Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally

Aries – The Magician

Wow, you are likely feeling your super powers this week!  There could be some magical times ahead filled with incredible majestic vibes.  Are you feeling the awesomeness that is you?  The magician tells us that we have domain over our lives, that we are the architects of our fate and that we can manifest our desires.  What have you been desiring to manifest recently?  Have you seen some of your wishes come to fruition?  You’re probably going to see how quickly those wishes will come true this week, remember the key to manifesting our hopes is to feel it in our heart and being.  To get to grips with the witchy and wizardry power you’re emulating this week, ground yourself daily, a simple way to do this is being barefoot whenever possible, feeling the soles of your feet against the earth is an instant grounder, also wearing the colour red the colour of our root chakra will enable you to feel secure and rooted whilst flying high in your imagination manifesting your hopes and wishes.   Seek out your tribe this week, spend time with folks that resonate with your desires, you could be eager to expand your life in many ways, having a supportive group around you will give you the confidence to soar and create magic wherever you go.

Taurus – Page of Cups

Beautiful vibes for you this week, delicate new beginnings with a wonderous loving theme.  The page of cups tells us that we must take care of ourselves wholeheartedly to experience the love we truly hope for.  How is your self-care and self-love routine going?  Could you add some more loving experiences into your life?   The word routine can have some negative connotations for some, it may seem heavy as if we are obliged to do something but essentially, it’s a ritual.  We all have rituals but may not see them as such, for instance eating a meal at a certain time of the day is a ritual.  This week you’re likely to be introducing some new rituals into your life, you may decide to create a gratitude journal or every morning when you wake up, say at least 5 kind things about yourself to yourself.  You are probably already beginning to be kinder and more loving towards yourself and that is creating more loving experiences in your life.  If you’re currently in a relationship, this week could see your union becoming sweeter and more loving, because you’re loving yourself your partner will respond to that in kind and love you even more, with their actions and words.  If you’re single, this week could see a potential lover making themselves known to you in some way, there may be some exciting messages exchanged and perhaps a date!  This card can also manifest as having loving experiences with friends and family too, it’s a week of heartfelt bliss, but remember it starts with you, when you love you the whole world and universe responds with love too.

Gemini – Page of Pentacles

Growth and expansion are expected this week, projects you’ve been working on begin to grow shoots and you show the world your amazing potential.  Oh, how you’ve been ploughing away and working hard Gemini!  Well done you, for all your effort and congratulations for what you have achieved, you are likely to receive recognition for your skills and abilities this week.  The page of Pentacles tells us that what we have been working hard towards can bear fruit when we can meet the challenges of self-doubt and competition and rise above any obstacles.  The faith you are demonstrating is keeping you buoyant and optimistic, helping you to focus and commit to your work.  This week can see your family and friends celebrating your work in some way, you could be acknowledged by someone you hold in high esteem.  You are likely to be feeling good about you and what you do and from this inner feeling you can expect your outer world to reflect this.  You may also be beginning a new project that holds great potential and this too could be something you’re celebrating.  Either way, you are probably going to be immersed in life this week, feeling good about what you bring to the table.  You could be brimming with ideas and inspiration and keen to put them into action, you’re likely to be feeling excited about manifesting your dreams and you may want to plan how you’re going to do make them come true.  Everything is possible this week and you’re magnetised by your goals and ambitions.

