Home Cosmic Ordering: Belonging & Acceptance

This article is part of a series on how cosmic ordering in the home can produce positive change in all areas of our lives.

The mindset here is that our homes are smaller, symbolic versions of the larger areas of our lives.  For example, by shifting about the physical and nonphysical energy in certain rooms of our homes – that action will shift the energy in our lives.

The hearth of the home is the common living area, or the den.  The hearth can be literally translated to mean “the heart” of the home.

As such, its importance in cosmic ordering is tantamount.  The attention to detail in the living room of our homes can mean a big difference in these broader areas of our lives:

  • Acceptance
  • Belonging
  • Community
  • Support
  • Understanding
  • Faith
  • Identity
  • Growth
  • Well being
  • Appreciation
  • Love
  • Family
  • Security
  • Stability

Your living room or den is symbolic of all these aspects in life, and more!

Putting your family room in cosmic order can pave the way to experiencing wellness in your community as well as inner satisfaction.  Giving loving attention to our home environment sends a message to the Universe.  It says “I care, I love, I feel” and the Universe responds to that message by delivering beneficent events in your life that match your positive thoughts/actions.

So, what can we do to our living/family rooms to galvanize our desires for whole families, security and a sense of belonging?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Create a welcoming environment.  The living room or den in our homes is the soul center of the entire house.  That means, the energy that is produced within this area of the house is key.  Sloppy, depressing, dismal feeling living rooms are going to radiate dark, lower feelings throughout the home, and in our lives.  Conversely, light, bright, energetically “high” living rooms will auger a sense of levity to our homes and our lives.
  • Step one to creating a high-voltage space is to clear the clutter.  Clutter is the bane to all creativity and expansion.  Nine times out of ten, most of the stuff hanging around our living rooms can be eliminated.  Just this one simple step of recycling, tossing or giving away unneeded items will work incredible magic in our lives.
  • Because the den/living room is the “heart” of the home, it is good to incorporate the element of fire in this room.  Either by fireplace, or with just a few candles, the element of fire is an ancient symbol of gathering, community, story-telling, and sharing the experience of life with the human family.  Fire will provide an essence of warmth that will enhance bonding and a sense of belonging amongst those living in the home.
  • As the “soul-center” of the home, it’s important to have at least one live plant growing in your den.  Plant life is symbolic of connection, growth, life and vitality.  Green plants also reinforce heart-chakra symbolism such as compassion, love and health.  The plant you choose will depend on the level of care you can provide (light conditions, water, feeding, etc) as well as your own personal preference.  There are loads of books out there that can tell you which plants are best to invoke specific energies and moods.  I don’t get overly concerned about these details.  My experience has shown the best plants are the ones that feel good to us.  Follow your heart.  That’s where the best answers are.
  • Our sense of smell can be incredibly powerful in shifting the mood/energy of a room.  Consider incorporating aromatic oils, infusers, incense or scented candles into your living room décor.  Select scents that are comforting to you.  I’ve found woodsy or spicy odors like cedar, balsam, patchouli, bergamot and pine invoke a sense of connection.  These scents are ancient and engage feelings of bonding and belonging – perfect for setting a mood of family gatherings.
  • Lastly, but most importantly pay close attention to the thoughts, feelings and verbal exchanges taking place in your living room.  The family room is a sacred space – a refuge or retreat where we can go for comfort and protection.  This sense of safe-harbor is shattered when we allow negative thoughts, unhealthy arguments, or hateful dialogues to enter our sacred dens.  This includes nefarious ideas offered from television.  If your TV is blaring on about the horrors of the economy, atrocities of war, etc – that’s going to have residual energy in your home and its inhabitants (and it’s not good).

I realize tossing out the TV isn’t an option for everyone.  Likewise, it’s tough to keep our thoughts and discussions light-infused and honorable.  Conflict of some kind is relatively inevitable.  However, some of this conflict can be reduced and eliminated.  Moreover, conflict never has to escalate without our permission.

Simply pay attention to the light and dark energies playing out in your thoughts, discussions or TV programmes in your living room.  Paying attention to what is healthful and what is damaging can lead to an amazing awakening.  Just observing what helps and what hinders will enlighten you to make better choices.

I hope you have enjoyed these tips on how to augur a keener sense of acceptance and belonging in the living room of your home.  Furthermore, I hope these tips on cosmic ordering in the den inspires you to make small changes in your home, because doing so will lead to big changes in your life.

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By Avia Venefica of www.whats-your-sign.com

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