Weekly Taroscope with our psychic Sally

Aries – Justice

You could be going through a period of weighing things up this week Aries, you’ll probably want to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly.  You have a chance of getting to know yourself more deeply on an intellectual level, you’re likely to be going through a period of weighing things up or deciding something, there’s an air of balanced wisdom and fairness surrounding you this week.  An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions, you’ll want balance and will be striving for this with all of your dealings with others.  By looking at things objectively you’ll have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week.  Trust your gut as your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself, by accepting situations in which you find yourself you’ll cultivate more contentment, honesty, responsibility and humility.  If you can resist blaming others and try to accept responsibility for any part that you have played, you will be able to move forward gracefully, hopefully, you’ll harness the energy of this week and move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment.  You will do best by adopting a balanced outlook, by reminding yourself that nobody (including you) is perfect, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve any current difficulties, with fairness, truth and balance.   You may have to figure out where your role lies and perhaps make some changes in your strategies, there could be some sound advice offered to you this week, give it careful consideration before acting.  You may also be a moderator of some kind helping others come to a fair resolution, you’re channelling your inner goddess Athena this week, you can expect clarity of vision, impartial judgement and balance to come easily to you.

Taurus – King of Cups

Your friendly nature is like a cosy fire that others want to warm their themselves on Taurus, you draw people to you with your kindness, empathy and friendliness.  You could see that you are supported by the universe this week, in ways both seen and unseen.  Remember to nurture yourself, and please allow others to nurture you!  Don’t hesitate to ask for support if you need it and you’ll find other’s jumping at the chance to help you out.  Even though you may love being there for others, you could be reaching out for guidance or support for yourself this week and may seek support or help from someone this could be a friend, maybe even a counsellor or gifted healer.  There’s may be a desire to get in touch with your own feelings and inner world, you have an opportunity to be open and heal past hurts through this process.  The card represents a wounded healer, a person that is kind, empathetic, compassionate and friendly, this person is there for others emotionally and helps to heal others in some way.  But they sometimes have difficulty healing their own heart and in offering themselves the energy they so readily give to others.  This card could signify a great healing is beginning and balance is being gained through self enquiry alone or with a professional.  Through this process you will be able to recognise your own intuitive and creative skills, if you can find a way of channelling these skills into your work and benefiting others, you can immerse yourself in life totally and this is the gift of this card. Go with the ebb and flow of life, let your feelings move through you.

Gemini – Knight of Cups

There could be some uplifting and optimistic new this week Gemini, I hope you receive some good news that you’ve been waiting to hear about.  You’re likely to be feeling open hearted, charged up and ready for action to deal with whatever crosses your path.  There’s probably someone in your life that’s going to show you how much they love you this week and your heart could be overflowing with joy and romanticism.  You could be going through a transition of some kind, have you been delving into the watery depths of your emotions of late?  There could be some soul searching creatively as your emerging romantic life infuses your life beautifully.  Career or a creative project you’ve been working on are likely to move forward with positive momentum and grace.  You’ll likely be feeling fab about your accomplishments and achievements.  You could be ready to take a relationship to another level as strong desires for love, beauty and truth blossom in you.  There may be someone that has an intoxicating effect on you that inspires you to express yourself in a deeper way.  You could be getting ready for some spiritual exploration, as your emotional life is a great source of contentment.  You may soon receive a message from spirit, which could open up new ways of perceiving and feeling things.  Be mindful of things that seem like a coincidence, they are synchronicities and great big messages to reveal magic and guidance for our growth and happiness.

