Cosmic Ordering Uncluttered

If you’re at this website reading through the treasure trove of awesome, free articles available, then odds are you’re already a sharp cookie and know what Cosmic Ordering is.

In case you’re still fuzzy on the whole Cosmic Ordering thing, here it is in a nutshell:

  • The sentient energy in your Universe is supportive, and wants what you want
  • This same energy is communicative, responsive and interactive (hence, sentient)
  • You can communicate with your Universe in many ways
  • Cosmic Ordering is one way to communicate with universal energy to get what you want

That is so oversimplified.

But this article isn’t about Cosmic Ordering per se. It’s about a simple act we can practice to communicate ourselves more clearly to the Universe.

And why would we want to communicate more effectively with the Universe? Loads of reasons, but most of us would say things like “Because I want more money in my life.” Or “Because I want to attract the perfect love mate.” Basically, we want our Cosmic Orders flow to us more quickly and easily.

The Universe processes our requests in a “big picture” sort of way. It views the predominance of our lives and responds according to that balance.

One way to tip the balance in our favour (and get what we want more quickly and easily) is to clear the way for the coming of our hearts desire.

You guessed it. Clear out the clutter.

Clutter has a way of gluing itself to us. We’ve got physical clutter in the form of useless junk we hang on to for no good reason. Or, we’ve accumulated trash in our car because we’re too busy to pick up occasionally. Even the corners of our homes see clutter in the form of dust bunnies.

Clutter also lingers in non-physical. Crumby thoughts of negativity, suspicion, doubt or jealousy. We are all evolved enough to know there is no good reason for this stinkin’ thinkin’. Ergo – they’re all trashy thoughts, cluttering the mind.

Clutter is also particularly ruthless in that its accumulation is gradual, it can sneak up on us without our realizing it.

What’s all this got to do with Cosmic Ordering? Plenty. Because the Universe looks at things through “big picture” goggles, it’s going to look at the spread of our lives and see what is mostly there.

If we have a predominance of clutter (in all its nefarious forms – physical, mental, etc), the Universe assumes we’re cool with clutter, and want more of it.

I’ll say it again, because this is important. If the Universe sees a majority of useless waste in your life, it will deliver more of it to you. Guaranteed.

Don’t freak out, and don’t go on a non-stop cleaning marathon. And, don’t look at all the areas of your life you’ve got to “fix” or clear out. This is only going to get you frustrated and overwhelmed – not good.

Small, simple steps will shift the balance, and begin to communicate different intentions to the Universe.

Gradually picking up rubbish a bit at a time will do the trick. After awhile, you will have tipped the balance in your favour, and you will find your life more easy to breathe in.

Be mindful about what you’re keeping and what you can throw away (or recycle). Know that everything kept which does not serve you in your physical life – will not serve you in a Universal light either.

This includes garbage thoughts too. When you’ve got a nasty thought that isn’t serving you, gently acknowledge it, and move on to its opposite. Every thought has a counter thought. For example, if you think you’re a loser, drop that thought and pick up its opposite by thinking you’re a winner!

So, if you’re a bit stuck with your Cosmic Ordering, take a look at your life and identify any clutter you may have. Then take steady, mindful action to tidy up your environment (mental and physical).

You’ll find the gradual process of de-cluttering and becoming more orderly will free up a lot of anxiety, and you’ll see the Universe beginning to comply to your Cosmic Orders!

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