Psychic Development 101: Power On The Run

Let’s face it – when it comes to any kind of self-improvement, whether it’s going to the gym or honing our psychic skills, finding the time in our busy schedules can be a problem. Yes, in an ideal world we’d be able to carve out the time to turn off our phones, light some candles and meditate on our third eye opening. But very often no matter how good our intentions, life and the unexpected just gets in the way.

Fortunately for anyone who is looking to hone their psychic skills, we can still incorporate developing our intuition into our everyday lives and contrary to what many people would have you believe, you don’t have to set aside some sacred time slot in order to do this. Really, our every day routine gives us plenty of opportunity to exercise our abilities – and get instant feedback on how we are doing as well! Here’s just a few examples of how you can start to boost your psychic skills on the run and make psychic development just part of your everyday routine.

1: Standing in a queue at the bank, post office, railway station? Try to predict which window you will get called to.

2: If you’re waiting in line in a coffee shop take note of the person immediately in front of you. What kind of person do you think they are ? what do you think they are going to order?

3: When a phone rings that does not have caller ID on it try to predict who is on the other end before you answer.

4: As you send an email to someone (whether this is a personal or a business email) predict how long it will be before you receive a reply.

5: Two Minute Tarot. Shuffle your Tarot cards. Cut the pack as many times as you want then put it back together again. Predict which card is on the top. Now – turn it over. Were you correct? Either way – what does the card have to tell you?

These are just a few examples and as you go about your daily routine chances are you will discover hundreds of opportunities to develop your psychic skills. The great thing about exercises like this is that you get pretty instant feedback. Remember – psychic ability is like any other gift. The more you use it the better you get at it. So, don’t be discouraged if your results are patchy at first – keep going and the more you do you’ll discover that your ‘guesses’ are more and more spot-on. This is because when we exercise our intuition in this way we tap into our subconscious mind which accesses far more information that our usual senses are aware of!


So, unlike taking time out for the gym, you can combine psychic fitness as part of your everyday routine and practice anywhere – from your commute and even predicting who will speak next at that business meeting and what they will say – and yes, even at the gym by taking a guess at how long the person next to you will run on that treadmill. So, get your psychic power moving all the way through your commute and on into your day – no matter how busy you are there’s always time to tune in.


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