Cancer – Two of Wands

What are you shy about doing creatively Cancer? You could have a goal or project in sight and you may be formulating a new idea, are you nervous about bringing this into the light of the world?  You could be ready to do something with your energy and enthusiasm, you likely undergoing a time of transition and success, growth and progress are all possible!  There are probably strong feelings of change and restlessness to move forward, know that you are able to overcome obstacles in your path, your past has taught you that!  You may realise that you have far to travel, and that your ideas are firmly enough established for you to take the next step coupled with that powerful ambition you have.  You are likely willing to put yourself to the test to realise your potential this week.  There could be a feeling of being slightly at odds with yourself as is suggested by it being the two of wands there is duality in this card so you could be being offered some new opportunities. It is time to take stock of your situation and plan ahead, as you are undergoing a period of re-evaluating yourself and deciding where to go from here.  There may be an opportunity for a business partnership or a joint venture.  Either way your circumstances are set to improve if you allow yourself time to think things through, even though you may feel some anxiety, remind yourself that you do have the courage to move forward.  You may realise that you have potential that is unfulfilled and have some powerful visions and ideas about where you are heading.  You have to put faith in the invisible creative power which has generated the visions of the new path, everything here depends upon your courage to take this new idea up with both hands.  Go for it.

Leo – Judgement

This could be a time of reward for you Leo as something is coming to completion and you can expect to feel a new lease of life is on the horizon.  You will likely go through a period of reaping the rewards for what you have sown of late, all of your past efforts will be rewarded when you can reflect on what you’ve achieved recently.  You may be coming to an end of a chapter in life, and beginning a period of revaluating yourself and your accomplishments in a frank and honest way.   As one chapter ends a new one begins for you, and you could be taking delight in your achievements and celebrating!  There also could be a realisation that you are not completely in control of your destiny, but that your decisions have shaped your life.  You’re probably going to review your life this week and make sense of how far you have come and what you have managed to achieve.   You have an opportunity to wipe the slate clean by coming to terms with your past, you can start afresh with a greater understanding of yourself and what lead you here.  By taking more responsibility for your actions to date and also taking time to take stock and take certain realities on board.  A new lease of life is upon you, limiting thoughts and old behaviour patterns can be released, you’ll be ready to develop your awareness and enjoy excitement of an expectation of a better future!

Virgo – Temperance

There could be a yearning for harmony and balance in your heart and as a result of this some healing conversations could occur this week Virgo. You may want to be more cooperative and strike some compromises this week, when we share our feelings both positive and negative we create balance and space in our heart and we also give others permission to do the same to share with us.  This week may be all about balance, relationships of all kinds, friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work colleagues may be the focus of your attention.  You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you.  Although, all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at your deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way, and if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them and integrate them.  You’re passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams.  You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first.  Do you have an urge to talk to someone about how you’re feeling?  Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest?  Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember communication leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals. When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion.  You could want to be compassionate and objective this week, this card is associated with Iris the goddess of the rainbow, you can channel your inner Iris this week by being honest about your feelings, that way you can adopt a patient and calm approach, allowing moderation and communication to flow freely.

Libra – Five of Cups

There may be some flux and uncertainty this week, although there is good news Libra as there’s hope!  Sometimes stagnation, conflict or separation can occur to force us to change and improve things.  If you’re experiencing these things in a relationship, realise that there’s still much to build upon, look for what you can begin to salvage or repair.  Try to focus on what’s redeemable, what’s working in the relationship and build from there, although this week it may be wise to pause, wait it out and first take care of your own emotional needs.  This is a good time to review what is important to you, what you value in relationships and others, by doing this you can include your values into your relationships in the future.  You may be going through a tough time emotionally at the moment, and if you are I’m sending you love, even though this may be a difficult or painful time, it could be necessary so that you can make some changes that may need to happen to ensure your happiness.  There may be some disappointment but there are definitely some hopeful possibilities for the future, try not to be self-critical this week, realise that we are all perfectly imperfect and make mistakes.  Look for what’s good in your life this week, treat yourself well and as kindly as you can, something of value still remains, you could focus on the spilt milk or you could focus on what milk you have left, remember dear Libra where your attention goes energy flows, be gentle with yourself.

