Cosmic Ordering in the Washroom: Cleansing and Purifying

This is a continuation of the series on cosmic ordering in the home. This article deals with how we can manipulate the physical and nonphysical energy in our washrooms with the purpose of gaining the maximum effect of cleansing.

Bathrooms are symbolic of:

  • Cleansing
  • Purification
  • Beautification
  • Renewal
  • Preparation
  • Initiation
  • Refreshment
  • Evacuation
  • Self-care
  • Self-respect

All of these areas in our lives will be affected when we purposefully enhance our washroom environments.

It sounds funny, but it’s true.  The rooms in our home (including bathrooms) are microcosms, or smaller pictures.  And, when we alter the smaller picture – the bigger picture will be altered too.

So what can we do to amplify our experience of purity and cleanliness?  Here are some tips to doing just that by utilizing unique cosmic ordering techniques in the washroom.

Wash the Washroom

By its very nature, our bathrooms can be homes of mildew, grime and other scummy unmentionables.  The first step in using our washrooms to cleanse our energies on a broader scale is to do a deep cleaning.  As you clean your washroom, imagine you are cleaning your own energy at the same time.  See a big cosmic scrub brush gently cleaning your aura.  Also, clean your washroom with earth-friendly products, this will honor your environment on many different levels (and your environment will honor you in return).  Remove any clutter in your washroom too.  Clutter in the bathroom leads to clutter on a larger scale (ie: blockages in the body which translate to difficult bowel movements)  I’m serious, all things are connected.

Cleansing Thoughts

Pay special attention to the thoughts you are thinking whilst in the washroom.  When conducting business in your bathroom, purposefully align your thoughts with attributes such as: cleansing, clearing, purification.  As you evacuate, imagine hindering thoughts evacuating your mind too.  As you prepare yourself for the day ahead (brushing teeth, fixing hair, makeup, shaving, etc) focus on the process of self-care.  Adore your hair as you are brushing it.  Appreciate your lips while applying rouge.  Love your teeth as you brush them.  Little adjustments in our focus add up to big rewards.  After a time of doing this, you will see amazing results in your life in the form of better health, enhanced confidence and clarified focus.

Beautify the Bathroom

Cosmic ordering in the home for enhanced life experience, uses both mental and physical techniques.  Not only do we focus our thoughts in beneficial directions, we can also take physical action to enhance our intent.  For example, consider redecorating your bathroom with colors that speak to you of clarity and renewal.  Lavender, pinks, silver, light blues and whites are marvelous colors to use in the bathroom to intensify rejuvenation.

But, you don’t have to go extreme.  Little changes to your washroom can improve your energy significantly.  Experiment with candles in the washroom too.  Select different scented and coloured candles that remind you of sweetness, innocence and purity.  White or blue candles that smell of clean linen or ocean breezes are perfect.


More than any other room in the house, the washroom offers the most opportunity for self-care and indulgence.  Let the washroom be a place of self-respect.  A sacred space in which you can enter for the purpose of getting in touch with your worth and value.  A place where you can wash off the negativity the world throws your way, and don the divine robes of self-love.  Keep this imagery in mind when you contemplate the symbolic potential of your washroom.  As you do, you may find yourself inspired to experiment with small self-indulgences, like body oils, bath salts or specialty lotions.  These could even be homemade products like soaps or crèmes.  Explore the realm of self-indulgence with a goal to recognize value in yourself.  These actions will make a difference in your larger life too.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on utilizing your washroom for the purpose of contributing to cleanliness and purity in your energetic life too.  That’s what cosmic ordering is about – utilizing our mental and environmental resources in gentle, loving ways to bring about positive change in our life experiences.

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