinite.

The etymology of the word nirvana comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “blown away” or blown out, blown apart.

According to ancient Buddhists (from whom the term nirvana comes) the average human is held captive to thousands of distractions. These distractions come from the environment (jobs, family, relationships, finances, etc) and from within (beliefs, thoughts, perceptions, emotions, etc).

Tapping into a state of nirvana affords us the opportunity to release ourselves from this constant, distracting drone of data-collection.

Imagine a cosmic windmill gently blowing away all those distractions. All conflicts, preoccupations and misuse of energy is simply blown away from your being – leaving you in a state of suspended purity – unfettered, uncomplicated and unbound.

Now we begin to see the value of understanding the concept of nirvana. An open state of limitlessness can be infinitely useful to our personal growth.

Indeed, tapping into a presence of nirvana clears the way for true magic in our lives. The esoteric concept here is that nothing moves in the Universe until we first make room for the motion. The womb must be empty to accommodate new life.

Humans are cavernous beings with infinite capacity to absorb and retain all manner of data. This is part of our nature, and is essential for our development.

However, there are times when we must suspend the barrage of perceptions. We must empty out, and gently blow away all that lingers in our aura. In so doing, we allow a special kind of reorganization to take place within our deepest selves.

When we move into that “blown away” state – that presence of suspended openness – our whole being exudes a sigh of relief and becomes revitalized by this yawning pause in our data-collection systems.

So how do we touch nirvana consciousness?

As with all spiritual concepts, there are several paths to the source.

The simplest path to nirvana is through the breath. Consider, again, the literal translation: “blown away.”

You can use your breath to blow away the distractions in your awareness so you may contact the revitalizing expanse of the infinite.

Ideally, you’ll want to be in a quite location – a meditative place, tranquil and calming. But even if you don’t have such a place, that’s okay. If you can focus and breathe, you can dip your psychic toes into the whirl pool of the eternal.

The only key is focus on the breath. Pay rapt attention to each breath. Let each inhale and exhale mesmerize you and lull you into a deeper level existence.

Each inhale represents a return into your deepest self, a withdrawal into your cosmic womb.

Each exhale represents a clearing out of clutter. Breathe out worry. Breathe out fear. Breathe out distraction. Breathe out all thought.

Breathe in cleanliness. Let that in-breath widen the womb of your awareness.

Breathe out excess, breathe out everything, making more room to accommodate the depth of space.

By intensified focus on the in and out breaths in this manner you will begin to get a sense of your cosmic capacity. You begin to feel a growing void – a suspension of all things. No time. No matter.

You may even experience splitting away, in which a larger you hovers softly in your psychic presence, while another (the conditioned or socialized) part of you numbly, patiently sits. In this way, you will experience the phenomenon of the “Watcher” and being watched, which is truly a mind-blowing sensation.

Continued practice of pausing the mind, clearing out distraction and diving into the vortex of stasis will lead to unfathomable results.

You will notice more clarity. The inundation of data coming your way will seem far less harsh and conflicting. In fact, information will come to you in a more organic fashion – slower, more digestible too.

You will experience synchronicities in your life too. Sweet coincidences that allow you more freedom and flexibility in living your life.

Why? Because when we practice nirvana-enhancing breathing exercises we are actually breathing with the Universe. This places us prominently in the path of all life – all creation. With that kind of positioning, there is no limit to our advantage. We are poised for purity, freedom and ultimate enlightenment.

Written by: Avia Venefica of

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