Weekly Tarotscope 30th October 2017 With Our Psychic Sally

Aries – Page of wands

Your life is ready to open up with fresh creative capabilities dear Aries, are you ready to put your ideas to the test?  You may have a desire within you to grow more and express yourself in new ways, perhaps you’ve recently realised that you have untapped potential and are now ready to make a fresh start.  You’ll likely want to learn more about yourself and others, as you could be buzzing or stimulated by an idea of a challenge, if so you’re ready to grab any new opportunities that come your way.  You may have a flamboyance about you and a new confidence that’s beginning grow and show itself, are you feeling more confident in your abilities?  Do you realise that you have lots of untapped potential and there are many possibilities available to you?  If you can have enough faith in yourself to see a project through to its end, although this will require dedication and commitment, you can have faith in your vision and in your capabilities to complete whatever you want to do with panache and excitement.  There could be an enthusiastic spirit emerging from within you and you may be incredibly keen to express yourself, you could be feeling restless at work or dissatisfied with your path, this restlessness and dissatisfaction is coming from a place of renewal, change is on the horizon and your new ideas and visions you’re having about new possibilities for your life are giving you a glimpse and a hint that you can expand your life in a significant way, although they may seem like fantasy it’s important to take them seriously and nurture these visions as they are harbingers and a great source of inspiration for you to improve your life, gentleness and one step at time in the direction of your dreams will bring you much fulfilment.

Taurus – The hanged man

Every hero sacrifices something to achieve something greater, and there could be choice to be made this week as you may have reached a crossroads this week Taurus.  You may be ready to give up and let go of what is no longer of value to you and ready to choose what is significant and meaningful to you.  You could be willing to give things up that no longer serve you for the future promise of attaining something of greater value.  This sacrifice may increase your faith in life, by giving up something for the promise of attaining something greater will enable to trust in something unseen and spiritual.  Giving up something to gain something else could be the theme this week, it could be a behaviour, a pattern, a mind-set, a person. For example, you may decide to give up drinking alcohol in order to attain greater health and wealth.  What you choose is personal to you but this is a turning point in your life where your focus is reoriented towards your inner world, psychological development and knowledge within is could become more important to you than what exists outside of you.  If you are willing to surrender your ego and accept that there is something greater than your conscious mind, you will be able to let go and trust in the subconscious therefore allowing your wisdom within you to guide you Taurus.  Trusting life and yourself will give you a sense of peace, surrender and let your intuition be your guide this week.

Gemini – Temperance

Gentleness, harmonious and healing vibes.  There could be some healing conversations this week Gemini, bear in mind that when we share our feelings both positive and negative ones, we create space in our heart and we also give others permission to do the same to share their feelings with us.  This may be about balance in relationships of all kinds, friendships, beloved and family ones could be on your to do list for improvement and invigoration.  Friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships may all need your attention.  There’s no need to worry about finding which one it is, you’ll feel it in your heart and you’ll know deep down just the right words to say.  You may be quite the alchemist mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you.  Although, all your relationships are likely to be going quite well for you, you may just want to look at your deeper personal issues and see if these could be standing in your way, and if they are, you’ll find ways to work through them and integrate them.  You’re likely going to be passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams.  You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but remember you need to have peace within yourself first.  Do you have an urge to talk to someone about how you’re feeling?  Has there been some tension in your heart about wanting to get something off your chest?  Perhaps this is the week to express those feelings, if you do Gemini, you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember that communication in all forms leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals.  When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion.  This card is associated with the Goddess of the rainbow Iris, you can channel your inner Goddess of the rainbow by sharing the sunlight and the rain and maybe you’ll create rainbows in your life, the beautiful symbol of harmony.

Cancer – The Magician

Magical manifestation and intense inner power is what can come easily for you this week Cancer.  You are about to you meet your inner guide, they will help you find new ways to develop your manifestation skills and abilities.  The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity.  What visions do you have? What do you want your life to look and feel like? Keep those visions in your minds eye this week and you may start to see the results of conscious creation quicker than you think.  If you don’t have a vision yet, use this week’s energy to access your inner magic, ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, journal, draw paint, create your reality!  There could be a strong desire to begin something new, to ‘do, act, or go forth’. A ‘can-do’ attitude and strong sense of optimism will bring a new beginning and thus the decisions that you make will have positive results.  Harnessing your inner magic could see you creating success in everything that you do.  You may manifest your goals by utilising the skills, tools and resources that are already available to you or create new one entirely! The choice is yours!  This is a good omen when you have a specific wish, when you begin a project involving creativity, or when you need to make a transformation of any kind. This is a great card for meditation when you need to call all the elements for help and wisdom too.  Trust your gut and heart to reveal your magic and inner guide.

