Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 26th Feb 2018

Aries – The Star

You are likely feeling optimistic, hopeful and have more faith in a better future this week. By keeping the faith in your heart that things will improve even when life is challenging will help you to open new doors to your amazing potential. Your most cherished wishes can come true when you are believing in your heart’s desire and when you can have faith that things will work out for the better.

There could be a beautiful positive outlook in your heart and life may be feeling like it’s coming together wonderfully for you. You probably can be justifiably optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, and there may have a been some beautiful new recently that’s making everything brighter and lovelier and shining brightly. Remember that you must continue to open new doors and develop your innate potential, you have lots of wonderful experiences on the horizon.

You may have a renewed sense of purpose this week, and your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith. Are you ready to take a leap and trust? What are you hoping for or wishing for? Your life is opening up, and it is your sense of hope that inspires you to follow your dreams, please keep a wishful heart so the universe can support you and your dreams. If you can have a quiet confidence in your future and not let self-doubt to undermine your ability to trust, the universe can help you more readily. Hold on to hope and optimism, know that unexpected blessings can manifest themselves to help you realise your dreams when you can trust that you have support from the universe. Go forth and shine bright like the star you are.

Taurus – The Empress

You’re the empress, and you’re being encouraged to nourish and nurture the projects you are working on with love, grace and patience this week. Imagine yourself standing in a fecund beautiful garden surrounded by growth and fertility, you are embodying the powerful feminine and receptive maternal vibes, and you can use this to guide you through this powerful phase of growth. Imagine a mother that gracefully tends to her young and sustains a nurturing environment for herself and her loved ones. You’re likely to feel content in your body and environment, nurturing others will be easy and enjoyable for you too.

Is there a project you’ve wanted to create and see manifest? This could be the week that you see it’s fruition, with devotion and careful nurturing you may see it happen quite quickly. Perhaps you’ll feel more sensual and aware of your body too, how do you nurture yourself? Do you listen to the wisdom of your body? There could be an intense experience of feeling the interconnectedness of life, how connected do you feel to the earth and to your body?

The appearance of this card suggests an earthlier phase in your life, maybe you will become aware of your inner mother this week, that inner wisdom that guides us and puts us in touch with our powerful instinctual nature. If we are not in touch with our inner mother it is more difficult to bring anything to fruition, this week you’ll be able to access this and glimpse your own mothering nature. It’s by nurturing yourself that you can ground and root yourself in the here and now, and when you’re in the here and now you feel the peace and serenity within. What do you want to create? What do you want to manifest? Remember it’s devotion and nurturing that give ourselves and things roots to grow big and tall. Show yourself some devotion a motherly love.

Gemini – The Six of Swords

Take a lovely big deep breath dear Gemini as any difficulties are likely to be overcome this week, and hopefully you’ll be moving away from stressful times. Your state of mind has probably been through a transformation recently, and you’re likely to be feeling more peaceful inwardly. Let’s hope that any stresses and strains are now behind you, if they’re still lingering around for you this card being drawn for you is usually a positive sign that things will improve. Have you been thinking about taking a break or going on holiday? If you have this would be a great time to do it, a short break or change of scenery will be most helpful. This doesn’t have to cost money as you can switch electronics off a create a little retreat at home if that’s what you wish. Try to trust that the universe is taking you to where you want to be, and what has been happening is leading you towards greater self-awareness, usually when this card comes up it signifies the person is looking for answers after a time of difficulty, so if you’re looking for answers and deeper understanding you’re likely to find it this week, read your astrology, maybe have a psychic reading done, there’s a pattern deeper than the eye can see and maybe you’ll gain some valuable insight if you look for it. Retreat, take a break, trust that the worst is behind you, things are set to improve, life can be rosy again if you believe it to be so.

Cancer – King of Cups

This week is about you putting yourself first if you can dear Cancer, which could be unusual or tricky for you if you’re used taking care of others needs. Your friendly nature is like a cosy fire that others want to warm their themselves on, and you draw people to you with your kindness, empathy and friendliness. You could see that you are supported by the universe this week, in ways both seen and unseen. Remember to nurture yourself, and please allow others to nurture you! Don’t hesitate to ask for support if you need it and you’ll find other’s jumping at the chance to help you out. Even though you may love being there for others, you could be reaching out for guidance or support for yourself this week and may seek support or help from someone this could be a friend, maybe even a counsellor or gifted healer.

There’s maybe a desire to get in touch with your own feelings and inner world, you have an opportunity to be open and heal past hurts through this process. The card represents a wounded healer, a person that is kind, empathetic, compassionate and friendly, this person is there for others emotionally and helps to heal others in some way. But they sometimes have difficulty healing their own heart, and in offering themselves the energy, they so readily give to others.

