Psychic Development For Beginners: Reconnect To Your Sixth Sense

Psychic Development for Beginners

Reconnecting To Your Sixth Sense

Whether you consider yourself psychic or not, chances are you’ve been in a situation where you’ve had a ‘gut feeling’ about something or someone that turned out to be spot on. If so, did you put it down to intuition or merely a coincidence? If it’s the latter and you’re not an out-and-out sceptic, chances are you’ve lost your connection to your sixth sense.

We’re all born with our intuition intact; but usually we come under pressure to disregard or deny our abilities at a young age. We’ve only got to look at the language we use to see how it happens. Suppose you said to a parent or teacher you had a ‘good feeling’ about something that turned out to be correct? Provided you framed it in those terms you would probably be praised. Now think about their reaction if you said you were picking up a psychic feeling – chances are they would think you were mad.

We all want approval, especially when we are young so we’re taught early on to be careful how we say things. It’s even more difficult for boys as being sensitive isn’t usually a quality that’s encouraged – and the more sensitive a person the more psychic they usually are.

So, if you’ve lost your connection to your intuition how do you get it back again?

Regaining your intuition

First, start to trust what you feel and what your intuition is telling you. This may be difficult at first as your logical left-brain may tell you something else entirely. The more you have confidence in what you are feeling and let it guide you the better the results.

Second – practice! Every time you meet someone new, go for a job interview, face a challenge or even meet someone new see what pictures, words or feelings spring to mind. Make a note of these – you may be amazed how accurate those first impressions are!

Next – write down or even draw or paint any hunches, dreams or coincidences – you may find hidden messages or opportunities in them that aren’t apparent at first.

Last – why not think about starting a psychic development group? You can compare results, share ideas and even work through problems as well as giving each other support and encouragement.

Remember, you are already intuitive. Your sixth sense is alive, well and fully functioning. The fact you are here is living proof of that. All you need to do to reconnect to it is open up the channel and let your intuition flow once more.



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