Scorpio – King of Pentacles

You’re likely thinking a lot about money and resources this week Scorpio.  You may have a strong, grounded and highly successful person in your life that could offer you some valuable advice on how to better your situation and growth.  You may have been focusing on your financial security a lot recently and perhaps not paying as much attention to your family, friends and social life.  This hyper focus on one area of your life could mean that you undervalue other areas of your life, it’s great to aspire to wealth and status through hard work and determination but if you’re not sharing your success and achievements with your loved ones it could lead to you be feeling low and isolated.   Give it some thought and take some time to feed your spirit by making sometime for family and friends too.  With money on your mind, wealth, abundance and status, you’re likely to be doing all you can to make the cash and improve your lot.  You could be taking a practical approach to your finances and wealth this week.  You probably know that you have the capacity to attain your goals, as long as you plan and organise yourself effectively.  You could receive help from an ambitious and practical person that are themselves firmly established, they may give you advice on how to better your career prospects for instance.  You’re likely ready to expand yourself and grow materially, you may be tired of making ends meet and you probably want there to be plenty to go around and more money available to you.  What would you like to manifest?  What ideas have you had recently about your career and wealth?  You have the skills and capabilities to make your desires manifest, by appreciating what you have. Remember that it’s great you can earn money and become wealthier this week, but please be mindful of balance, make sure you do other things that bring you joy like spending time with family and friends.  You’ve got the Midas touch, the gift of manifesting your ideas, your material self-confidence is likely to be potent, be sure to use your power wisely this week.

Sagittarius – The Chariot

You’ve got the determination and ambition Sagittarius, now it’s about getting things done, and proving that you’ve got what it takes. Things should start to move forward this week and you’re likely ready to give it your best shot.  Try to remember that you need your intellect and your heart to be on the same team to be truly successful.  Try not to let tiny issues get blown out of proportion this week, you need to put your energy into finding resolutions rather than adding to any drama or conflict.  Bear in mind that it’s better to respond rather than react this week, any competition you may be experiencing is a result of your own ambitions being tested.  Do you want to go down the path your heading?  Are there things you’d like to change?  Be mindful of your approach and behaviour being too forceful this week as you could be giving the impression that you’re difficult to work with, if you want others to respect you and your choices you need to be as calm as possible, disciplined in your actions and follow through on your decisions. There may be feelings that some people are working against you, try to ignore this if you’re experiencing it, and instead focus on balancing your own aggressive and competitive drive, sometimes we need a bit of conflict and struggle to push us to do more, become more resilient and develop a stronger personality.   You may be feeling like you’re being pulled in different directions, and if you feel this way detach from the situation momentarily so you can align yourself once more. For instance, someone at the office may talk of an idea that you’ve had as if it’s their own, and ultimately try to undermine your success, you could react and challenge this person and therefore be seen as hot-headed and argumentative or you could take a deep breath and smile that your idea is good enough to be poached by someone else, therefore increasing your confidence and self-worth.  Hopefully you can see what I’m getting at Sagittarius, you’ve got the goods and now it’s time to show some self-assertion and be bold.  Fortune favours the bold, be sure to stay in tune with your inner wisdom and trust that it will guide you successfully through this week, remember you have the strength and awareness to handle any difficulties and the determination to overcome any obstacles.

Capricorn – Eight of Wands

Finally, things are moving in the right direction dear Capricorn!  After a period of delay, struggle and perhaps some irritations, things are now likely to picking up momentum.   You could be quite busy this week and maybe doing some travelling, all this activity is signifying that your inner development is growing, and you’re now being asked to believe in the path you’ve chosen.  The way ahead is likely to be clear for you now and you’re probably feeling more optimistic than you have in a while, all the delays and struggles you’ve been experiencing are symbols of your growth and hopefully you’re now beginning to resolve any anxieties you’ve been carrying, and you are now focused on the goal/path ahead.   There’s sunny optimism in sight after some darkness and unsettling feelings, you may have been feeling strained and stressed of late but rest assured that things are going to feel better.  You could unlock some positive energy by releasing tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying, hopefully you’re understanding that by overcoming obstacles in your path you can be feel more confident and self-assured.  Try to focus on how good it will feel for you when you reach your destination or goal. Remind yourself that you deserve this new life that’s on the horizon.  You could be ready to broaden your vistas and new people may be coming into your life to reflect this mind expansive time!  Take full advantage of this productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, when you’ve begun to resolve your anxieties you can be all set to focus on the new journey ahead.  Your future can be something to look forward to and you may be overflowing with positive expectation of what lies ahead for you.  You’ve come so far, and your rewards are within reach, just keep your focus on the finish line.  Take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that you can put your ideas in motion by knowing that the time is favourable for you to channel your creative energies productively. You could be feeling more confident and buoyant than you have in a long time this week, and you can be justifiably pleased with yourself as you’ve met challenges and overcome obstacles with grace, you’re hopefully now moving away from self-doubt and moving towards self-belief.  Go you!