Leo – The ace of cups

Boom and bloom in the heart, I love the energy of this week for you Leo!  There is newness and freshness to be felt and experienced in your heart.  Just as the goddess Aphrodite emerged from the beautiful foamy waves and sea, you too will be emerging into a new phase of life.  All Aces signify a new chapter and a deepening of a journey in the heart realm.  Have you been all serious about love, relationships and emotions of late?  If so, this week could show you that it doesn’t all have to be so serious and heavy to be meaningful.  Play dear Leo, Roar let your wildness out to play.  You’ll likely be going through a period of great emotional fulfilment and this is an auspicious time for all close relationships, yeay!  You may feel a sense of peace for reaping the rewards of being in a happy union with your loved one, or if you’re searching for love, you may be feeling jolly about new potentials in love and relationships.  You could be feeling a deep connection with your deep watery depths of your emotions, getting in touch with your inner most feelings will make you feel ready to express yourself creatively in a new way.  Remember this week that creative impulse arises from deep within your soul, try to honour them and bring them to the world dear Leo, even if you don’t usually think of yourself as creative, as Picasso said, “we are all born artists”.  You may find yourself entering a period that is fruitful and rich with possibilities.  You could be beginning a new chapter in your heart and emotional life, your relationships in both the friendship and love arena could have a strong spiritual and emotional quality

Virgo – Eight of Pentacles

Work, work, work, is probably on your mind, with sheer determination and passion you’re likely wanting to channel all of your energies into your work, project, goal.  You can put your talents to good use this week Virgo and you can develop your skills and be incredibly focused.  There is a spirit of enthusiasm and dedication surrounding you that you can take full advantage of by realising that you have not exhausted all of your potentials yet, by believing that you can continue to grow and make things manifest, you will.  You can experience material and emotional satisfaction by recognising that you have a multitude of talents or a specialised skill.  This is a wonderful time to develop a hobby into a profession or dedicate yourself to your craft or to your job.  Perhaps your job isn’t inspiring you at the moment but you do it to the best of your ability and devote yourself to the task at hand, you will slowly improve your quality of work, therefore giving yourself better opportunities in the future.  Whatever you’re focusing on this week , you’ve got finesse and sparkle to get things done wonderfully. 

Libra – Nine of pentacles

Wowee, you’re likely to be feeling fab and happy with yourself for all of your hard work of late, and this isn’t the only thing bringing you immense happiness this week.  You’re probably feeling self-satisfaction, material success, wellbeing and contentment in some way, are you feeling happy with your own personal achievements? have you gained confidence and perhaps gained something of great personal significance?  There is a strong sense of uniqueness and pleasure this week with what you have been able to achieve.  There could be a high level of self-esteem based on the success of your efforts recently.  You may have earned your rewards and this gives you a sense of long lasting satisfaction, maybe you have been successful in completing something of great value and this can lead to material comfort and happiness.  Everything should feel like it’s going to plan, and hopefully you’ll be reaping the rewards of your endeavours therefore giving you feelings of happiness and security.  This card is also about appreciating self-sufficiency and privacy, so there also could be a feeling a deep satisfaction that is coming from your own sense of self and not from the validation of others.  There is perhaps a solid identity that is emerging within you, a feeling of your own unique abilities and the worth of your life, a solitary and self-sufficient enjoyment of good things that does not rely or depend upon anyone else’s agreement or validation to provide pleasure and deep satisfaction.  Take stock of how far you’ve come, celebrate your achievements and give yourself a pat on your back, you rock.

Scorpio – Ten of Wands

Have things been hectic for you lately?  This could be a message for you to take some much-needed time out to rest when you can. Even busy bees have to rest dear Scorpio.  This week you may find that delegating where you can and asking for or accepting help will be helpful for you.  Have you taken on too much recently?  Are you feeling the effects of trying to juggle too much all at once? It’s great to have goals and aspirations but remember that we have to take steps to get there, to try and achieve everything at once and all that you want too quickly could result in exhaustion or even worse burn out.  Please take some time to step back and assess your situation objectively, by having some time out you’ll recuperate from all the hard work and by taking a step back you’ll see things from a different perspective.  There may be a feeling of being overburdened but you’re likely to be able to lighten the load by letting go of some plans for a while.  Once you relinquish some ties you’ll be able to feel more buoyant and optimistic, you may be feeling like you’ve reached a point of exhaustion and can’t go on as you are, or you may be feeling that have too many responsibilities to carry.  What can you delegate this week?  Are you the type of person that would rather struggle to do something alone rather than ask for help?  There’s really nothing wrong with asking for help you know, it shows humility and gives others in our life an opportunity to help and support us. We all like to be helpful and show empathy where we can, may be this week you’ll get to share your load and see how much others would like to help you.  Share what you can, accept what help if offered to you, rest and a good laugh is the best medicine.

