Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 5th February 2018

Aries – Nine of Pentacles

You’re likely to be feeling fab and happy with yourself for all of your hard work of late, and this probably isn’t the only thing that’s bringing you immense happiness this week. You’re probably feeling self-satisfaction, material success, wellbeing and contentment in some way, are you feeling happy with your own personal achievements of late?

Have you gained confidence and perhaps gained something of great personal significance? There is a strong sense of uniqueness and pleasure this week with what you have been able to achieve. There could be a high level of self-esteem based on the success of your efforts recently too. You may have earned your rewards, and this gives you a sense of long-lasting satisfaction, maybe you have been successful in completing something of great value, and this can lead to material comfort and pleasure for you. Everything should feel like it’s going to plan, and hopefully, you’ll be reaping the rewards of your endeavours, therefore, giving you feelings of happiness and security a plenty.

This card is also about appreciating self-sufficiency and privacy, so there also could be a feeling of deep satisfaction that is coming from your own sense of self and not from the validation of others. There is perhaps a solid identity that is emerging within you too, a feeling of your own unique abilities and the worth of your life, a solitary and self-sufficient enjoyment of good things that does not rely or depend upon anyone else’s agreement or validation to provide pleasure and deep satisfaction. Take stock of how far you’ve come fabulous Aries, celebrate your achievements and give yourself a pat on your back, you totally rock!

Taurus – Two of cups

Things are likely to be going well for you this week. There is hopefully loads of love around you and you’re likely to be feeling more loved, cared for, and content, yaayy!! You are likely to be appreciated at work too and hopefully feeling more comfortable there, even if you don’t particularly like your job you’ll find ways this week to see things in a more enlightened and balanced way. If you’re looking for a job then this can mean that you’ll find a fulfilling one soon.

If you’re in a relationship at the moment, this card signifies true love, a balanced partnership, and commitment from both of you. Real feelings of solidity, security and partnership are on their way to you, and there is potential for true love and affection here. If you are looking for love, it is incredibly likely on its way to you very soon. This card can also mean a balance of opposites and friendship, and perhaps your friends are the source of your joy this week, either way you can expect to be feeling joyful, relaxed and appreciated.

Gemini – Queen of Swords

You can expect to feel incredibly strong and independent this week, showing courage in adversity will give you a huge sense of self-reliance. You may have learnt a great deal from your unhappiness from the past and your ability to stand alone in the face of disappointments has likely given you amazing resilience. You can have the capabilities to judge situations fairly and with unbiased opinions, you are wise due to the difficulties you’ve been through.

You’ve probably got yourself through rough patches by focusing on work, education and business recently, which is amazing as you are showing yourself and others that you’re intelligent, talented and clear-thinking, but be careful not to cut yourself off from intimacy and loving relationships by focusing solely on these things, life is about balance, but you know that Gemini! You could seem aloof and cold-hearted to others by not showing emotion and admitting your imperfections, sometimes we can unknowingly reject life as a sort of defence against fear, but part of being human is being vulnerable to emotional hurt.

By seeking perfection in others and in yourself will create problems in your life, others in your life are showing you how to value yourself in a humble way. So remember that no-one is perfect and has everything together, if you give yourself an opportunity to see things from an alternate perspective, you could feel that you are expanding your consciousness and improve your quality of life too.

Cancer – The High Priestess

Intuition is your best friend this week, you have an inner well of inner wisdom of which you can draw upon at any time, you could liken it to having your guardian angel on speed dial! Think of the moon, what it represents, femininity, inspiration, reflection and introspection, you’re embodying this magical wisdom and all those vibes. It’s now the time to rely on your intuition and your inner knowledge this week, you may have doubted this is the past but this week you’ll trust your inner guide.

Pay attention to your dreams as they may have some valuable and potent messages for you. Synchronicities are likely to be free flowing and it’s possible that a fabulous surprise will be coming your way soon, this may be a new job opportunity, or some knowledge that’s previously hidden from view. You may also come up with some new ways or processes of doing things that could make your life simpler and less frustrating. Ignore any dramas and gossip this week, you’re above all that, keep in mind that you’re vibrating high, you can observe things without becoming attached to it this week. Your mind and being will likely be drawn to gathering and seeking new inspirational information and wisdom too.

