Cosmic ordering or love magic

If you’re in a relationship that isn’t working or someone has left you and you really want them back and find that you just can’t seem to let go, you need to ask yourself – what is your biggest fear? What’s stopping you from actually surrendering and saying “I let this go”?

But I want it so much!  Why isn’t it working?

At such times, people often start throwing out cosmic orders or trying to use the law of attraction and then wonder why it just doesn’t work.  The reason is very simple.  Sitting there, willing that person to want to be with you is not cosmic ordering, nor is it law of attraction. In actual fact, thinking about them 24 hours a day with all that intensity of feeling is actually creating an energetic block, even if that person is for you.

On a quantum level, all of your emotion is hitting them with a huge blast of energy which feels very smothering. Even if that person was your soul mate, all of your energy is creating a huge imbalance in the dynamic between the two of you. What you’re actually doing is projecting all of your love, obsession, addiction and fear onto them. Letting go and trusting all is as it should be can actually enable the object of your focus to step forward (if they are for you).

Blocking the flow with an energy blast

We’ve got far more ability to communicate with human beings than just picking up the telephone and talking. People do pick up on our energy, and if you are projecting that magnitude of desperation, need and fear onto them, energetically they’re going to pull all of the way back from you. Even if they’re for you, you’re not letting them come towards you because your desperation, need, and fear is blocking the flow.

And that’s when you have got to ask yourself, do I want that person because I’m terrified that if they disappear, the universe will not send me anyone else – there is no other love in the world for me but that person?  That is actually a myth.  Think instead about the people on the planet – all those little flickers of energy waiting to come towards you that are going to knock your socks off and with whom you can have an even more powerful relationship than the one with person that you think you can’t live without.

Projecting all of your fear onto one person is full on! Also it can reveal how you feel about yourself. Do you feel lovable? Do you know you are a sacred part of the whole and equal to one and all? You are a beautiful soul and the Universe will not let you down when it comes to love once you build love for you. Sprinkle some trust in your day and just for today know that all is as it should be and something magnificent is on the way as you deserve it!

Remembering our true power

We’re here a very important time. We are here to remember our power. We are born in this specific era of history to remember that we are the creator, and that we have the opportunity to transform our lives, we have the opportunity to create reality. And if we let go of all of that terror, tension and fear the magnificence would blow your mind. Once you let go of the situation you’ve got no control over the real miracles and love can begin.

What is for you will not pass you by

What is for you will not pass you by.  It’s much better for you to let go of whatever you are clinging on to for dear life, because it releases the energy in that person so that they can then be more drawn towards you.  You’re also showing that your divine inner-self and the creator God within you that you have faith in yourself.  This magnifies your ability to create the future.

It is absolutely pointless to cling on to something that is not good for you, puts you down, or apparently at this time doesn’t want you. And also you don’t want to interfere with their life paths either. Love is everywhere even though it may not feel like it and it is looking for you!

Coming from a place of faith

It is all about one of the other main lessons on earth – fear and love. Those are the only two things, and we are consumed on this planet by fear, and our fear makes us do dreadful things to ourselves and other people. And it’s about getting in touch with your love, and getting in touch with who you are, and knowing that there is love everywhere. And there are millions – billions – of souls out there. There are others that are going to gravitate towards you and blow your mind, if you have the faith.

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