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Are you trying to attract the partner who is perfect for you?  Whether you are working with Cosmic Ordering or the Law of Attraction, you might have written a list of the attributes you want them to have, or be thinking about writing one.

Writing a list can be great fun, especially if you are drawing one up in a group of friends who are all writing their own at the same time as you can all compare notes which can be hilarious and very revealing!

You can make the list as specific as you want and go into tiny detail about everything from eye and hair colour to what makes them laugh.  Write it in the positive and in the present tense (‘they have  blue eyes’, not ‘I don’t want someone with hazel eyes’).

Sometimes though it can seem as if the universe is playing a cosmic joke as someone shows up who ticks every imaginable box of yours, but who also throws in a curve ball you forgot to cover off!  Say the person of your dreams is a dark curly haired Russian speaking tropical fish lover who adores Scrabble and is as hooked on the same DVD box set as you are.  Along comes someone who is the perfect match for every single thing you wrote – but who is also a compulsive liar!  Or, as a friend rolled her eyes and reported after one disastrous weekend away with someone who had seemed really promising, ‘I forgot to ask for someone who is sane.’

When you write a list, all you are really doing at a psychic or quantum level is focussing your attention.   You are the already connected to everything in the universe – including that wonderful person you want to draw in – and writing a list acts like Dumbo’s magic feather. It can give you enough belief in yourself to fly – but you really do have the power to fly all by yourself.

Instead of writing a list, try imagining that you are a beacon.  This is something that I discovered totally by chance.  I decided that I was ready for the right relationship and was mentally going through all the attributes I had psychically picked up that they would have and also musing over a few additional refinements of my own.  And then all of a sudden I thought, hang on a second, that person is out there right now – maybe every thinking about meeting a person just like me!

As there are over six billion people on the planet and that person could have been anywhere in the world, I decided to help us find each other by sending out a beacon of intention throughout the entire galaxy. imagine yourself being a glowing beacon of energy and radiating that you are ready to meet the right match for you. Literally, a few days later I ran into Margi – the woman who became my wife.

So instead of writing a list, why not try sending out a beacon?  As we are all linked within the quantum soup, it can’t fail to reach its destination.  That way, the person who turns up might have everything you were going to put on a list – but the universe might surprise you with someone who was even better than you could have dreamed of! Don’t forget to work on your own energy and know you are worth it and lovable as knowing you are worthy of love is key in drawing love to you.

Loads of love,


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