Cancer – The Wheel of Fortune

Change baby!!  Yep, that’s the one thing we can count on, that everything in life is subject to change, so what are you changing this week?  It could be a change of routine, perhaps you’re committing to your well-being in a new way, or maybe you’re rolling your sleeves up and getting on with what you know needs to be done.  This week promises to be a new beginning in your perspective and in your approach to everyday matters and priorities.  Have you been letting your priorities slip to the wayside recently?  If so, you can probably count on that changing this week, you’re likely to be geared up to make some positive changes and show yourself what you can do.  You may receive some unexpected support from the universe to help you attain your goals in some way, when you can commit and dedicate yourself to the task at hand the universe can deliver people, resources, money, support in untold ways.  Somebody that you’d love to impress could see you in a positive light and this could propel you to do more and keep up the good work.  The wheel of fortune tells us that change is healthy and keeps us from stagnating, so embrace this week’s energies and go with the winds of change.  Things that you initiate this week could last long into the future, so be mindful of what you’re doing, this isn’t a good time to rest on your laurels, there’s work to be done and a new mindset to be gained.  If you can keep positive in your outlook and focus on one thing at a time you’ll find you can achieve more than you planned to and hoped for.  Look for new ways of doing things, choose wisely in regard to your health, eat nutritious foods that give you energy and stay hydrated, that way you can make the most of this week and finish the week feeling fabulous and perhaps even treat yourself to some choccy cake or some bubbly for all your hard work.

Leo – King of Swords

Organisation is your super power this week.  What are you wanting to sort out and organise?  You have likely got a substantial to do list and an urge to tick them all off.  The king of swords tells us that we have the capabilities to achieve our desired outcomes regarding our plans and commitments.   You’re probably taking your responsibilities seriously this week and have a yearning to plan and organise yourself effectively.  You have a mental clarity and sound judgement this week, this will stand you in good stead for a potential leadership role and in making beneficial decisions.  You may have to detach yourself from emotional situations so that you can keep your mind clear and unbiased, in doing this you could find that a new perspective is born, one that allows you to be more objective.  You could see yourself being rational and diplomatic this week, using your intellect and logic will help you to navigate smoothly.  You could see that being impartial helps you to be fair and reasonable, helping you get along with others brilliantly.  You are likely to be looking for smart ways to do things, and this week promises to be a week where you can work smarter rather than harder.  You may be drawn to research knowledge to sharpen your intellect and guide toward future happiness, you could also be transfixed on rules in someway and expect others to adhere to rules.  This week could also see you getting clear on your ethics and values, you may realise something about yourself that changes the way you perceive yourself and the world, you may be seen as a pillar of strength and some may seek your advice.  You have the power, authority and focus to attain your goals this week if you can focus on your rational judgement and use your intellect.

Virgo – Seven of Pentacles

Looking at what you’ve achieved and thinking about the long term could be the theme of this week.  Perhaps you’re looking at the value of what you do and thinking about investing your time and energy wisely.  You could have a decision to make related to work that may require some patience and commitment.  You may be thinking that it is time to decide whether to stay on the tried and tested path or venture in a completely new direction.  You can decide to stay on the path you’ve already built, and this is safe but perhaps stagnating, or you can go in a new direction and open yourself up to life, this choice might be scary as you don’t know the outcome but if you ignore this new possibility you could be ignoring divine intervention.  The seven of pentacles tell us that we can see results for our efforts if our heart and soul is in what we are doing, it can also mark a period of frustration where you don’t know where to channel your energies.  It may be wise to pause for a while and consider things and think over any implications of developing your own potential.  You may need to put in some consistent effort and work your practical skills for your plans to come to fruition.   As long as you can keep your focus and maintain your commitment you will eventually see your plans materialise.  You may already know that have to act in order to reap the rewards of your labours and you are likely ready to get on with the task at hand, although it may seem like you’re stalling to others, you are likely to be wanting to make sure that what you’re doing has long term longevity.  If you are experiencing any frustrations this week, try to be grateful for what you have and be in the present as much as possible, trust and know that the hard work and effort you’re putting in will pay off eventually.

