Your Weekly Tarotscope with our Psychic Sally 1st Jan 2018

Aries – Three of Cups 
What a beautiful way to start the new year with a beautiful message from this card. You can expect miracles in love and tenderness from loved ones, there’s so much love in your heart and the blessed ones in your life that feel your sacred loving kindness are so fortunate to have you. This week you can expect to feel appreciated and loved, this could manifest as a profound new way of loving yourself and wonderful new chapter in taking care of you. Either way your tender heart will likely be feeling strong and full of love, you may even have cause for celebration. This week is an important time, as what you begin will have lasting effects.
Taurus – Five of Pentacles
Take some time this week to take stock of what you have in your life. There could be a longing inside for you to walk away from something that you’re involved in, this may leave you feeling a little sad but there is hope as a new beginning is promised. There may also be an element of being unsure what the future holds, that’s okay as sometimes the road ahead of us is uncertain and we grow our trust in the plan the universe has for us. If you can count your blessings this week, and have faith that things will work out for the highest good you will be able to relax and ease any tension you may be carrying. An inner and financial reorientation is possible if you can have faith in yourself and your capabilities, remind yourself that material success doesn’t have to determine your self-worth, self-worth comes first and material success follows.
Gemini – Three of Pentacles
There could be cause some celebration this week as a project may be showing signs of success and appreciation from others. This may be the beginning of this project or idea but the signs are showing you that you’re moving in the right direction. You probably know that there’s further to travel and much more work to be done but it’s incredibly exciting to have a foundation on which you can continue to build upon. It’s important to celebrate each stage of success and achievement as this will buoy you up in the future in moments of uncertainty, it’s also wonderful feel that we have the support from our loved ones and the world. Keep up the good work and prepare yourself for this amazing new year filled with more of ideas and projects coming to fruition.
Cancer – Eight of Wands 
Well, things are likely to be feeling fabulous for you this week, communication will probably be smooth and graceful helping you to go with the flow and enjoy the journey. Things that you may have been worrying about will probably slip away freeing you up to feel lighter and more optimistic, you can release any anxieties this week by going with the flow and trusting that the universe has your back. Perhaps a creative project will seem less daunting and more exciting, or maybe your visions for the future could be exhilarating and hopeful. You’ll be likely able to enjoy yourself more this week due to things feeling smooth and possible, you could even have a burst of energy and feel the need to travel and explore.
Leo – King of Cups 
Your emotional depths could be a great source of inspiration this week. Your past experiences have led you to this point where you can reflect on your life to date and marvel at your resilience and adaptability. Do you know how many people admire you for your emotional intelligence and inner strength? Perhaps you’re coming to a realisation of this currently, maybe you’re understanding that your actions have had an incredible effect on others and have made a lasting impression, you could be giving off trustworthy vibes because you are trusting yourself to make the right decisions. You could be examining your values and ethics this week as you reflect on your traumas and triumphs in a balanced way.
Virgo – King of Pentacles
Making money and doing well at work or in business could be at the forefront of your mind. How much do you value your own capabilities to manifest wealth? What have you been considering recently in terms of generating an income? If you’ve been thinking of an alternative approach in making money the sign of this card is signalling you that it has the potential to succeed. You may have the Midas touch this week enabling you to access wealth in easy and new way, but remember the story of King Midas, he wished for wealth and that everything be turned to gold, his wish was granted and everything he touched turned to gold including his beloved and also food, so he wealthy but sadly he was hungry and lonely. So moving forward with this new year be mindful that you can generate new ways of income and be wealthy but also spending time with family and friends is equally as important as too is eating well and taking good care of yourself.
Libra – The Hermit
Perhaps the huddle and bustle of the festive season has worn you out or maybe work or family gatherings have left you yearning for some quiet time. Either way, there could be a longing for some alone time to gather your thoughts and feelings, you may voluntarily decide to have some time to yourself or perhaps circumstances may impose this on you. This week is an ample time to gather and build up your energy, time alone can be restorative and invigorating if we can make good use of our quiet time to consider what we need and reflect the course of our lives and where we are heading. You have an opportunity this week to build your strength and character by enjoying quiet and solitude, that way when you choose to re-engage with the world you’ll be full of energy and wisdom.
Scorpio – Seven of Pentacles
You could be offered a new venture to consider this week, perhaps you’ve been doing the same thing for a while and you’ve built up a valuable reputation in what you do. This reputation is something to be proud of and could be getting you noticed in all the right ways, with this week being the beginning of a new year you could be contemplating a new direction. Sometimes this card can signify being offered something new and completely different to what we have done before. If this is the case you could be feeling slightly daunted by the idea of moving away from what you know and you’re good at, but bear in mind we are usually given opportunities that match our capabilities and skills. New experiences and chances for growth are possible this week.
Sagittarius – King of Wands
You may be filled with a surge of new and creative ideas this week, this could be incredibly exciting and perhaps cause a little restlessness as you are full of enthusiasm to change your life. You have the capabilities to drastically change your life if you can take the visions you have seriously, visions that we have are sometimes called divine inspiration, they are given to us to help us to believe that we can steadily manifest our visions and dreams. What have you been envisioning recently? What do you want to manifest? You have the panache to sell grand visions to people this week, you have a convincing personality that can charm others into being on board with you and agreeing with you. True inspiring leadership can be yours this week as long you can believe in yourself first and foremost. You’re likely longing for development and growth in your life and with this card you can expect it in your future, new year new you, change within you and your immediate environment is on the cards!
Capricorn – Page of Swords
There’s a delicate new beginning happening in your mind and a new perception is emerging from within you. If there’s been some drama or conflict recently you can expect it to dissipate and dissolve. Sometimes we have drama in our life to get us to shake things up and change our life, there may have been some gossiping occurring that’s forced us to look at things differently. Usually this card points to a development in mental independence and a feeling of wanting to make your own mind up about things and express yourself in your own unique way. You may have become accustomed to accepting the views of others for a quiet life but when this card appears you may be quite fed of going along with others when you don’t agree. You may be subject to another person’s gossip or you may be gossiping about another, if this is the case is a signification of a formulation of your own mental powers, sometimes we have to quarrel or have disturbances to level things, by that I mean it enables us to cut through the crap and be real with yourself and others.
Aquarius – Four of Pentacles
This week is about you considering how much you value yourself and your skills. Have you been giving yourself a hard time recently? Try to give yourself a break this week and be kinder to yourself, nobody is a finished masterpiece we are all a working progress. Perhaps you’re looking for new ways to generate wealth and do better a work, by looking at ways to be generous with your time and energy you can access more abundance. If you hold on too tightly to your resources you could feel stagnation, try to remind yourself how well you’ve done to date, take stock of your achievements and skills, by doing this you can increase your confidence and release any fears you may be holding on to. For instance you may want to consider how much you charge for your services and reflect on the relationship we have with the money we earn, the things we own and how that relates to our own self worth. The beginning of the new year this week is a fecund time to develop your self worth, look for ways to increase your confidence on an inner level.
Pisces – Four of Wands
This week looks to be an exciting one filled with adventure and reward. Whatever you’ve been working on will likely be successful, there could be further to travel and more work to be done but hopefully you have enough faith in yourself to set sail on the next stage of your journey. You may have a supportive tribe or fam around you that is helping you to manifest your desires or you may have inner resources upon which you can draw and manifest your desires independently either way your near future is exciting and there may be cause for celebration. Your visions of a happy and successful future can guide you and keep you on track, make sure to take the time to keep those visions clear perhaps by jotting them don

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