Cosmic Ordering Made Easy

Cosmic Ordering Made Easy!

As an astrologer and a psychic I have been Cosmic Ordering since I was a child and it really is very simple to learn, the only reason why you will fail is if you don’t believe you can Cosmic Order, believe me anyone can and you certainly can.

My first cosmic order

The first time I can remember undertaking Cosmic ordering was when I was a child and I made a wish for new ‘Chopper’ Bike and it was at a time when it was very unlikely that I would get such a gift, but I did and since then I have been cosmically ordering throughout my life.

Cosmic Ordering is not new!

Cosmic Ordering is not new it’s been around since history began , some might call it prayer, some magic and some affirmations. Some call it wishes and it was as child that I wished upon a dandelion head that I got by prized ‘Chopper’ Bicycle However we are now at a period of history where we can see beyond our self imposed boundaries and create a direction that is right for us and unlimited opportunities.

Be careful what you wish for as it can arrive instantly!

I’m a little crazy about animals and they tend to arrive like magic! At one time I wanted a Shetland Pony and did not have an excuse to really take on another animal as I already looked after some rescue animals but I wished for one, effectively a cosmic order and the next day I went into the local Post office and the postmistress said ‘You don’t know anyone that would like a Shetland Pony’ and hay presto I had Pumpkin presented to me.

Not long after that I really wanted a Jack Russell dog and I actually wanted one by the name of Ruby, my partner said ‘no way’ after all we already had enough animals. I happened to walking in a pet shop and there on the notice board was ‘Jack Russell Named Ruby for loving home’!! In both these cases, the owners have passed the animals on at no charge as for various reasons they could not look after them. Ruby was a true soulmate and spiritual warrior dog.

So what are cosmic orders?

Cosmic Orders are positive thoughts and statements sent out to the universe. To do cosmic ordering , you need to eliminate the negativity around you. It’s important to use the most positive terms possible, This pattern effectively changes the way your mind works and draws in the right energy.

How do I start cosmic ordering?

So how can cosmic ordering be made easy? The first step in learning to cosmic ordering is to reprogramme the attitude you have to yourself, you have to believe that you deserve a better life, Start by going to a mirror and repeating to yourself how you deserve a better life how much you love yourself, only the positive’s no negatives.

A good way to start is to write down ten key points in your life and then work on the ones that you believe that you can change. Start small and work on things that you really need to come in that would make a difference.

So how is cosmic ordering different to the Law of Attraction?

You will have heard of the law of attraction, like attracts like,  if you would like someone in your life that shares your passion for art then go to art gallery exhibitions and openings rather then the nightclubs,  put yourself in the situation of where your ideal date would take you and feed your mind with those experiences and this help ring in the right type of person to your life.

It’s important that you get rid of old traits, if you want a manifest a lover that you can wine and dine with in the best vegan joints, then when you are by yourself don’t go for the cheapest veggie burger but instead treat yourself to a fabulous meal. You can cook your own vegan delight at home, light some candles and wish!  Imagine what it will be like for you in a few months time when you have that lover preparing that meal for you.

Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want!

Focus on what you want, not on what you don’t want, see the positiveness in others, not the negative. Order with the joy and expectation of a child and once its gone let it go and relax and don’t worry about it just as when you order a book or dvd from the internet you forget about it as you know it will turn up, A cosmic wish is just the same it’s an order that will turn up sooner then later, and the more confident that you will get the better you will get at ordering the right things into your life.

It does not matter how or why Cosmic Ordering works, you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

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