This card could signify a great healing is beginning and balance is being gained through self-enquiry alone or with a professional. Through this process you will be able to recognise your own intuitive and creative skills, if you can find a way of channelling these skills into your work and benefiting others, you can immerse yourself in life totally and this is the gift of this card. Go with the ebb and flow of life, let your feelings move through you. You could be supported divinely if you acknowledge your emotions and allow them to guide you.

Leo – Page of Wands

Your life is ready to open up with fresh creative capabilities, are you ready to put your ideas to the test? You may have a desire within you to grow more and express yourself in new ways, perhaps you’ve recently realised that you have untapped potential and are now ready to make a fresh start. You’ll likely want to learn more about yourself and others, as you could be buzzing or stimulated by an idea of a challenge if so you’re ready to grab any new opportunities that come your way. You may have a flamboyance about you and a new confidence that’s beginning grow and show itself, are you feeling more confident in your abilities?

Do you realise that you have lots of untapped potentials and there are many possibilities available to you? If you can have enough faith in yourself to see a project through to its end, although this will require dedication and commitment, you can have faith in your vision and in your capabilities to complete whatever you want to do with determination and excitement. There could be an enthusiastic spirit emerging from within you and you may be incredibly keen to express yourself, you could be feeling restless at work or dissatisfied with your path, this restlessness and dissatisfaction is coming from a place of renewal, as change is on the horizon and your new ideas and visions you’re having about new possibilities for your life are giving you a glimpse and a hint that you can expand your life in a significant way, although they may seem like fantasy it’s important to take them seriously and nurture these visions as they are harbingers and a great source of inspiration for you to improve your life, gentleness and one step at time in the direction of your dreams will bring you much fulfilment. Keep those visions alive and believe you can make them happen.

Virgo – The ten of swords

Something may be coming to an end this week dear Virgo, and you could be feeling shattered by an ongoing and mentally draining circumstance. This may seem doom and gloom, but in fact, a new beginning is promised! You may come to realise this week that you’ve done all you can in this situation and it’s about surrendering and resigning yourself to the fact that things have to change, you have a wonderful opportunity to understand that if you no longer change things, that things can become stagnant and stale, you have to change so that you can continue to grow and develop.

This could be an ending in a state of mind and a perspective that you’ve held onto too tightly or this could be an ending of a relationship that is no longer serving you and your growth or may be even an ending in a particular behaviour that you’ve been partaking in. The time has come to look honestly at your life and the direction it’s heading, ask yourself how can I improve my life? By being honest with yourself you can open up new ways of being, and you’ll find new solutions to problems, this will help you move forward with grace and humility. Learning from your experience will help you to strive forward with greater optimism, the only way is up, you have the power to make a fresh start this week but be mindful of taking good care of yourself in the process. The sun is rising a new chapter has begun, what lessons will you be taking with you? What new things do you want to create? You have the power to create something new, what will you choose?

Libra – Justice

This card is so suited to Libra as one of the symbols on the card Justice is scales. You could be going through a period of weighing things up this week, and you’ll probably want to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly. You have a chance of getting to know yourself more deeply on an intellectual level, and you’re likely to be going through a period of weighing things up or deciding something, there’s an air of balanced wisdom and fairness surrounding you this week. An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions; you’ll want balance and will be striving for this with all of your dealings with others. By looking at things objectively, you’ll have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week.

Trust your gut as your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself, by accepting situations in which you find yourself you’ll cultivate more contentment, honesty, responsibility and humility. If you can resist blaming and try to accept responsibility for any part that you may have played, you will be able to move forward gracefully. Hopefully, you’ll harness the energy of this week and move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment. You will do best by adopting a balanced outlook, by reminding yourself that nobody is perfect, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve any current difficulties, with fairness, truth and balance.

You may have to figure out where your role lies and perhaps make some changes in your strategies, and there could be some sound advice offered to you this week, give it careful consideration before acting. You may also be a moderator of some kind helping others come to a fair resolution, and you’re channelling your inner goddess, Athene, this week, you can expect clarity of vision, impartial judgement and balance to come easily to you.

Scorpio – Eight of Wands

New momentum is happening after a time of delay and struggle, and you can hopefully now move forward and be active and perhaps even travel. You’ve likely unlocked some positive energy by releasing tension and by overcoming obstacles in your path. You’re probably feeling justifiably more confident. This card signifies a release of creative energy after a period of difficulty, you have probably met the challenge of self-doubt and competition, and you’re now rising out of this rough patch with a renewed energy.

Sometimes you may need conflict or delays and struggles in your life to create better and more authentic forms; difficulties are there to be overcome and to teach us lessons on the way. This is a clear stretch of creative, fruitful activity; your imagination can flow unchecked and unrestrained as you’ve resolved and overcome anxieties and tensions.

