The Truth about Tarot

If you’re interested in learning the Tarot, you’ll hear people saying things like you mustn’t buy your own Tarot deck, or that they absolutely have to be kept in a piece of purple silk or a wooden box, or that you can’t read Tarot for yourself.

I know many people put huge store by ideas like these.  Everyone has their own view, and here’s what I think.

You can’t buy your own Tarot deck.

I’ve bought almost every Tarot deck I own and use.  Gifts of any kind are fabulous, and as I’m known to collect decks many people have been kind enough to give me unusual or particularly beautiful decks as presents, but when it comes to giving Tarot readings there really is no magical difference between a deck you’ve bought and one someone else has given you.

They have to be stored in purple silk

Or a wooden box, or anything else along these lines. If you strongly believe that, you’d probably be shocked to see me tumbling mine into my handbag before I go out or trying to squeeze space in my crammed office drawers for my deck.  There are practical aspects of storing cards so they don’t get bent or bruised, but for me their magical potential isn’t diminished by how I store them.

You can’t read Tarot for yourself

You can. I do. You have to be aware that you could allow your own ideas or hopes to influence what you see (Will this new business partnership work?  The ten of swords, the three of swords, the Tower and The Devil.  Hooray!  That’s a yes!) but there’s no real reason why you can’t read for yourself.

If you want to give Tarot readings, you have to start by memorising the meanings of all cards

This is a great way to discover the many layers of meaning and rich symbolism contained within each card, but I’m a firm believer that the best way is to start by looking at each card and using your own intuition.  Try it for yourself.  Spend at least ten minutes pouring over every detail in The Lovers.  Jot your thoughts and impressions down. Then look up the meaning.  You might astound yourself with the detail that you get.

I firmly believe that Tarot is a fabulous tool but the magic that allows us to use them for sacred purposes is in us.  That’s where I’m coming from in this myth-busting piece.

Have I missed anything out? Post your questions about Tarot or Tarot readings below and I’ll answer them in a future article!

Loads of love,

Michele x

9 thoughts on “The Truth about Tarot

  1. Is it bad to buy your first tarot cards but you have already been gifted your first oracle cards? Would that still be bad luck?

    1. I always buy my own Tarot cards. You are empowering yourself to become a Tarot reader and to delve into your own world, nothing wrong with that!

  2. I was told, the questions had to be asked with, “what will be so about….” “what is my best course of action with…”
    Never ask “what’s my future hold with…” ” am I going to get the raise?”
    Is any of this better ?

  3. My first deck was one I saw on an infomercial back in the 90s (Philip Michael Thomas from Miami, but it never seemed to fit me. Then, I saw The Tarot of the Cat People, and I knew it had to be mine. Because I believed in that “don’t buy a deck” myth, I just looked, but never purchased. 2 years later, the cashier at my favorite occult store stole that deck, and gave it to me. After 20 long years, it’s still in my possession. I never travel long distances without them, and come home safe every time.

    I’ve always believed the cards will pick you, so if there’s a deck that speaks directly to you, get ’em; all superstitions be damned.

  4. I bought a deck and feel good about them. I just heard about them being gifted. I don’t know anyone that would buy them for me. I felt good about the deck I chose and was really upset when I saw a witch post that you can’t buy them for yourself. Thank you for your thoughts on this. I feel much better.

  5. For 2 years my gut mind and heart also my intuition has told me to buy my own tarot deck. Some people tell me to not buy im own but i did in anyway which i feel good after getting my own deck and the same deck has been looking at me the hull time telling me to pick it up and buy it as the message in my mind said thank you for picking me, ill never believe someone would buy me a pick of tarot cards as a gift as the mind message from my family and friends said “no” im not getting you tarot deck. I was upset that heared that, i guess i was meant to buy my own which im feeling positives getting the write deck, i felt my heart connected to them with a blessing. :)

  6. People say that Tarot are evil and although I don’t believe it I am putting off buying my own deck. What do you think of that view. As I said I don’t really believe it and believe more that its the person using them that makes it evil. Anyway, whats your opinion?

    1. This statement: the Tarot is a Tool. A sacred and spiritual tool, at that. It has the reputation of being evil because of legalistic orthodox conservative religious people. It was one of the tools medieval magical people used for empowerment and thus was painted as a spiritual evil that would let demons into your life or whatever. If you use the Tarot to talk to demons, you will have that in your life; if you use the tarot to talk to angels, you will have them in your life; if you use the tarot to foster introspection, garner insight, and expand awareness then you will experience increased wisdom and awareness. It is a powerful tool. You reap what you sow. Sow fear- you get fear back. Sow seeds of love and and the harvest will be full of love.

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