5 Tarot Steps To Sort Love.

You don’t need to have spent years reflecting on the Tarot’s traditional meanings to put its powerful secrets to work. The rich magical symbolism of the cards was created as a tool to unlock the secrets of your unconscious mind, helping you tap into the source of Universal truths.Knowing the traditional meanings of the cards can of course be useful, but relying on the standard interpretations robs you of the chance to give the cards your own unique meanings. And if you’re going to use them as a tool to open the doors to your higher psychic self, you need to have a strong personal bond with them.

It’s a bit like interpreting someone else’s dreams. If your friend and you both dream about bananas you might smile and label it with a sexy, phallic meaning… but then it turns out your friend slipped on a banana skin that broke her leg when she was five. The best person to interpret your dream, vision, oracle or Tarot spread, is you.

One of the most exciting ways to use Tarot is to get insight into your relationships with other people. Our partnerships can be consuming, complicated and baffling – that’s why we endlessly discuss them with our friends, hoping they’ll help us find solutions by helping us examine our contradicting thoughts and feelings. It’s a bit like panning for gold. Tarot does exactly the same job but because you’ll be doing it alone, you can be much freer and more honest with your ideas.

1. Get into the right headspace

Find a quiet place, turn off your phone, the TV or radio and make sure you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour, or the duration of your reading. How you feel at the moment you look at the cards will affect the quality of your reading, so aim for a relaxed and open attitude. Take some deep breaths, think of your favourite place in the world (a beautiful, peaceful environment will work better than Vegas or bungee jumping in Brazil). Take your time.

2. Think about what you have together

Think about your life as a couple, see the other person clearly, focusing on as much detail in your vision as possible (the colour of their eyes, the way they move, the sound of their voice). Now visualise yourself as honestly as you can… see the same details in your own face, body and manner. Now visualise the pair of you together. Watch yourself, watch your partner. Just let yourselves exist happily for a while. Let this be a peaceful process and try to keep strong emotions out of the way for now. You’re asking your higher self, your objective truth, to guide you.

3. Now for the magic

Choose three cards
 shuffle your pack of Tarot then pick three out three cards you’re attracted to. Place them facing upwards in a row. The first card is You, the Second is The Other Person and the third is Your Relationship.

4. Let your imagination run riot

With a notepad or a large piece of paper in front of you, study each card without worrying which cards represent what, and write down your first feelings on looking at the shapes and images. What effect do the colours have on you? If there is a person on the card, ask them what they have to tell you. Look at any shapes and symbols and imagine you could walk inside the card and could touch the images, what do they feel like? Imagine you can look behind any objects or people on the cards – who or what can you see?
Let your feelings flow in any way that feels appropriate, noting down any emotions, as they’re not always easy to remember later. It really doesn’t matter if the feelings or thoughts you have don’t appear to make any sense. You’ll work that out later. Get as much detail of your response to each of the cards as possible. Take as long as you want.

5. Tell your story

Now you have a jumble of thoughts, feelings and random words written down in front of you… the response from your subconscious mind to your relationship. Don’t worry if it looks like a bit of a mess – it should do! Now it’s time to join the dots together to make sense of it all.  Look at the cards again, but this time when you pick the card representing You, look at the mishmash and pick the emotions, thoughts and words that seem to fit with your card. Do the same with the Other Person’s card, then the Relationship card. Already you’ll be forming a story of how the two of you are as a couple. You may see things that surprise you, comfort you or even make you angry. The story of your relationship may bring up surprising themes but most importantly you’ll shed light on difficult areas and find inspiration in places you hadn’t even thought to look. If something doesn’t seem to fit anywhere, don’t leave it out… sometimes the bits that make no sense at the moment are actually things that will happen to you in the future.

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