Cosmic Ordering in the Bedroom: Love and Dreaming

This is a continuation of a series of articles about cosmic ordering in the home. In this and previous articles we discuss the idea of manipulating physical and nonphysical energies in the home with a goal to bring about a better quality of life.

Cosmic ordering in the bedroom will deal with reorganizing energies to allow full-bodied dreams and visions.  We can also cosmic order more fulfilling love and sexual pleasure by working with energies in the bedroom.

The rooms in our homes are miniature representations of the cosmic mansions of our lives.  Ergo, by altering our bedrooms, we alter the big pictures of our lives.  What kind of big pictures?

The ones that deal with the symbolism of the bedrooms such as:

  • Love
  • Sex
  • Caring
  • Restfulness
  • Dreams
  • Vision
  • Intuition
  • Psyche
  • Unconscious
  • Relationships
  • Secret knowledge

Bedrooms are symbolic of all these things.  And the attention we pay to the environment of our bedroom will affect all these areas in our lives.

So how can we begin cosmic ordering love and bright dreams in our life by adjusting our bedrooms?  Here are some tips.

Think and Speak Love

If you want love in your life, as well as your bedchambers, then maintain a consistent level of loving thoughts and speech.  Do this in the bedroom the moment you awake and just before falling asleep by speaking and thinking loving sentiments.  Keep a notebook of your favorite loving affirmations by your bedside.  Read from this before and after sleep.  It’s like programming your life for love and well-being!

See Love

The bedroom is the perfect place to display images, colors and textures that inspire you to love.  Robe your bedroom in rich, sultry linens and window treatments.  Choose soothing fabrics that appeal to your inner sensuality.  Select colors that spark your creativity as well as passion.  It doesn’t require a lot of money.  You can even borrow items from nature in your decorating.

For example, I once decorated my bedroom with shells I collected at the beach.  This was perfect because shells come from the water, and water is symbolic of emotions as well as dreams.  Seeing these surrounding me in the bedroom augmented my dream life (and made my love life rather dreamy too!).  Even a bit of paint can be an inexpensive way to revitalize the bedroom and open the door for love and expansive intuition in your life.

Smell the Love

Certain scents trigger the energy of love.  Odor can also have a tremendous effect on our psychic/intuitive practices too.  Use aromatic oils (infusers), incense and scented candles to release a whole host of olfactory sensations geared to jumpstart your love engines.  Scents like lilac, lavender, rose, honeysuckle and jasmine are perfect starters.

Turn on your Love Light

Candles in the bedroom are essential to opening up our intuitive vision as well as fueling our romantic inclinations.  Fire is an element symbolic of passion, desire, clarity, warmth and vision.  Choose colored candles that make you feel safe, loved and calm.  You can also select scented candles to enhance your desired intent.

Feel the Love

Open up the windows of your bedroom.  Do so every day if you can, or at least once a week.  Even in the winter.  Doing so will bring a sense of rejuvenation and freshness to the room – this will help to insure more pleasant dreaming too.  Also, avoid clutter at all costs.  Clutter in the bedroom will guarantee obstacles in your love life (disagreements, confusion, misunderstanding).

Clutter will also inhibit dreams and prophetic insight.  Why? Because the bedroom is a small example of the larger life experience.  Ergo, clutter in the bedroom translates to clutter in the mind – and this clutter will prohibit the freedom of intuition, dreams and psychic ability.

I hope you have enjoyed these thoughts on cosmic ordering in the bedroom to attract love and fuller dreams/intuition.

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