Libra – King of Pentacles

Money, money money!  Is it on your mind?  Perhaps wealth, status or abundance are on your mind too?  The king of pentacles tells us that you have the skills, capabilities and determination to succeed and create all the wealth that you desire, but he also warns us of the danger of focusing too much on that particular area of life.  If we focus too much on attaining wealth, abundance, status, we can neglect the more nourishing areas of life.  For instance, spending time with our loved one, family and friends is abundant living and enjoying a nutritious meal is another form of abundance.  You could receive some sound advice from someone that you view as firmly established and perhaps you even look up to them in some way, you are likely to take their advice as you would maybe like to emulate them.  Perhaps you have recently been successful in a business venture and feel an urge to be generous with others with your time, energy or money.  This week is tinged with success and ambition, it seems you have all the goods to achieve your goals with panache and authority.  You may feel cause for celebration and revel in your accomplishments thus far.   You can expect to deal with your tasks this week with efficiency and skill, you could be conscientiously and methodically working hard, knowing that you’re continuing to build your empire in some way.  You are oozing leadership vibes and those who work with you will be inspired by your actions, you may also be reflecting on all you’ve been through to get where you are today.  Know that you can succeed this week by focusing on quality rather than quantity, you can make your life more pleasurable when you can spend what you’ve earned and enjoy simple but incredibly nourishing things like spending time with loved ones.

Scorpio – The Moon

Psychic powers and deep intuition this week.  How have your dreams been of late?  You may have some unusual dreams this week that are full of messages to guide you toward greater clarity and optimism.  You may be feeling quite uncertain about a particular area of your life, and perhaps you have mixed emotions about a situation or person, try not to worry as you’ll receive all the messages you need this week to help you see things more clearly.  You may experience some feelings that you thought you had gotten over or long forgotten, when this happens it usually means that we have some things unprocessed or perhaps even something we need to purge and release.  If you feel like crying, cry, express your emotion by honouring the feelings and be kind and gentle with yourself in the process.  Sometimes this card can symbolise anxieties coming to the surface, arising into our awareness so that we can see them and find a remedy for them.  Your psychic powers will be on top form this week and you’ll likely have a hunch about situations and perhaps choose to spend more time alone this week to focus more on your inner world.  The moon tells us that when we become aware of our shadowy and watery depths we become more whole, this week promises to bring fullness and completion.  You could put an end to a long-standing block in your life and have a flash of insight into how overcome anxiety, fear or blockage.  You may go through this week feeling things deeply, but this will lead you toward greater fulfilment and wholeness, as the moon symbolises the unconscious where all great art and inspiration is born, you may feel inspired to listen more deeply to your inner promptings and let your intuition guide you through the uncertainty.  This week promises to be one of great self-discovery if you can let go of negative self-talk and interpret the messages from your inner-self.  Dreams and symbolism can be great awakeners and give you great insight into your future.

Sagittarius – The Devil

Where are you feeling stuck, restricted or restrained in life?  You’ll likely be feeling like you want to break free and perhaps change the way you do things this week.  There may be some things that are bringing some frustration in your life, could they be fears or inhibitions?  There could be some unhealthy behaviour, you may have gotten yourself into a pattern or rut and want to make some changes.  Relax though as it’s not all dark and gloomy as the light is being shone in the darkness and it’s leading you towards a happier future.  This is a good time to look honestly at yourself and realise that none of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect!  By owning your darkness and shadow, by that I mean acknowledging the dark parts of ourselves that we deny and repress that are there, such as lust, greed and envy.  If we disown these parts of ourselves we project them onto other people so that we don’t have to deal with it ourselves, this tends to cause more trouble in lives and creates problems and havoc, but if you can dare to acknowledge all that you are, you can unlock parts of yourself and a huge amount of positive energy can be released!  We are all made up of good and bad, light and dark, we need to integrate all parts of our nature to lead us to a happy and fulfilling life, so the message is, if you can accept your own human failings and mistakes, you are more likely to be more accepting of others and yourself.  This is the time to expect new insights and release any blockages that are hindering your growth, this can help you to feel freer and allow you to develop your amazing potential.  You may feel like outside influences are running the show in some way but the devil tells us that we are in control of our lives, it is sometimes easier to complain about something or blame someone else for our unhappiness.  The devil shows us that we have the power to change our life, look at what’s holding you back, what unhealthy habits are contributing to a negative life cycle?  You have the strength to make positive change this week if you can be honest with yourself and free yourself from self-sabotaging behaviour.

