5 Steps to Tarot Superstardom!: Step 3

Hello there Tarot Superstars and welcome to Step 3 in my 5 Step Tarot Superstardom Reading Program. If you’ve just joined us then the great thing about these exercises is that you can start anywhere. However, please do complete all five no matter what order you decide to do them as it is the five together which work to open up a new dimension of insight and understanding of the cards and really turbo-charge your psychic and intuitive Tarot abilities.

This exercise requires you to have internet access unless you are one of those people who has more than one Tarot deck. If you’re like me then you probably have one favourite deck which you are totally attuned to and which you use for the majority of your readings. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have several other Tarot decks which you may love but which you don’t feel quite the same affinity for. If you do have several Tarot decks it is now time to bring them out and put then to work. For the sake of this exercise I recommend using four decks. If you don’t own four decks – or should I say if you don’t yet own four decks, then don’t worry as this is where the internet comes in.

Step 3: Spot the Difference

To begin, just make sure you have some sacred time to yourself and your Tarot journal handy. If you have multiple Tarot decks to hand then pick the deck you love and use the most. Shuffle your deck as you normally would and cut the cards in your usual way and put the Tarot deck back together again and turn over the top card. This is your card you will now work with.

If you own four decks: Find the same card from each deck and place them next to the card you have drawn.

If you have less than four decks: Go on-line and in Google search type in the name of the card you have drawn and click on ‘Images’. You will then be able to choose images of cards from other decks. Pick the cards that intrigue you the most and which are the most varied when it comes to design.

Begin with the card you picked. Start by writing down all the traditional meanings of this card plus the ones that you associate it. When you are finished, move on to the same card from one of the other decks. Notice any differences between the cards and how the images are depicted. Are there different colours? If you have picked a court card how differently are the figures depicted between the two decks?

What additional information can you glean from the second card that you may not have seen in the first – and vice versa. When you are done writing down any extra insight the second card provides you, then move on to the third and then the fourth, repeating this. By the end of the exercise you will have written down a wealth of new and additional information just from looking at four different illustrations of the same card. Use your intuition to do a psychic Tarot reading, what do each of the cards say to you and your intuition?

This exercise broadens our skills in that it allows us to ‘tune in’ to the energy of new decks or the decks we rarely use. It shows us that each artist has their own message and intuitive insight to bring to their designs – which we can then access and use in any of our readings with any deck! And it also allows us to explore the wonderful, visually rich world of Tarot decks without having to spend any money if we don’t want to.

There are many many Tarot decks available linked to just about any subject you might want to name. Each deck contains its own unique wisdom that is waiting for us – if we are just willing to be explorers of the Tarot’s rich world. So, come on all you Superstars – there’s a cosmos of wisdom out there just waiting for you to access it!

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