Cosmic ordering vision board

How to make a vision board

Whether you are using the Law of Attraction or Cosmic Ordering, a vision board works its own intriguing kind of magic.

A vision board is simply a board on which you paste images and words that resonate with what you want to draw in.  A good one helps you focus your intention and tells the universe exactly what you want. A great one actually raises your vibration as it should put you in a brilliant mood every time you look at it.

At my last Cosmic Ordering workshop, we spend a fantastic afternoon playing around with scissors, glue and magazines as we all created vision boards, so it’s also a great fun thing to do.

If you want to make your own vision board, work along the following lines:

1/ A picture paints a thousand words and also captures moods and energy.  Look around to find images that you feel totally represent whatever it is you want to attract. If you want to draw in a relationship, for example, find images of couples sharing the kind of times you’d like to share with a partner.   If want a holiday, select images of the kind of places you’d like to visit. You can be as detailed as you like –you might put up a picture of exactly the kind of bed you’d like to sleep in on your vacation, complete with sumptuous sheets and pillows!

2/ You can also include single words or phrases, such as ‘love’, ‘abundance’ or ‘I feel great’ that pack a powerful emotional punch.

3/ Make the process of putting it all together as magical as possible.  Light candles, put on music that lifts your spirits, and make sure you spend loads of time daydreaming about how amazing your life is going to be as all of this comes in as you put it together.  Daydreaming is a powerful state when you can strongly connect with the quantum soup that already contains everything you could possibly want!

4/ Be as artistic as you can be.  Arrange your pictures with love and care and use glitter, ribbons or anything else that makes your board look good to decorate it.

Overall, it’s about creating something that lifts and inspires you every time that you look at it.  On that note, put it in a place where you can see it and where it can work its magic on your subconscious.
Happy boarding!

Much love,
Michele x Cosmic

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