21st Century Psychic Series – What The Magician knows about manifestation

I hope that by now you’re beginning to look at the Tarot and Tarot readings in a wholly different way.  In many ways, the major arcana carry coded symbols and secrets of the entire universe, and The Magician is no exception.  When this magical figure turns up in a Tarot reading, he brings possibly one of the most important pieces of esoteric wisdom known by ancient shaman that scientists are only just beginning to understand.

The Fool’s mystical powers of manifestation comes from his connection with his authentic and unique self. The Magician, on the other hand, talks to us about the power of our focus.

Since the very dawn of time, Shamans have told us that the world we see around us is nothing but an illusion. They have told us that our power lies in being able to direct our thoughts so that we can cut through illusion in the process of creation.

In recent years, scientists have begun to study the physical and psychological processes involved in perception.  Results show that we really do not see the world as it is.  Rather, as Anais Nin wrote, we see it as we are.

Some people follow this shamanic teaching to the conclusion that nothing is real.  In recent years, quantum physicists have discovered a few things about the cosmos that are definately far more mind blowing than any shamanic teaching, but that doesn’t mean that you can jump from a high building without hitting the ground.

We are going through an exciting phase of exploring the nature of our universe through a different lens.  In the meantime, it’s useful to think of the illusions that ancient Shaman talked about as being the distortions that our minds play on us.  Just recently I posted an article on research that showed people with a phobia about spiders saw them as much bigger than they actually are, for example.

Beliefs, ideas, language, past experience – all of these add twists and turns to the way we see the world around us that put limits on our power and creativity.

So when The Magician arrives in a Tarot reading, he is saying, look to your focus.  This is the conductor that channels your power to manifest.  Are you leaking power like crazy into limiting beliefs or ideas?  Where is your focus directed, and how does that affect your power? Are you consumed by looking back at past hurts and failures in a way that robs you of your power to create in the present?

His shadow side means that he can use everything he understands about distortion and focus to pull a fast one.  This is where he turns into a slippery, dodgy, shady character who shakes you by the hand vigorously whilst he secretly steals your wallet or purse with the other.

The shadow Magician can use his powers to get lots of stuff, but underneath he’s afraid there isn’t enough to go around and that’s why he feels compelled to manipulate others.

In a nutshell, when The Magician turns up in a Tarot reading

Look at where you are putting your focus

Look at the ideas, beliefs and thoughts you are shaping your focus with

What you notice might encourage you to shift your focus onto something else entirely (the love that you have rather than all the dates you don’t get).  It might also reveal the need for a psychic detox (replacing the belief that you are unlovable with the truth that you are love and worthy of love).

When you change your focus, I believe that you can you change your life.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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