Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 4th December 2017

Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic sally 4 December 2017

Aries – Queen of Wands

There’s no place like home and keeping the hearth of your home warm this week.  You’re likely to be in a place of contentment and happy to tend to home matters, family and feeling secure this week.  You may be feeling quite generous and decide to treat your nearest and dearest to a home cooked meal lovingly prepared to nurture and sustain the people you love.  You may be feeling quite powerful and confident too as you can see and feel how you take care of many things with grace and talent.  Many people around you are likely to find you a great source of inspiration, expect admiration from your loved ones and fans, that you manage to juggle multiple responsibilities, yet you find the time to follow your own passions and hobbies.  You’re like a warm fire that others feel cosy and safe around, you may also be privy to some news this week that lights up your heart and helps you to feel openhearted and warm inside.  Hopefully, you can bask in the love and admiration of family and friends and feel the strength and power emerging from within you.

Taurus – Three of cups

There’s probably something to celebrate this week, your heart will likely be overflowing, and you will hopefully feel gratitude for how you’re feeling and for what you’re experiencing.  Remember that you’ve been through a lot to reach this point so be sure to look around and keep on counting those blessings!  You know the rule, count the blessings and you’ll have more to count!  It’s wonderful if you’re in the mood for sharing the love you feel and if you are, that’s going to attract more loving experiences to you.  Rejoice and soak up the happiness that surrounds you, you could be ready to make a commitment to the future and this may bring you great fulfilment to solidify your feelings and intentions.  You are hopefully beginning to heal: emotionally, spiritually and physically.  There’s something within you that wants to have faith in the future and believe that everything will turn out for the best, and what a beautiful feeling that is, to trust you deserve goodness and happiness.  You may be now ready to express yourself and grow in new ways, follow your good vibes this week, trust your heart.

Gemini – Ace of Pentacles

Abundance, what does this word mean to you?  Is there an area of your life you hope for more abundance in?  It could be that you hope for a relationship, more money, a bigger home.  There’s good news this week, as this card heralds a new and fresh perspective on abundance for you, it could be your home, finances, career and status for instance.  You could be offered a promotion and increase in salary or given recognition for your efforts of late.  This is all fab but there may be something even better on the horizon for you, have you been dreaming of a new project recently?  What insights have you had regarding your finances and career?  This card showing up is a positive omen that things are looking up and are set to improve, you may be considering starting a new business, or perhaps starting a new job or founding a home or decorating it. Either way, this week you’re likely to be seeing your life differently with a fresh and excitingly new perspective, this is an optimal time to give your skills and abilities expression, manifest your capabilities let the world see your greatness and your life will be all the richer for it.  Whatever you focus on this week, you’re likely to dedicate yourself to it wholeheartedly, using your ingenuity and having persistence will help you use all your resources productively.  Expect a boost in your self-worth and a strong family life this week, when you believe in you and behave accordingly the universe will follow suit. Shine bright like a diamond.

Cancer – Ace of Swords

Wow! Your mind is sharp this week.  This should hopefully give you some reprieve from the deep watery emotions you usually feel.  Clarity and rationality should come with ease and help you make quick and sensible decisions.  You may have a sudden realisation and you could want to change the way you do things.  You have the ability this week to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace.  Conflicts may be necessary to force you to look for new solutions to old problems, but you will be filled with strength and will be prepared to fight for what you believe in.  Your mental powers are awakening, and this process of awakening will help you to develop your mental faculties.  You have the ability to plan ahead, structure your days, get into a routine and think logically, so do it whilst you have this energy supporting you!  If you are committed to truth and are prepared to face difficulties, you can handle it all with strength and inner fortitude, because you have a strong sense that a resolution will be achieved.  You may have an upsurge of mental energy which gives your intellect a controlled edge, this is a new beginning where you are ready to act and be decisive.  You may feel an overwhelming urge to think logically and act in a responsible and fair-minded way, you can involve yourself in a new form of study and do well at work, anything you can use your excellent intellect in you will do well at this week.