This can be an enchanting, magical and mystical time for love. Trust your instincts and use your power wisely as it’s magical and potent this week. Messages can come to you from all sorts of places and in different guises so be sure to look out for those signs and symbols. You may like to look at your own relationship with spirituality in ways that you have not done before, you could be drawn to strange and esoteric teachings to deepen your growing spirituality. You might enjoy talking to people whose experiences and beliefs are different than yours. Gods and goddesses create magic by trusting their inner wisdom, go and get creating!

Leo – The Star

You are likely feeling optimistic, hopeful and have more faith in a better future this week. By keeping the faith in your heart that things will improve even when life is challenging will help you to open new doors to your amazing potential. Your most cherished wishes can come true when you are believing in your heart’s desire and when you can have faith that things will work out for the better. There could be a beautiful positive outlook in your heart and life may be feeling like it’s coming together wonderfully for you.

You probably can be justifiably optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there may have a been some beautiful new recently that’s making everything brighter and lovelier. Remember that you must continue to open new doors and develop your innate potential, you have lots of wonderful experiences on the horizon. You may have a renewed sense of purpose this week and your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened, you may be asked to do something that requires a leap of faith. Are you ready to take a leap and trust? What are you hoping for or wishing for?

Your life is opening up and it is your sense of hope that inspires you to follow your dreams, please keep a wishful heart so the universe can support you and your dreams. If you can have a quiet confidence in your future and not let self-doubt to undermine your ability to trust, the universe can help you more readily. Hold on to hope and optimism dear Leo and know that unexpected blessings can manifest themselves to help you realise your dreams when you can trust that you have support from the universe.

Virgo – Five of Wands

You could experience some delays with plans that you’d perhaps prefer to move quickly. You may have some anxiety about your skills and your abilities, this could leave you feeling more tired than usual. Try to have as much rest as possible this week and it will charge you up and help you to feel better in many ways. There may be some form of competition at work where you feel that you are challenged to improve your game in some way.

This week is an optimal time to use your intuition and instincts, and your inner guide will help you sail through this week with grace if you listen to it’s wisdom. You may be urged to compromise and be flexible, if you can listen to your intuition you’ll feel like you have had a heads up and be prepared for any challenges you may face. There’s definitely change on the horizon, but you probably already know that, if you be adaptable this week and look after yourself well, you’ll be feeling strong. If you are competing for something this week, remember that you have lots to offer, relish the opportunity to fan your flames, blow your own trumpet and show them what you’ve got! You can be successful when you believe in yourself, if you don’t try and give it go you’ll never see the results of your magnificence.

Hold your head up high this week, believe in yourself, have faith that you will end up in the place that is right for you. You may be contemplating making a career change, know deep down that you can be successful. By playing your cards right, that you can compete successfully. Play fair even if people around you are not doing that, some people may be tempted to play dirty, they may seem to win in the short term, but as Gandhi said, that sort of win is never, ever permanent. Take time to rest and to do nothing when you can, make some room just to be, that way you gift yourself space and time to reflect on things and give your intuition room to communicate with you.

Libra – Six of Pentacles

This week could be a time where you are feeling lucky, you may have a renewed sense of faith and want to be generous with your time and resources. Perhaps you’re planning something, an exciting trip maybe or a lavish project, whatever your cooking and planning you’re wanting to share what you have with those closest and dearest to you. The saying “What goes around comes around” is apt for you this week, you’ve been so kind to others and now it’s time to reap the rewards of what you have been sowing.

You may receive help at just the right time if you need it and this could renew your faith in humankind and human nature. You are perhaps becoming more involved in life than you have in a while or you may have more ethical relationship with the material dimension of life. You could soon be in a position to share your resources with others, financial help may be in the offing, this could be through your own hard work and efforts or through fortunate circumstances. You’ll most likely have feelings of well-being and security and a sense that your endeavours will ultimately be successful, this is definitely the time to be charitable and generous with your actions and well as enjoying the kindness of other people, you deserve it! Bask in the glory, except generosity from others, YOU are wonderful!

Scorpio – Seven of Pentacles

You may have a difficult decision to make that requires some patience and maybe commitment. You’re perhaps being offered something different and you may be considering what you want. You are likely realising that it is time to decide whether to stay on the tried and tested path or venture in a completely new direction.

