Change Your Life in Five Weeks! Week Four: Feel it!

Hello there fearless life-changers and welcome to week four of our Change Your Life in Five Weeks program.

By now you should all be experiencing inner shifts and some of you may also be seeing the effects of this reflected in your outer world.

How does that make you feel because your feelings are what we are going to concentrate on in Week Four?

For those of you who have landed on this page without having first completed steps 1 -3, please go back and work through them.

I have designed the program so that it builds gradually on each step so please don’t be tempted to skip one as this can result in you not being able to get the long term results you are after.

It’s all about making permanent changes for the better in your life and living up to your full potential. Above all, it’s about preparing you to make your dreams a reality which is really what is at the heart of step four. Ready for the next stage? Then let’s go!

Week Four: Don’t Just Dream It – Feel It!

Nobody doubts that visualisation is the key to any transformational process. But it’s not just sufficient to visualise yourself in that new job or opening the door to your new home.

Our feelings play a huge part in this and are the magic ingredient when it comes to telling ourselves and the universe that we are ready to receive abundance and positive change.

Make a list of your goals – these can be anything from just being more confident to attracting that ideal relationship. The next time to start your visualisation process as you work through your goals, take time to tap into how you are going to feel when you have accomplished them.

What emotions come up for you? Hold onto these feelings as you immerse yourself in the process. Breathe into the feelings of success, happiness, love, triumph, elation – whatever emotions attaining your goal evokes.

visualisation to create reality

Notice how as a result your visualisation just appears to come alive – they seem brighter, sharper and more real.

That’s the power of adding your emotions to the process. From now on, continue to add emotional content to your visualisation techniques and watch how it super-charges the process as amazing synchronicities start to happen.

Even if you don’t have time to stop and visualise as you go through your day you can call up the feelings at any time. So watch how people and the universe reacts to this new, positive vibe you are radiating whenever you do.

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