Aquarius – The Star

Faith and hope in a better future dear Aquarius!  You are likely to find yourself feeling inspired this week and more hopeful about the future than you have in long time.  There’s part of you this week that is remaining hopeful and optimistic about things, even though life could have been challenging recently, there’s something deep within you that’s keeping the faith that all will work out well for you.   This card always brightens my day when I see it, so I really hope this week is bright and uplifting for you.  There could have been some turmoil and changes recently and this may have left you feeling drained or out of sync with life, just like when there’s a storm in the sky we can’t see the stars, you may have been feeling like you couldn’t see a solution or find a remedy for what’s been happening.  But, it’s like the changes and disruptions have helped you look for the stars twinkling and look for faith and hope, it’s when we remain hopeful and have faith in life that the universe responds in kind.  You must believe in your most cherished wishes and your sacred hearts desires and remember that anything is possible when you have faith and hope.  This is a time to think and act positively, trust that the universe has your best interests at heart.  This week you could find that life seems to come together beautifully, and a bright positive outlook emerges from within you, you may also see that you can put your trust in life and be optimistic in your expectations. Ask yourself what changes would you like to make or see in your life? Make a big colourful list. You can accomplish almost anything you wish to do so be sure to think big!  Dream, fantasise, imagine and visualise your greatest ambitions and desires, it’s by having positive expectations and trusting our dreams will come true that deepens our faith.  You have an inner light this week that’s inspiring you and guiding you toward broader vistas, be open and receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things, so that when opportunity knocks you can be prepared to answer. Hold on to your faith and hope in a better future and know that unexpected blessings can manifest in your life.  You are likely to be a beacon of light and inspiration to others this week, this is a great time for you to reach out to others and to share your wisdom. You could be rewarded for doing so in a way that lights up your heart, the world needs your light let it shine bright.

Pisces – Ace of Wands

You’re on the cusp of new beginnings and very positive ones they are too dear Pisces! If you’ve been having a difficult time recently please know that things are likely to be getting much better very soon! You could be feeling upbeat and hopeful about your future, perhaps quite energetic and positive, if you’re not feeling that yet, you could be very soon. Aces are harbingers and good omens that now is a good time to start something new. So, what will you begin?  Or maybe you have begun something new already? You may have been looking for a new position, and perhaps this week something very positive could be heading your way. Remember to be bold and ask for what you want this week, your boldness is likely to bring you more success than you’d dream possible.  There could be an uprush of creative energy bubble up from within you, you may not have a project or goal in mind at the moment, but this energy is leading you to envision and imagine something greater.  There could be dissatisfaction or restlessness with your current circumstances this week, don’t worry though if you’re feeling this way as feelings like this usually lead us to challenge and change the status quo.  Accompanying these feelings could be a strong desire to go on an adventure or start a journey, pay attention to the visions you have this week as they are glimpses to greater possibilities for you, life is opening for you and whatever you focus on will lead to growth, your enthusiasm is likely to be potent this week so use it to your advantage and channel it into things worthwhile.  Your manifesting skills are on point with the energy of this card, so ask yourself what do you want to create?  Be mindful of worrying as worrying can lead to us creating things we don’t want, be sure to use your imagination in a positive and uplifting way, that way you can ensure that what you’re creating and manifesting is your desires.  If you’re looking for ways to buoy up your faith this week, switch off the news, watch and read things that uplift and inspire you, all that’s needed of you is to have faith that you can conjure up your visions and manifest your ideas in the world.  The world needs what you’ve got to offer, I believe in you, all you need to do is believe in you too.

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