How To Read Tarot Cards – A One Tarot Card Reading

 How To Read Tarot Cards – A One Tarot Card Reading

One Card Tarot Reading

If you’re like me you are always searching for new ways to get the maximum amount of information from any Tarot reading. Whether you are a beginner or a practiced Tarot card reader, a one-card reading can often offer you amazing insight into any situation and all the answers you seek without resulting in a more comprehensive spread – although you are welcome to use that to back up your findings!

How To Do A One Card Tarot Reading

The trick with a one-card Tarot reading is to follow these three ultra-simple guidelines.

Shuffle your deck as usual and have your Tarot journal handy. Think of your question or the situation you require more information on. If a card drops out while you are shuffling – that’s your card. If not, cut the deck in any way that feels right or even fan it out in front of you. Take your card and turn it over.

Turn Your Tarot Card Over

Step One

1: Spend a moment with your card. It may be at first you don’t see the connection between it and your question. Allow the deeper meaning of the card to emerge and don’t be afraid to make connections between colours, symbols, the back ground or people depicted in the card.

Step Two

2: What is the traditional interpretation of this card and how does this apply to your question?

Step Three

3: – And this is the important part where you begin to draw all the hidden information out of your card and apply it to your current situation. What does the card have to say to you about these five key areas: Love, Work, Money, Health and Spirituality? It does not matter if you question was only about ONE issue or area or none at all.

What you are now doing is asking the card to ‘talk’ to you. If your question is about love, what is the card saying? If it is about money what is it telling you? Write down everything you feel applies to each area.

What do I do after the three steps?

When you have finished chances are you have your answer. If your question is not related to the above five areas then what you have done now is freed your intuition to obtain the answer from the card. So now think about what it is saying. Record all your impressions and answers in your journal so you can refer back to it. Now you know how to do a one-card Tarot reading you can use it for all sorts of answers.

tarot gifYou will be amazed at the amount of information one card has to offer you across all areas of your life – and the accuracy of the answer you can get. Every card in the Tarot has the ability to tell you anything you need to know. With this simple technique, all the power of the Tarot is at your fingertips in one dynamic one-card reading!



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