You can decide to stay on the path you are already on knowing that it is safe because you have built it all, or you can go in a new direction and open yourself up to life. Different choice might be scary because we don’t know the outcome but if you ignore this new possibility, you could be ignoring divine intervention. You may have been feeling some frustration recently, where you don’t know where to channel your energies, it may be wise to pause for a while and consider things and the implications of developing your own potential.

You will need to put in consistent effort and put your practical skills to work for your plans to come to fruition. As long as you keep your focus and maintain your commitment, you will eventually see your plans materialise. Be mindful that you have to act to reap the rewards of your labours, you could be asked to take a leap of faith and venture into the unknown, it may seem a little daunting, but it could be exhilarating and life expanding.

Sagittarius – Ace of Swords

Your mind is incredibly sharp this week. Clarity and rationality should come with ease, and that will help you make quick and sensible decisions. You may have a sudden realisation, and you could want to change the way you do things. You have the ability this week to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace. Conflicts may be necessary to force you to look for new solutions to old problems, you will likely be filled with strength and will be prepared to fight for what you believe in if it’s required.

Your mental powers are awakening, and this process of awakening will help you to develop your mental faculties. You can plan and think logically this week if you are committed to your truth and are prepared to face any difficulties because you have a strong sense that a resolution will be achieved.

You will likely have an upsurge of mental energy which gives your intellect a controlled edge, this is a new beginning where you are ready to act and be decisive. You may feel an overwhelming urge to think logically and act in a responsible and fair-minded way, you can involve yourself in a new form of study and do well at work, anything you can use your excellent intellect in you will do well at this week.

Capricorn – Strength

You’ll be learning the importance of mind over matter this week. Remember that what you focus on can be manifested and created, so make sure that you’re paying attention to what you do want rather than what you don’t want in your life. You’ll likely be able to harness your thoughts this week and use them for the highest good. You can conquer your fears and control your impulses, as long as you can have patience with yourself. Outward things will probably be less important to you as you’ll be more interested in keeping your inner world strong and together.

You may have more options available to you than you think possible, by being resourceful and drawing inspiration and guidance from within you will get to experience the confidence that comes from being responsible and self-reliant, by the end of the week you’ll likely be feeling incredibly strong and courageous. Whether you’re in a relationship or single you have the opportunity to be in a self-confident and self-belief phase, so go out and socialise, you might be very happily surprised by how things unfold.

Aquarius – Judgement

Now is a time of reward for you, something is coming to completion and you can expect to feel a new lease of life on the horizon. You will likely go through a period of reaping what you have sown, all of your past efforts will hopefully be rewarded. You’re coming to an end of a chapter in life, you can expect a period of re-evaluating yourself and your accomplishments in a frank and honest way. As one chapter ends a new one begins for you, so you may take delight in your achievements and celebrate.

You will probably realise that you are not completely in control of your destiny, but that your decisions have shaped your life in a significant and meaningful way. You are likely going to review your life and make sense of how far you have come and what you have achieved this week. Perhaps you will be wiping the slate clean by coming to terms with your past, you can start afresh with a greater understanding of yourself and what lead you here.

You will likely be taking more responsibility for you actions to date and also taking time to consolidate, take stock and take certain realities on board. A new lease of life is upon you, limiting thoughts and old behaviour patterns are released, you could be ready to develop your awareness and rejoice in excitement in an expectation of a better future.

Pisces – Four of cups

There could be a bee in your bonnet, and you’re probably determined to get to the bottom of what’s bothering you. An emotional situation may be causing you to doubt and question if you’re really satisfied with a relationship for instance. Dissatisfaction, boredom and feelings of discontent could emerge, this is your inner self-wanting you to look more closely within and develop a stronger and closer relationship with your interior world. Although these feelings can be unpleasant, our emotions are there to guide us toward greater happiness and contentment, so when you’re feeling unhappy, by really feelings those feelings and recognising them, can give us the power to change our circumstances.

This week you may encounter a meeting with your innermost feelings, and through this meeting, you could come out of it feeling wiser and more secure in yourself. You will instinctively know what to do and what direction to take. Life could have become dull in some areas, but you can make things fresh and new by being determined to move forward.

By doing this you will continue to grow and make this manifest, embrace this time, you have an opportunity to let go of outworn patterns of thinking, it’s time to appreciate things and yourself, you will then start to notice things that are working and things that are good, therefore raising your vibration and attracting more positive circumstances to you!

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