Cosmic Ordering in synch with new moons

Shaman of old would weave together many elements in the creation of magic.  As a 21st Century Shaman, I believe that we can do the same!  Blending astrology and Cosmic Ordering creates a particularly potent mix.

Cosmic Ordering is based on the principle of Ask, Believe and Receive.  Astrology looks at the influence of planets and the energies they bring to our lives.  So how can you work them in sync?

New Moons are a fantastic time for beginnings of any kind.  The New Moon of each month falls in a different sign of the zodiac.  Most people know a bit about sun sign astrology in that they’ll know a few key things in relation to their own sign of the Zodiac.  All you need to do is discover a little more about what all of the 12 signs are linked with, find out what sign the New Moon of any month falls in, and then create your orders accordingly.

Don’t forget that Cosmic Ordering can only work if you give something back.  On that note, New Moons in Libra and Pisces are good times to ask for world peace!

You’ll find a lot more information about Cosmic Ordering and Astrology in other articles on this site, but here is a quick list of what kind of orders get the biggest boost according to where the New Moon is falling.

New Moon in Aries   – Brilliant for orders related to enhancing your own charisma and confidence.  Give yourself a rocket start in the pursuit your dreams and ambitions.

New Moon in Taurus – Taurus is linked with material comfort, abundance and security, so any orders around these areas are likely to hit home.

New Moon in Gemini – A fabulous time to cosmically order success for a book, a script, a play or anything that involves getting your message across to others.

New Moon in Cancer – Good for orders related to anything nurturing or for greater closeness and empathy in relationships.

New Moon in Leo – Put out your orders designed to take you to the very top and place you in the limelight.

New Moon in Virgo –Cosmically order the smooth running and precision execution of a project of any kind around a New Moon in Virgo.

New Moon in Libra –You could place cosmic orders around marriage, but you could also extend it to partnerships of all kind – from a good team spirit at work to a successful joint launch of a new venture.

New Moon in Scorpio – Yes, this is a good time to put out your orders for red hot passion, but if anything in your life needs overhauling, refreshing, or any debris clearing to move into a new phase of life, now is the time to place an order around that.

New Moon in Sagittarius –Place your orders for a big vision or a sudden revolution in your grasp of major ideas or radical ways of seeing things.

New Moon in Capricorn – Pull yourself up from the day to day and put in your Cosmic Orders for anything that relates to your purpose in life – either to find it or follow it.

New Moon in Aquarius –A new moon in this sign is a good time to create orders around connecting with or serving the whole.

New Moon in Pisces – You can create orders here to develop your intuition or insight, or even your psychic abilities.

Much love,

Michele x

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