Cosmic Ordering and the Art of Expectation

Michele has already laid a fantastic foundation for understanding the principles behind Cosmic Ordering, and you can read about them here.

Cosmic Ordering is a co-creative process. It takes both you and the Universe working together to bring about the culmination and manifestation of your desires.

One of the key ingredients to Cosmic Ordering is the art of expectation.

Once you’ve placed your order (desire) with the Universe, it’s essential to galvanize your intention through expecting your order to come to you.

Have you ever looked forward to something with such intensity your whole body tingled with excitement? Or perhaps you’ve eagerly anticipated something with an exuberance so strong, you couldn’t even sleep for thinking about it?

Maybe you can remember being completely twisted up with excitement about a special magical event…like Christmas, your birthday or even your wedding day.

Maybe you can remember zealously counting down the days until you gave birth to your child, or became a proud new father…or even a new grandparent.
That’s the kind of expectation I’m talking about.

Your cosmic order will be fulfilled more quickly and smoothly when you expect it with the kind of rapt enthusiasm as is seen in children waiting for Santa Clause.

The Universe is a massive sensory organism, and it can sense your belief in its ability to fulfill your desires in the form of expectation.

To be clear, expectation is a far cry from impatience. Big difference. Remember, the Universe responds to edgy impatience just as effectively as it responds to happy anticipation.

Expectation is different from hope too. Hope is kind of like wishful thinking – you want the order to be fulfilled, but you’re unsure if it really will.

So here’s a quick formula for receiving your desires from the Universe in perfect order:

  1. Identify your desire – be clear about it (hint: If it makes your whole heart sing with delight – that’s a magnificent cosmic order!)
  2. Place your order with the Universe by asking clearly for your desire. Acknowledge your cosmic heritage – a child of the Universe – and worthy of receiving all your desires.
  3. Expect your desire to come to you as a child expects to be delighted on Christmas morning. Hold a feeling of joyful anticipation that your order is right around the corner.

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One thought on “Cosmic Ordering and the Art of Expectation

  1. How to prevent turning expectation into impatience? Sometimes they look quite similar, and kids are impatient for Christmas gifts if that do not come on time as expected. Grateful for guiding. Thanks!

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