Sagittarius – Knight of Swords

It’s all change this week Sagittarius, there’s likely going to be a transformation in your perspective and perhaps some upheaval. You’re entering a mind-expanding time, where everyday patterns can be disrupted and where your life can change dramatically. You’re probably ready to expand your mental faculties and you could even want to move home or suddenly want to leave your job. This card can sometimes mean BIG change is on its way, it can either be a change in our lives with our job, home, relationship status or it can be an inner change, where we think and perceive things radically different, we can suddenly want to break away from what we’ve doing and do something completely different.  There could be an exciting event this week that feels like it’s sweeping you in a new direction, you may even decide to create this event yourself and channel your mental energies into something new and fresh. Your knowledge and intellect are your best friends this week, using these and tapping into their wisdom will help you judge situations objectively and if there’s any conflict to handle you’ll be able to find solutions, any oppositions you may have this week will be like ‘water off a ducks back’ to you, they won’t affect you as you’ll be able to deal with any obstacles swiftly and effectively.  The more rational you can be this week the easier things will be, you’re about to access the power of your mind, things are changing, some questions you could consider are; where do you want to go? what do you want to change?  Remember you’re the architect of your fate, you could find a string charismatic person inspiring this week.

Capricorn – The six of cups

Reflecting on times gone by could reveal some positive ways to move forward this week Capricorn. You may be looking back this week with nostalgia and looking back for treasures of your past, you could be recalling old memories and thinking about how things “used” to be with a fine-tooth comb in your heart.  It’s nice to think about the “good old days” of the happy memories and reflect on them from time to time, but please be mindful that all of your best years haven’t happened yet!  If you feel that your best years are in the past then this could become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  It’s good to look back the past sometimes but remember that you’re not going that way, you’re moving towards the future!  This is a brilliant time this week for creativity, perhaps spending a little time drawing, painting, writing, or scrapbooking will bring you flashes on insight of how to move forward.  Maybe going through some old photos and recalling memories would be helpful so you can remind yourself just how far you’ve come to where you are today.  If you’re in a relationship you may need to turn your focus towards the future, share your goals, dreams and talk about where you want things to be heading.  Maybe try some new things, try not to get stuck in the past.  If you’re single, an old lover from the past could make a re-appearance, think carefully about reigniting an old connection remember that exes are usually “exes” for a reason.  It’s time to take stock of all that’s happened and how you truly feel, you can read the next chapter if you keep rereading the last one.

Aquarius – The High Priestess

Intuition is your best friend this week, you have an inner well of inner wisdom of which you can draw upon Aquarius.  Think of the moon, femininity, inspiration, reflection and introspection you’re embodying this wisdom and all those vibes.  It’s now the time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge this week, and please pay attention to your dreams as they may have some valuable and potent messages for you. Synchronicities are likely to be free flowing and it’s possible that a yummy surprise will be coming your way soon, this may be a new job opportunity or some knowledge previously hidden from view. You may come up with some new ways or processes of doing things that could make your life simpler and less frustrating.  Remember to ignore any dramas and gossip this week, you’re above all that, keep in mind that you’re vibrating higher than any tittle tattle that could be occurring, you can observe it without becoming attached to it this week.  Your mind and being will likely be drawn to gathering and seeking new inspirational information and wisdom.  This can be an enchanting, magical and mystical time for love.  Trust your instincts and use your power wisely as it’s potent this week for you.  Messages can come to you from all sorts of places and in different guises so be sure to look out for those signs and symbols.  You may like to look at your own relationship with spirituality in ways that you have not done before, you could be drawn to strange and esoteric teachings to deepen your growing spirituality.  You might enjoy talking to people whose experiences and beliefs are different than yours.   Gods and goddesses create magic by trusting their inner wisdom.

Pisces – Ten of Cups

Gorgeous uplifting vibes and harmonious joy is likely on its way to you this week Pisces.  You will probably be feeling happy in your family life and feeling like something is nearing completion.  You may have been worrying about a romantic or family relationship of late, but you may realise this week that you really don’t have anything to worry about, yayy!  You’ll hopefully be able to see and feel that you and your loved one are on the same page, finally!  If you’re not currently in a relationship, this card can signify that someone is their way to you.  You can further your chances of future happiness by taking good care of yourself this week, consider your lifestyle, also by choosing good nutrition in food and in the company that you keep could improve your life dramatically for the better this week.  Try to live in the moment and count all of your blessings, remember to notice all of the wondrous the beauty that surrounds you and you’ll attract more wondrous things to you. You will likely be radiating very good energy and exhibiting your positive attitude.  You might feel like sharing your good attitude and vibes with the people around you who are down or who need this positive energy, either way you’ll be giving off the good vibes of spiritual harmony and contentment, hopefully you’ve learnt what joy can come into your life when you value yourself on a deep level.  Ground yourself and reach for the stars.

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