How to get the best psychic reading ever

How to get the best psychic reading ever

Want to get the very best psychic reading? Let’s face it, we all do and there’s nothing like feeling that you and your psychic are really connecting. So how do you do that?

Come from a place of openness

Come from a place of openness when you start your reading BUT also allow the psychic to tell you specific details of your situation without you telling them, then you can establish you have a real psychic connection. It’s easy when you want to know something to go straight into what’s bothering you but more powerful if the psychic tells you otherwise how will you know if they are psychic?

Finding the right psychic for you

Finding the right psychic for you is imperative to get the very best psychic reading and any good psychic company will allow you to switch readers if your reader does not give you detailed information in the first five minutes. My psychics are happy for you to do this as they also want you to find the perfect fit and understand that each connection is unique. Once you find your ideal psychic you can get the most out of it.

All too often we can go into a reading with certain expectations. A classic example of this is when we are faced with a relationship breakdown and want a reconciliation. Of course, in this situation we are hoping that our reader will tell us that the person will come back to us – and then experience disappointment if we are told the reader does not see this happening.

As you probably know, our readers have to abide by a strong code of ethics and that includes telling the client honestly what they see – not what they think the client wants to hear. Think of it this way – wouldn’t you rather have a reading with someone who speaks their truth rather than someone who is in fact giving you false hope and distorting the truth?

Ask the right questions

How do we avoid these kinds of situations? Obviously the first way is to ensure that the person giving you the reading is operating from a place of integrity. But the second way is to ask the right questions.

Say you are in a position where you have experienced a break-up. Instead of phrasing your question ‘Is there going to be a reconciliation between me and so-and-so’ you could instead say  ‘I’m interested to know what’s coming up with my love life in the next six months or so’. This way you are not feeding the psychic information and can get a clear answer.

This sends out a totally different vibration to your reader and the universe. It may be that your reader then picks up on the fact your ex may return – or they may point out that you have gone through a break-up but someone new is coming through.

The same goes for any situation. So, instead of asking if you are going to land that dream job you were just interviewed for – ask what is happening in your career over a specific time period and also understand that no matter how much we may want something to work out, the universe may want something better for us!

Give it time

Another way to approach your reading for maximum benefit is to give it time. Often when we are in a crisis situation we can end up having reading after reading to reassure ourselves that the event we want IS still going to happen. For one thing, this won’t make things happen any faster and continually fixating on something usually has the opposite effect on the flow of energy that we want. In short, it is only when we relax and let go that the energy flows.

We are all about empowering our clients – and that extends to not encouraging them to have too many readings, or becoming addicted to the readings themselves as this is counter productive. But bear in mind not every psychic or psychic company comes from that place of integrity so avoid psychics that encourage you to become dependant.

A good psychic reading puts the power in your hands and helps you find the answers and to trust your own intuition.

Once you have had a reading (or even if you haven’t!) you can always use the articles, videos and free tarot readings on our site to help transform your life. There are well over 2000 articles on all sorts of topics from healing soul mate issues to psychic development. When we work with our own energy we are creating  a new future.

Psychic readings give you a snapshot of potential. But the best use of them is to empower you so that you can take charge of your destiny and create your reality and break any patterns that are blocking you.



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