Psychic Workshop: Creating Sphere Of Protection

Once you start working with your abilities seriously, it’s very important to consider the fact that once you open yourself to psychic energy, you are not just opening yourself up to the positive aspects of it – but also will become vulnerable to the negative ‘vibes’’ too. It’s important to learn to protect yourself and your energy from this and what’s more by doing so you increase your concentration and your intuition at the same time!

The simplest way to do this is to imagine yourself within a sphere of light – like a large soap bubble. When you visualise this it should be big enough to contain all of you plus extend out to include some of the space around you.

Whenever you are either meditating, doing psychic work or giving a reading – whether it is for yourself or another, spend a few moments beforehand to create this sphere. It’s not difficult and what’s more – it really does work!

1: Sit in your chair and begin to visualise a globe of white light about a meter in front of you. Imagine it hovering in the air roughly level with your heart chakra, and then see it spinning and glowing strongly.

2: See it start to expand outwards. As it grows bigger imagine it surrounding you extending down to your feet and above your head. See yourself as sitting in the middle of a sphere of brilliant, rainbow light like a transparent bubble.

3: Imagine it so strongly that you can feel it. Breathe in. Does it have a perfume? Expand your senses so you can smell, touch and feel its energy as t gently encloses you from head to foot.

4: Spend a moment imagining yourself expanding and contracting your bubble at will. Imagine that the area in which you are enclosed is now filled with love and pure intentions. Nothing negative can enter. Any problems you may be dealing with or negative thoughts have no place within this space and when you look through the transparent walls of your bubble you now see everything clearly.

It may take a few practice sessions before you feel that your sphere is perfectly formed around you. If you practice this just once each day it will strengthen your aura and your intuitive abilities and what’s more you will be able to find you can create your bubble at will – not just for doing readings or meditation practice, but for protection in any situation where you find someone’s energy confrontational or draining or when you feel overwhelmed by a problem or situation.

A Sphere of Protection really is your own sacred space that you can take anywhere with you in order to see clearly, focus on your goals and make the magic happen!

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