The Unleash Your Potential Tarot Spread!

Whether you’re creatively blocked on a project or just feeling lacklustre and unmotivated, this fabulous Tarot spread is designed to plus you back into your true potential, amp up your creativity and put you back on track towards your goals.

First, as with any psychic or Tarot exercise, turn off your phone and set aside some ‘me’ time so you won’t be disturbed. Get hold of a piece of red fabric (red symbolises power and above all – action as it is linked to the sign of Aries in the zodiac and the planet Mars). Remove the cards of the Empress and the Moon from your Tarot deck. The Empress represents your creativity as it is manifested out into the world and the Moon represents the creative potential of your subconscious.

Now, remove all the Wands cards from the deck and spread them out in front of you face up. Wands represent energy and action. Pick the Wands card that calls to you the most (it does not have to be a Court card) as a significator and place it on the red fabric in front of you in between the Empress and the Moon.

Shuffle your cards all the time thinking about the significator you have chosen as this card shows you how you will realise your creative potential when it is channelled out into the world between the Moon (subconscious) and the Empress (physical world). When you have finished shuffling the rest of the cards you can cut the pack in a way that feels best for you and choose from it four cards. Lay the first card on top of your significator, the second on top of the Moon, the third on top of the Empress and the fourth above the Significator as this symbolises your outcome.

Here is what the cards mean:

Card 1: What you need to release. This card shows where you are ‘blocked’ or not living up to your potential in some way. Write down in your Tarot journal everything that comes to mind with this card. If a Court card has fallen here and a person immediately pops into your mind then think on your relationship with them and what needs to change or their influence on you. If the Devil appears here then what needs to be released is something you are doing to hold yourself back. Again, think about this and write down everything that comes to mind.

Card 2: What you need to deal with. Again, look carefully if a Court Card falls here but the message from the cards could be anything from a too-hectic schedule to negative self-talk to taking better care of yourself.

Card 3: What you need to know. This is a very important card as it can often open our eyes to resources we didn’t know we had to people who can help us. Spend as long as you like with this card and don’t dismiss anything it tells you as this is the card that can really ‘unstick’ you connecting you back to self-confidence if you’ve lost it, inspiration and your soul path. It can also give you insight into the next step you need to take in order for you to progress.

Card 4: What you are going to attain.  This card can really be a life-saver. It can keep you from missing opportunities, procrastinating or exploring dead-ends. It tells you which direction your opportunities now lie provided you take action and go looking for them.

Write down everything in your Tarot journal and feel free to leave your cards out so you can keep looking at them as more ideas may occur to you as your delve deeper into their meaning. The reason I love the Tarot is that it’s a tool that works so powerfully on our subconscious and energy levels. This spread really does help you reconnect to your true potential and put passion back

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