You are now ready to broaden your vistas, and new people are coming into your life to reflect this expansive time! Take full advantage of his productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, you’ve resolved your anxieties, and you’re all set to focus on the journey ahead. Your future is something to look forward to, and you’re overflowing with a positive expectation of what is way ahead. Things should go smoothly for you this week and you’ll likely feel like the universe has your back.

Sagittarius – The Hanged Man

You could be your own hero this week. Every hero sacrifices something to achieve something greater, and there could be a choice to be made this week as you may have reached a crossroads. You may be ready to give up and let go of what is no longer of value to you and ready to choose what is significant and meaningful to you.

You could be willing to give things up that no longer serve you for the future promise of attaining something of greater value. This sacrifice may increase your faith in life, by giving up something for the promise of attaining something greater will enable to trust in something unseen and spiritual. Giving up something to gain something else could be the theme this week, it could be a behaviour, a pattern, a mindset, a person. For example, you may decide to give up smoking or drinking alcohol to attain greater health and wealth.

What you choose is personal to you, but this is a turning point in your life where your focus is reoriented towards your inner world, psychological development, this is a week where knowledge within could become more important to you than what exists outside of you. If you are willing to surrender your ego and accept that there is something greater than your conscious mind, you will be able to let go and trust in the subconscious, therefore, allowing your wisdom within you to guide you. Trusting life and yourself will give you a sense of peace, surrender and let your gut feelings and inner wisdom be your guide this week.

Capricorn – Knight of Pentacles

You are likely to receive some good news that you’ve been waiting for this week. Try to pay attention to the simple and normal parts of your life though, take care of the little things, and the big things will all fall into place for you. How you handle your affairs can be a grounding exercise helping you to feel more secure and stable. How well are you dealing your responsibilities?

How do you feel about asking for support or help? We are social, supportive and compassionate creatures and we all need help sometimes, it’s lovely to feel the emotional reward of helping another too. There could be a wise person that offers you some support, guidance or sound advice this week. Finances could improve this week too as money may be coming to you very soon, and it could come from anywhere. It may be through a raise, a win, an inheritance, keep an eye out for it. Whatever happens, you’re likely to want to just crack on with what needs doing, and you’ll have the support of the universe to work through your to do list and tick a lot of them off and perhaps even all of your to do list will be taken care of.

How is your winding down going? Are you getting enough rest and sleep? Perhaps exercise, and eating healthy foods have been on your mind? You don’t have to go through difficult health regime to feel better. Remember that small and positive steps will most likely be the kind of change that you can live with and work into your routine. Ground yourself to feel more secure and stable, being practical will help you to handle things with grace and stamina.

Aquarius – The Magician

Magical manifestation and inner power are what is expected of you this week. You are about to you meet your inner guidance in a new way and develop your manifestation skills and abilities. The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. Do you have a vision of what you’d like your life to look and feel like? If you do, keep that vision in mind this week, and you may start to see the results of conscious creation quicker than you think.

If you don’t have a vision yet, use this week’s energy to access your inner magic, ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, journal, draw paint, create your reality. There could be a strong desire to begin something new. A ‘can-do’ attitude and a strong sense of optimism will bring a new beginning and thus the decisions that you make will have positive results.

By harnessing your inner magic, you could see yourself creating success in everything that you do. You may more easily manifest your goals by utilizing the skills, tools and resources that are already available to you. This is a good omen when you have a specific wish, when you begin a project involving creativity, or when you need to transform. This is also a great card for meditation when you need to call all the elements for help and wisdom too. Trust your magic and your inner guide.

Pisces – Queen of Cups

You are ready to encounter the depths of your soul; your intuition is intense, and your feelings are clear as water this week. When you are immersed in life and your inner world, you have a mystical quality about you, and your sensitivity and gentleness will make you loved and adored. You can nurture yourself and others this week. Therefore you draw people to you that are ready to connect to their inner world.

You may be ready to express your innermost feelings to the world, and you may find that you have amazingly creative and artistic skills that are about to be unleashed. You could be at a point in life where your maturity and foresight will help you make decisions that are beneficial to you. You may be getting in touch with the unfathomable depths of your feelings this week. Female’s in your life could be incredibly supportive of you, and you may find that you feel they are “in your corner,” you’re rallying this tribe around you because you’ve been treating yourself with love and compassion.

Hopefully, you know that, no matter who you are, that you are worthy of love and respect. You’re likely to bring love and compassion to your work, by thinking positively. If you’re loved up in a relationship, you’re probably feeling good and have very positive outlook on your relationship. If you are single, you could benefit from going out and mingling in environments you feel good in as a new, very positive, romance may be on the horizon for you. Remember to keep your balance by checking in with your feelings, if it feels good it’s a positive indicator for you.