Leo – Justice

You have a chance of getting to know yourself more deeply this week, you’re likely to be going through a period of weighing things up or deciding something, there’s an air of balance wisdom and fairness surrounding you this week and you’ll probably want to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly.  An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions, you’ll want balance and you will be striving for this with all of your dealings with others.  By looking at things objectively you’ll have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week.  Trust your gut as your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself, by accepting the situation in which you find yourself you’ll cultivate more honesty, responsibility and humility.  If you can resist blaming others and try to accept responsibility for any part that you have played, you will be able to move forward gracefully, hopefully, you’ll harness the energy of this week and move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment.  You will do best by adopting a balanced outlook, by reminding yourself that nobody (including you) is perfect, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve any current difficulties, with fairness, truth and balance.

Virgo – The Fool

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?  You could say that you’re starting completely new book in terms of your outlook and attitude to life.  The Fool is always a huge indicator of a new adventure, so what are you beginning?  What’s new with you?  There will likely be purity and open-hearted feelings this week almost like the energy of an excitable child!  Maybe these new beginnings have some deeper spiritual meaning for you, you could be starting a meditation practice or a new relationship, whatever is beginning for you when you get this card a fresh start is promised.  You may have urges this week to go off on your own and experience things and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure to discover!  You’re likely to feel quite buoyant this week, full of excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you.  This could be a fantastic time for your love life whether you’re single or coupled as lots of fun seems to be on the horizon.   Try to be present in the moment and make the most of any opportunities that come your way, positive thinking is important this week, but it should be fairly easy for you to do. You’re likely to have desires to try out lots of different things this week and there’s nothing wrong with exploring.  You may also have a powerful yearning to get deeper knowledge about spirituality, pay attention to what you’re drawn to this week and listen to your intuition it’s guiding towards broader vistas!  Embrace this exciting time of self-discovery, you could be rewarded for some bold moves this week.

Libra – The Devil

You’ll likely be wanting to break free and perhaps change the way you do things this week.  There may be some things that are bringing some frustration in your life, could they be fears or inhibitions?  They may even be some unhealthy behaviour that you’re exhibiting, you may have gotten yourself into a pattern or rut and want to make some changes.  Relax though, it’s not all dark and gloomy as the light is being shone in the darkness and it’s leading you towards a happier future.  This is a good time to look honestly at yourself and realise that none of us are perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect!  By owning your darkness and shadow, by that I mean acknowledging the dark parts of ourselves that we deny and repress that are there, such as lust, greed and envy.  If we disown these parts of ourselves we project them onto other people so that we don’t have to deal with it ourselves, this tends to cause more trouble in lives and creates problems, but if you can dare to acknowledge all that you are, you can unlock parts of yourself and a huge amount of positive energy can be released!  We are all made up of good and bad, light and dark, we need to integrate all parts of our nature to lead us to a happy and fulfilling life, so the message is, if you can accept your own human failings and mistakes, you are more likely to be more accepting of others and yourself.  This is the time to expect new insights and release any blockages that are hindering your growth, this can help you to feel freer and allow you to develop your amazing potential. Go for it, unleash your wild side.

Scorpio – The Hierophant

You have the chance to converse with spirit in a profound way this week.  There could be part of you that is seeking answers to philosophical and spiritual questions, by enquiring within you’ll find a deeper meaning to everything this week.  Have you been pondering your existence and your place in it recently?  What do you feel your vocation is?  Has your vocational calling changed?  You could enlist the help of a powerful healer, skilled counsellor, priest or spiritual guide, to help you traverse your inner landscape, by enquiring within you can find the answers that you seek whether you do this alone or with a guide you’re likely to have many insights this week.  You could be asking yourself some deep and meaningful questions about the grand scheme of life and the purpose of life and about why you’re here.  It’s interesting to note that the ancient word for priest is ‘ponifex’ meaning the maker of bridges.  You have opportunities this week to access your inner priest and walk across the bridge from your conscious mind to your subconscious mind where communication with your source happens.  You may decide to place yourself in environments that are quiet and perhaps close to nature so that you can hear this wisdom more clearly.  There may even be a desire to change your personal philosophy or learn some ancient spiritual teaching, this week is tinged with spiritual vibes for you and I’m hoping that you use this time to gain some deeper knowledge about yourself.  Remember that by becoming more spiritually aware you will have greater peace of mind whilst enabling you to grow and progress further.