Capricorn – The World

Balance and wholeness is the theme for you this week.  The world tells us that we have all the resources and abilities we need to foster happiness and growth in our life.  You can expect success, achievement and realisation of a goal.  You can achieve success and obtain goals by just keeping your focus and determination.  You may have lots to be triumphant about, you could have successfully brought something to a conclusion recently, you may have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for.  You portray an image of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony to those around you and you could be a great source of inspiration for people in your life.  You could have reached a peak time in your life, you could be feeling justifiably pleased with yourself about how you’re coping and managing everything.  There may be something coming to fruition and are likely able to enjoy feeling successful. You may have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time.  You can create more of these positive experiences by having faith that you’ll be given exactly what you need.  You could have a desire to expand your understanding of the world and acquire greater self-knowledge.    You are likely bringing harmony to parts of yourself that were in conflict, you’re could feeling more whole and complete than you have felt in a while, and this will encourage you to continue to grow and change.  You may be offered an opportunity to travel and expand your vistas.  A new beginning is promised as a completion of a particular cycle occurs, you may have cause for celebration in acknowledging all you’ve achieved to get where you are today.

Aquarius – Eight of Wands

There’s freedom and flowing sunshine guiding your path ahead, there could have been some darkness and perhaps some unsettling feelings recently, you may have been feeling strained and stressed, but finally, things are going to better.  There’s new momentum after a time of delay and struggle, you can now hopefully begin to move forward and be active and travel. You may have unlocked some positive energy by releasing tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying, you’re likely understanding that by overcoming obstacles in your path you can begin to feel more confident and self-assured.  Focus on how good it will feel when you reach your destination.  This could be a release of energy after a period of difficulty, you may have met the challenge of self-doubt and competition and perhaps you’re now rising out of this rough patch with a renewed energy.  Keep telling yourself that you deserve this new life that’s on the horizon.   Sometimes you need conflict in your life to create better and more authentic forms, be mindful that difficulties are there to be overcome and to teach us lessons on the way.  This could be a clear stretch of creative and fruitful activity where your imagination can flow unchecked and unrestrained, if you’ve resolved and overcome anxieties and tensions.  You could be ready to broaden your vistas and new people may be coming into your life to reflect this expansive time!  Take full advantage of this productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, once you’ve begun to resolve your anxieties you can be all set to focus on the new journey ahead.  Your future can be something to look forward to and you may be overflowing with positive expectation of what lies ahead for you, remember that you’ve come so far, and your rewards are within reach, just keep your focus on the finish line.   Expect to be busy and things to move forward at a rapid rate, this is a productive time where you can accomplish a lot and be full of enthusiasm and excitement about where you’re heading.

Pisces – The Sun

Radiance, joy and optimism are drawing positive experiences to you this week.  You may have been through a period of darkness and uncertainty, this could have been tough because things were in a state of flux and change.  You can expect things to become clearer and you can bring order to your life, you may have a renewed sense of optimism and you could be feeling full of energy to pursue your ambitions.  You will radiate warmth and well-being and others want to bask in your glorious light, you will likely have clear visions for the future and the foresight to move forward.  You will intuitively know that you are on course and heading in the right direction this week by trusting your visions and life’s bounty.  Your emerging positive attitude will help you to fully enjoy life, hopefully you realize that by maintaining a positive outlook you are increasing your chances of future happiness and contentment.  You are likely learning more everyday how to love and accept yourself and this is what is making you radiate warmth and well-being.  Shine brightly and joy and positivity will surely follow, seeing the lighter side of life could put a spring in your step and give you the energy and vitality you’ve been hoping for.  You could find yourself wanting to give all you’ve got to a project or situation and by immersing yourself in life this way will magnify your luck and draw positive and fortunate experiences toward you.  The sun tells us that simple pleasures and enjoying life are our birthright, go out and bask in the glory of your life, fire yourself up with enthusiasm to follow your passions.