Sagittarius – The Wheel Of Fortune

You could be experiencing the wheel of change this week, life may be beginning to look and feel very different.  What’s transforming for you?  Are you feeling the changes around you?  You could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this time.  One thing we can count on in life is change and you are most likely embracing this season of change.  Remember you are the architect of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires.  So, what are you focusing on?  Be mindful that what you focus on with your imagination and emotions you quickly manifest and create.  This card heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new chapter in your book of your life and it is up to you determine if this will be a positive or negative experience.  You are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make choices and this will make you feel empowered.  If you try to stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow as an individual. You are able to gather positive momentum this week if you can embrace change, and let go of the past and move forward with grace.  This week could see you probing behind the curtain of consciousness to find out more about the meaning of life.

Capricorn – The Lovers

You’re likely to be thinking about making a choice in regards to a love relationship this week. If you’re single perhaps you’re consdiering a potential new relationship, if you’re in a union you may be mulling over what this relationship means to you.  Perhaps you will be making a personal sacrifice by coming to a comprimise, but relationship matters are what you’re thinking about this week.  You may be faced with a sigificant choice regarding a love.  Questions could arise within you about why you chose to enter into this relationship, you may have to choose between love and passion or security and stability.  You could be in two minds about an emotional commitment, you may be feeling torn and unsure about what decision to take.  Some careful consideration of what you stand to gain and lose could be required before you can make a final decision, it’s a positive card as it implies that through meeting any challenges in any relationship, you will ultimately learn more about yourself.  When you choose to be in a relationship with another, you are subconsciously agreeing to be more like this person, as your choices in love mirror back to you your values, because your choices mirror back to you the kind of person you wish to be.  So the question this week you could ask yourself is who do you want to be?

Aquarius – The Two of Pentacles

It’s all about balance for you this week!  You’re likely to be positively trying to keep two areas of your life in balance, it could be love and work or money and health for example.  You may need reorganise things so that you’re not paying attention to so many things at once. Multi-tasking is not your pal this week, you need to cut down on some things you are doing so that you can focus on your two main priorities.  At work or a project, you’re working on, you may benefit from taking a risk, sharing your ideas or giving them a go could go down beautifully for you.  If you’re in relationship, you and your love may be having problems finding the energy and time for each other, be sure that your relationship is high on your priority list for optimal happiness this week.  If you’re looking for love, maybe it’s wise to ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship?  You don’t have to be perfect, but you do have to be prepared to create the energy, space and time for romance.

Pisces – Queen of Cups

You could be ready to encounter the depths of your soul, as your intuition is intense, and your feelings are clear as water this week.  When you are immersed in life and your inner world, you have a mystical quality about you, and your sensitivity and gentleness make you loved and adored.  You can nurture yourself and others this week, therefore you draw people to you that are ready to connect to their inner world.  You may be ready to express your innermost feelings to the world, and you may find that you have amazing creative and artistic skills that are about to be unleashed.  You could be at a point in life where your maturity and foresight will help you make decisions that are beneficial to you.  You may be getting in touch with the unfathomable depths of your feelings this week.  Emotionally intelligent people in your life could be incredibly supportive of you and you may find that you feel they are “in your corner,” remember though that you’re rallying this tribe around you because you’ve been treating yourself with love and compassion and the world is reflecting your inner world.  Hopefully you know that, no matter who you are, that you are worthy of love and respect.  You’re likely to bring love and compassion to your work, by thinking positively.  If you’re loved up and in a relationship, you’re probably feeling good and have very positive outlook about your relationship. If you are single, you could benefit from going out and mingling in environments you feel good in as a new, very positive, romance may be on the horizon for you.  Remember to keep your balance by checking in with your feelings, if it feels good it’s a positive indicator for you.

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